Saintfighteraqua wrote:
Yeah, by 7b it was just too late.

Cinderella/Jacinda was a badly written character.  Dania's acting aside, I can't imagine anyone pulling off that lousy storyline.  I was so excited for it too, since Cinderella is my favorite princess and among my top favorite Disney movies. Making her edgy and defeatist killed the character. Cinderella is about hope through trials, Jacinderella was just ready to give up at the drop of a hat most days unless someone dragged her out of it. It's also a shame we never learned more about the plot where she was going to kill the prince and waht had gone down with that.

Yeah, the biggest problem for me with Jacinda/Cinderella is we barely saw any of the actual Cinderella story. Like Ashley/Cinderella had much more of the story in two episodes. Jacinda/Cinderella had a whole season, and we hardly got anything.

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