1.Through 5A. I really wonder about this "the voice in your head" thing. I remember Nimue said that she lives in all Dark Ones. But was it really her? For example, is the Nimue that appeared near the Promethian Flame in 5.07 actually the Dark One Nİmue we know or just some hallucination? Can she connect with the current Dark One or see things from his/her perspective from UW (or Hell) whenever she wants? Can all the Dark Ones do this? If Nimue was the real one in Emma's or Hook's head, that means Rumplestiltskin is real too. But that can't be possible because he wasn't dead at all. I want to hear your opinions :)

2. And I still don't get this Underworld and Hell difference. I assume when Gold killed himself with the dagger, he went to Hell not UW. He did terrible things in his past and just because he sacrificed himself at the end doesn't mean that he went to Elysium or something. In 5.10, his blood opens a portal to Hell where all the Dark Ones came from. But Robin is not villain and doesn't seem to be a bad ass to deserve a fate like Hell. The Fury probably tried to drag him to the Underworld. But both of the case, Charon appears and that probably means the two location are the same. But it's not. I really got confused and I'll be glad if someone enlighthens me 

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