Has anyone been watching Tell Me a Story, the new fairytale series by CBS All Access? Given the premise of the show and the fact that it stars both Dania Ramirez and Michael Raymond-James, I figured that some people here may take interest in the series.

I watched the first episode and enjoyed it. It's not without flaws, like the grown woman playing a fifteen year old girl and just the overall vibe that it's trying too hard to be edgy, but I'm definitely going to keep tuning in until it gives me a reason not to.

Dania Ramirez's acting was noticeably better, in my opinion, which makes me believe even more that it was just the awful writing for Ella/Jacinda that made her come off so bad in the first place. I did love her as Rosie during her days on Devious Maids. She's meant to be the real world version of Gretel while Michael Raymond-James is one of the three little pigs.

Anyways, share your thoughts below! Are you watching the show? Do you want/plan to?

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