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Blue Fairy: Have faith.
Snow White: That's easy to say when you have magic wings and a wand.
—The Blue Fairy and Snow White src

The Blue Fairy’s Wand is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fifth episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

Baelfire is the son of Rumplestiltskin, a powerful wizard known as the Dark One. When his father's powers begin to turn him into a cruel man, Baelfire is unhappy. Advised by a friend, the boy seeks for help from Reul Ghorm by summoning her in the middle of the night. Aware of Baelfire's thoughts, the fairy uses her wand to conjure a magic bean, which is capable of taking both the boy and his father to a new land, where magic won't harm any of them. ("The Return")

Having unwillingly made an orphan of Geppetto as the result of his father and mother's machinations, a guilty Jiminy wishes upon a star for his fate to be changed. Much to his surprise, the Blue Fairy appears before him and explains that she can't bring back the boy's parents, Stephen and Donna. She can, however, free Jiminy from his unhappy life and place him at Geppetto's side for as many years as his help is needed. Aproving of the idea, Jiminy considers becoming a cricket, and the Blue Fairy uses her wand to grant his wish. ("That Still Small Voice")

Decades later, the Tinker Bell befriends Queen Regina from the Enchanted Forest and offers to help her find the one destined to be her soul mate. Back home, Tinker Bell is surprised by the Blue Fairy, who warns her not to interfere in Regina's life. Holding onto her own wand, the Blue Fairy flies away, leaving behind a pensative Tinker Bell. ("Quite a Common Fairy")

Sensing a fairy incantation being read at Rumplestiltskin's Dark castle, the Blue Fairy hurries to find out what is happening there. She finds Belle locked in the castle library and, after a conversation, uses her wand to break the door open and send Belle after Rumplestiltskin, who left to meet the Black Fairy. ("Changelings")

Captured by her archenemy, the Evil Queen, Snow White is about to face death in the form of a fire, but manages to escape by using fairy dust to turn herself into a ladybug. Later, among a group that includes Prince Charming, Marian, Red Riding Hood and time-travellers Emma and Hook, Snow White emits a sound which is promptly recognized by the Blue Fairy as a call for help. Waving her wand, she undoes the effects of the dust, restoring Snow White to her human body. ("There's No Place Like Home")

An old Geppetto finds himself and his son Pinocchio, a talking puppet made from enchanted wood, in the middle of the ocean during a storm. As a wave sweeps the raft, Pinocchio is taken away. At the shore, Geppetto grieves for his son until he remembers the Blue Fairy might be able to help. The fairy manifests and uses her wand to turn Pinocchio into a real living boy, on the sole condition that he always acts selflessly. ("The Stranger")

After defeating King George's army, Snow White and Prince Charming capture the Evil Queen, and the war council decides to publicly execute her. When the arrows are fired to kill the Evil Queen, Snow White regrets her decision and the Blue Fairy stops the arrows with her wand, shortly before they reach Regina. ("The Cricket Game")

Eventually, the Evil Queen threatens to cast the Dark Curse. Carrying her wand, the Blue Fairy approaches a pregnant Snow White in her castle to discuss Snow White's escape to another land via a magic wardrobe before the curse hits the Enchanted Forest. ("Going Home")

After First Curse

Shortly after the Dark Curse is broken, a group of Storybrooke residents gather on Main Street. As Mother Superior senses the magic introduced in town by Mr. Gold, Henry asks her to do anything magical, but the head nun answers that she needs to get back her wand first. ("Broken")

With Regina and Cora searching for the Dark One's dagger, David and Mary Margaret enlists Mother Superior to trespass the magical barrier on Mr. Gold's pawnshop, where they believe the weapon is hidden. Mother Superior tries to undo the spell on the shop, but her wand, which she somehow retrieved, burns in her hand in is dropped to the ground. ("The Queen Is Dead")

August is killed by Tamara in an effort to keep her plans secret. Approaching the crowd around the man's body, Mother Superior claims to be capable of bringing him back if the actions that led to his death were indeed selfless. By waving her wand, she transforms August back into the child form of Pinocchio, much to Marco's joy. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Worried about a prohecy which apparently states that he must kill his grandson, Mr. Gold has a nightmare. In the dream, the Blue Fairy's wand is one of many in display in the pawnshop. ("Lacey")

Tamara is revealed to be in an alliance with Greg in order to destroy magic. With an enchanted cuff, they render Regina powerless and Greg tortures her for information about his father. After rescuing her, Mary Margaret and David bring Mother Superior to the loft, where she uses the wand to heal Regina. ("Second Star to the Right")

Before Third Curse
With Mr. Gold in a coma, Belle does not leave his side, but Mother Superior believes she should join the group traveling to Camelot to rescue Emma. Using her wand, the head nun conjures a magical rose and delivers it to Belle, explaining that, as long as there are petals in it, Mr. Gold will be alive. ("The Dark Swan")

After Third Curse

At the convent, Mother Superior is surprised to find Belle talking to a duplicate version of herself, who in actuality is Zelena in disguise. With her cover blown, Zelena reverts to her actual self and then attempts to take her daughter out of the nunnery. Belle objects, but, since Zelena can use magic against her, Mother Superior steps in, aiming her wand threateningly at the witch. Before things get out of hand, an earthquake throws everyone off balance, before a portal from the Underworld opens up in the floor. Belle, snatching Baby Hood from Zelena, falls in, while Zelena hastily jumps in to follow them. The portal then closes, leaving only Mother Superior and Prince Neal in the room. ("Our Decay")

When the Evil Queen threatens to use the waters from the river of lost souls, Mother Superior uses her wand to create a locator spell in an attempt to find a sapling created by the spark of true love by Snow White and Prince Charming. ("Heartless")


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