Now that the season's over, I can definitely say that Alice was my favorite of all of the new characters. I loved her relationships with both Rumple and Robin, and the way Rose Reynolds portrayed her was simply brilliant. There was just so much fun to the character, and she really made every scene that she was in. I just wish the season devoted more time to her rather than some of the other characters/plots.

Drizella was also great, and I liked Henry, Jacinda (look, I'm biased towards Dania Ramirez because she played my favorite character in Devious Maids, okay?), Tremaine (only from 7x09-7x11), Tiana (Mekia Cox is so underrated and deserved a lot more screentime for her talent to shine through), Robin (Tiera's acting was kinda stale, but Bex and Rose made up for it), and Facilier (VoodooQueen, oh what could've been...).

I hated Lucy and Gothel, and I was pretty much just indifferent to Nook, Jack/Nick, Anastasia, and Naveen.

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