Eskaver wrote:

RedCoatOfficial wrote: But maybe we can get Adam and Eddy to confirm about Leota and whether one of the new witches was ever supposed to be anyone. It's clear they had something in mind by the way they talked before 7b but idk how much.

I agree with CDA.

I’m certain the Coven was a side thing and wasn’t much more than a plot device. If they had Sage be some random hedge Witch, then clearly they added characters in for the lols like another Blind Witch and random person from Gothel’s backstory.

Yeah, this is part of the problem right here. Even from the witches that had some development (like at least they were named in either cursed form or original form), Andrea Sage and Seraphina didn't relate to any existing folklore or Disney witch. I think the writers got a bit ahead of themselves (as usual), and didn't actually think about the fact that they didn't actually have 8 witches to do, or how that would work with Hansel/Jack/Nick killing some of them off. I do wonder if we would have gotten a bit more coven stuff had we gotten a Season 8, but even then I'm not sure, because I think Gothel was going to be dead by the end of the season regardless, and so I'm not sure how much her coven would have mattered in Season 8.

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