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It wasn‘t announced as the official name or anything, but Bob Iger once described it as a “Disney play,” so before the official name (Disney+) came out, people were describing it as Disney Play. (link:
That I know it was never announced officially. 
Hum... Yes, that is exactly what i said. Not clearly though. But never you mind. And no point of bring that below, thank you very much. And what I said below was not what I was trying to say. I just said '"That I know it was never announced officially. I just don’t call something that is not official before the big news." Look above.​​​​​​'
What is your point? You wouldn't understand. And I wasn't trying to make a point. You are literally just arguing for the sake of arguing. I wasn't arguing for the sake of any arguing, you misjudged and assumed wrong. We both had a misunderstanding, but now we ended it by understanding what we were trying to say to one another. It was all over. Be fair.What Lady Rapunzel said was correct, it was unoffically called Disney Play, because it didn't have an offical name. Which we already disccused it and finished and it. And she was not the only one right, I was too by showing the official name by link. It's all settled.Now we have an offical name for it, Disney+, so that is what everyone will call it from now on.  That I already know.
Please stop with the condesending tone. Also, you are arguing with me about arguing, so kind of just proving my point.

CDA, I don't see anything condescending with his tone here. TIAB has every right to explain himself; I don't see that as arguing.

Saying things like "You wouldn't understand" can definitly be condesending, especially given TIAB's general tone to people.

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