Black Necked Swan wrote:
Following that logic, the Red Queen is more like Disney's Anastasia than S7 Ana. Compare each other:

Name: Both of them share the same one.

Dressing: Red Queen's EF dress is pink, none of S7 Ana's are.

Family: Red Queen has an unnamed mother and 2+ sister (one of which is a stepsister who married a prince). That isn't enough info though. Anastasia is (Rapunzel) Tremaine's daughter, Drizella's sister and Cinderella's stepsister (the only thing in which she's more similar to Disney's Ana than RQ)

Backstory: Red Queen was (presumably) mean to her stepsister, went to a ball and the prince rejected her, then fell in love with Will (the Baker?), and her mother disapproved. She eventually became good. That is the same backstory for Disney's Ana. S7 Anastasia never even fullfills the Wicked Stepsisters' role, since she was actually nice to Ella as a child, and then died. Therefore she never went to the ball, etc. Red Queen is more similar.

Am I missing something? That is more than enough to say she's based on her.

This is actually an interesting point. Season 7's Ana shares her name and relationships (mother is Lady Tremaine, sister is Drizella, step-sister is Cinderella) with Disney's Ana, but not really any of her characteristics. And it's not like Wonderland's Ana doesn't share her name and relationships, we just don't know what her mother, sister, or step-sister's names are. I imagine at the very least if they had gotten around to showing Wonderland Ana's sister, she would have been named Drizella and wore green, but of course we didn't get to see this as the show only went for one 13 episode season. 

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