Best Episode: 703 "The Garden of Forking Paths", 704 "Beauty", 706 "Wake Up Call", 707 "Eloise Gardener"

Best Female Character: Lucy, Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey, Cinderella/Jacinda, Alice/Tilly, Drizella/Ivy Belfrey

Best Male Character: Henry Mills, Hook/Rogers, Mr. Gold/Weaver

Best Guest Character: Alice/Tilly, Drizella/Ivy, Gothel/Eloise Gardener, Dr. Facilier

Best Backstory: Drizella decides to cast the curse ("Wake Up Call"), Rumple and Belle live their happy ending ("Beauty"), Regina teaches Cinderella to forgive herself ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Best Performance: Alison Fernandez, Adelaide Kane, Rose Reynolds, Lana Parrilla, Andrew J. West, tbh all of them but those are my faves xD

Best Villain: Lady Tremaine/Victoria Belfrey, Drizella/Ivy Belfrey, Gothel/Eloise Gardener

Best Story Arc: Ivy waking up Regina, Lady Tremaine being Rapunzel, Tremaine's attempts to revive Anastasia and Cinderella blaming herself for Anastasia's near-death, Ivy and Eloise's manipulations of Victoria

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