Episode 1: Hyperion Heights

Synopsis: In Hyperion Heights, life is not easy for Jacinda, now she is divorced with Henry Mills : the father but this night Lucy escape her house and rejoined Henry to find the savior to break the curse. In the same time, Swan arrive in the town to works. All the characters lost their memories and Victoria Belfrey wants to seperate the hero in beginning with Regina. In the Storybrooke, Henry wants aventure and found Cinderella in the New Enchanted Forest.


Guests Stars:

Sneak Peak #1: Henry Mills/Emma Swan/Hook/Regina Mills

(See of Storybrooke)

  • Hook: Hy my sweetie ! (Kiss Emma Swan)
  • Swan: Hook (smile]]
  • Hook: Hum, panckakes ?
  • Swan: Yes, is for Henry and you like my panckackes XD.
  • Hook: Yes.
  • Henry: Mom !
  • Swan: Oh Henry, are you ready to go ?
  • Henry: Operation Next Adventure is ready.
  • (Hook gives )
  • Swan: And Regina, she knows your choice ?
  • Henry: I give a letter last night.
  • (Ding, Ding)
  • (Hook open the door)
  • Regina: Henry is here ? You read the letter because I think, no !
  • Emma Swan; Heu, Regina...
  • Henry: Sorry Mom !
  • Regina: Emma tells things.
  • (Next scene is the scene between Regina and Henry)

Sneak Peak #2: Henry Mills/Ella


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