So updated then it looks like this:

  • Agree with Killian's idea: me, TheFireJay, My Pretties, SSJJ, CDA, HMCooper, ItachiIshtar, GothicNarcissus (temporary), Nightlily, Gusey, Onceuponfan123, Frulna, Rubenvst, OUAT: The Darkness, Eskaver = 15
  • Should be on Regina Mills' page: CTrent (I suppose?), Hydrosaur, KOMI (I suppose?), Furber15 = 4
  • Other solution, whith nothing on EQ or RM's pages: OnceFanandHappy (new page like Regina (Bad Side)) = 1
  • Wait until S6: Cjtrules15 = 1

I think that should be a good enough consensus, no? Also, if we're not sure what CTrent and KOMI are saying, I don't think we should say they want it to stay on Regina's page, so really that is more like 2.

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