Hey hey people :) The time has come for a new game :D

It is called The Survivor and i'm sure you all know how it works :D ... What?! You don't know it? :o Okay, let's explain the game!

General info

It is really easy :) Usually, each survivor game has one theme per list. The point of the game is I'm gonna give you a list with a lot of items. Each of these items will have 20 points, and everyone is able to add 1 point to an item, and take 2 point from another one. When a item has 0 points, it is eliminated. At the end of the game, we're gonna have one final item: our winner :D

You can add or take these points to/from the item you want. For exemple, it is not necessary to take 2 points from the item you hate the most :) You choose :D

Hope it is clear :) If you have some questions, you can ask me :)


  • You can vote one time per day.
  • Each element starts with 20 points (the number of points can be changed for a special theme).
    • For each of your vote, you must add 1 point to an element, and take 2 points from another element. For exemple: Emma Swan 20 -> if you want to add one point, you put Emma Swan 21.
    • You must take the 2 points from ONE item, not one from an item and one from another.
    • For each of your vote, it is better to bold the elements you changed. Like that, everyone will see them :)
  • From now, the maximum number of points for an element is the DOUBLE of the original number. For exemple: if Emma Swan begins a season with 20 points, she can't have more than 40 points.
  • When you vote, you must copy/paste the current situation of the list from the previous post, then you change the counters in your post :)
  • Please, respect your friends and do not change any vote.

Again if you have one question, just ask me :)

List of Seasons/Winners of Survivor

I'm going to add the list of our themes and our winners in this section :) It will help for the future seasons :D

  • 1st Season: Season 1 Episodes / Winner: A Land Without Magic
  • 2nd Season: Types of Magic / Winner: Witchcraft
  • 3rd Season: Best Death / Winner: Ingrid
  • 4th Season: Miss Enchanted Forest / Winner: Belle
  • 5th Season: Best World/Realm for Vacation / Winner: Wonderland
  • 6th Season: Mister Storybrooke / Winner: Dr. Whale
  • 7th Season: Best Fictional Creature Species / Winner: Dragons
  • 8th Season: Best Spell/Curse / Winner: Spell of Shattered Sight
  • 9th Season: Season 2 Episodes / Winner: The Miller's Daughter
  • 10th Season: 1st Anniversary / Winner: Wonderland
  • 11th Season: Worst Episodic MacGuffin / Winner: August's Cure
  • 12th Season: Season 3 Episodes / Winner: Snow Drifts
  • 13th Season: Best cliffhanger / Winner: Magic is coming to Storybrooke
  • 14th Season: Best Weapon / Winner: Excalibur
  • 15th Season: Best Double Episode / Winner: Snow Drifts/There's No Place Like Home
  • 16th Season: Season 4 Episodes / Winner: Sympathy for the De Vil
  • 17th Season: Best Fictional Plant/Fungus Species / Winner: Magic Beans
  • 18th Season: Best Former Series Regular / Winner: Rebecca Mader
  • 19th Season: Best Current Series Regular / Winner: Lana Parrilla

20th Season

The 20th Season! So, you know what's coming, right? It is time for the 2nd Anniversary of our favorite game! :D Yeah, just like we did for the first one! We have to decide our favorite winner among all our winners of the past seasons since the 10th season! Who's gonna be the winner of the winners? It is up to you to decide!

August's curse as the Worst MacGuffin - 30
Snow Drifts as the best S3 Episode - 30
Magic is coming to SB as the best cliffhanger - 30
Excalibur as the best weapon - 30
3.21/3.22 as the best double episode - 30
Sympathy for the De Vil as the best S4 Episode - 30
Magic Beans as the best Plant/Fungus Species - 30
Rebecca Mader as the best former regular - 30
Lana Parrilla as the best current regular - 30

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