Cinderella (104) VS Cinderella (701) - Ashley was nice while Jacinda is annoying (except in 701)

Lady Tremaine (603) VS Lady Tremaine (701) - The first one was great but Gabrielle was really amazing !

Clorinda or Tisbe (603) VS Drizella (701) - Again I liked the first stepsisters but Drizella's story was well developped.

Clorinda or Tisbe (603) VS Red Queen (Wonderland) VS Anastasia (703) - I wish we had more of Clorinda and Tisbe.

Alice (Wonderland) VS Alice (701) I like Tilly but not Alice... Anyway the first one was as annoying as Jacinda.

Fairy Godmother (104) VS Fairy Godmother (701) The first version was really good, killing her once again seemed a bit forced.

Prince Thomas (104) VS Prince and Henry Mills (701) Cinderella aiming to kill the Prince was brilliant ! Hope we'll learn more about him and his family.

Rapunzel (314) VS Lady Tremaine/Rapunzel (701) First iteration was more original. Her story was better developped though it only lasted one episode and she didn't randomly leave her tower on her own.

Charming as Rapunzel's Prince (314) VS Wish Hook as "Rapunzel's" Prince (707) I prefered the fear-plot rather than the 707 one.

Manifestation of Rapunzel's fear (314) VS Witch/Mother Gothel (703) Rapunzel's fear was great and unexpected but Gothel and her coven-plot are better.

Jack (213) VS Jack (708) The second iteration barely had two scenes in NEF.

Blind Witch (109) VS Hilda (712) I hope we'll see more of Hilda because she was great (though the references to Hansel and Gretel were way to obvious) but the first Blind Witch is beyond comparison.

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