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I mean Zelena was known as Marian for a significant amount of time so I would like that but every other impersonation was pretty minor and they weren’t really known as that.
But even with Marian, it is the same situation, she just pretended to be her for longer. Zelena didn't change her name to Marian, she was using Marian as a disguise.
The intro does look bad but that's not a good case to she didn't change her name to that. The intros have nicknames too like Mal and Drizzy. Marian is also kinda a "nickname".

Marian isn't a nickname for Zelena. Zelena only goes by Marian because she impersonated her. If Zelena didn't, no one would ever call her Marian. Totally different from Mal (short for Maleficent) and Drizzy (short for Drizella).

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