Now that this storyline is over, we need to formally address the Madame Leota issue. The page is currently heavily speculative at the moment and we need to discuss how to handle it.

Okay, here are the questions we need to ask:

  1. Was Madame Leota a member of the Coven?
  2. If so, was Madame Leota a part of the witches seen in The Eighth Witch?
  3. If so, that means Madame Leota was indeed a part of the witches seen in 7x19 and 7x20. We were only told that two witches died and that all of the witches were in HH.

If we are going to say that Leota was one of the witches seen in 7x10, then yes she was present in 7x19 and 7x20 as far as we know. I originally had my doubts on this, but we were given no indication of her death or departure.

So what does everyone else think?

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