Schroeswald wrote:

Black Necked Swan wrote: Sum me to that. Gold and Belle as allusions. But I don't think Gideon should be listed as the baby. If anything, he takes his place in the story, just like Rumple took the Fairy Godmother's in 1x04. The baby wasn't even born, Gideon was and had an important role overall.

Wait so you think that Gideon took the place of Carl and Ellie’s baby? If so that’s not what taking the place of is. Rumpelstiltskin took the FG’s role by doing what she did in the Cinderella story, with a twist. Taking the place of is people who play the role but clearly aren’t them. Carl and Ellie’s baby was miscarried so that would have to happen to Gideon to make him take the place of. Also this is a clear consensus, no one has said anything against Gold alluding with one Belle based on and one something with Gideon, eight people in all, can we at least change Gold?

We should change all of them or none of them, since they are all in the same situation. Saying Gold alludes to Carl, but Belle is based on Ellie makes no sense.

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