Okay guys, so here's the deal.

Obviously I haven't had a bunch of time to work on this. I haven't even started the script for 802 yet. And although the press releases, character histories, news articles, etc. are hardly as difficult as writing scripts, it's still rather tedious to try to mimic the different writing styles and update so many pages, so even when I do have the time to do it, I really just want to spend that time doing something else, lol.

That said! I really love this storyline I've come up with and I really want to share it. Also, as I discussed during Season 8, I hate being the person who just leaves everyone hanging! So here's the question: would you guys rather...

  1. I keep doing what I've been doing, hopefully getting enough free time to do so soon. Spring break is coming up; I might be able to pump out a couple of episodes then. OR...
  2. I just post all of my notes here, not written in any particular style, to summarize all of the upcoming plots I had planned. None of the pages will be updated (at least for the foreseeable future) and all the secrets will be revealed at once -- but at least in chronological order, so there will be some manufactured suspense, just less than if you were waiting weeks for each episode.

Honestly, 2 is your better bet at actually getting the full story, but it will also be a bit less dramatic. So yeah, it's up to you guys!

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