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I think Evanna is not just simply an ordinary woman.

Because when the show introduces a well-know character’s unseen mother / father / brother …, the episode that he/she shows up will usually be the backstory for either that well-know character or himself / herself and that's it.

Here are 3 examples :

- In “Good Form”, Liam Jones (Hook’s brother) appeared => That episode showed how Killian Jones became Captain Hook and why he disliked Neverland.

- In “Think Lovely Thoughts”, Malcolm (Rumple’s father) was introduced => That episode showed how he became Peter Pan after they travelled to Neverland and why Rumple hated his dad.

- In “Family Busniess”, Colette (Belle’s mother) was seen => That episode showed how the young Belle became the brave Belle, who loved books and wanted to decide her own fate by staying with Rumple.

The only 2 exceptions (that I can think of) are :

- Cora, who was introduced in season 1 but later became the Big Bad in season 2

- Lily, who appeared in season 4A but then had her 3-episode arc and will probably have a big arc in season 5


That's why I don't think there will be a backstory for Rumple as a child because of her mother


Morever, how much can a “beautiful, pluck, strong woman with a Scottish accent” do in that epsiode of hers ? Her boy got kidnapped / got trapped in a fire … so she rushed to save him then died as a hero and that’s it ???

I mean, every single flashback has its meaning. Like in “Mother”, we (all) thought it was just a random Cora VS Regina story but then it revealed why she needed to adopt a child and who is Regina’s worst enemy …

Also, I think she will appear in 5x02 as the writers have finished writing 5x01 and released the casting calls for Merlin, Arthur and Guinevere.

A lot will happen in that episode and there need to be rooms for introducing the Camelot trio. So I doubt that Evanna will show up with the three most famous people in that land.

Unless Rumple’s mom has some role in Camelot (as Morgan Le Fay maybe ?), it will be weird to see the sorcerer, the king, the queen with … a boy’s mother

Therefore, I think Evanna is not a normal woman :)

smile emoticon


P/S : I write theories to reduce stress so it doesn’t matter if this turns out to be false or not

I just want you to hear my personal thoughts. That’s all !

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