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I think it is time Storybrooke had a ball.
Mary Margaret src

The Block Party,[1] also known as the Storybrooke Dance[1] and the Storybrooke Ball,[2] is a celebration featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It makes its début in the fifth episode of the fifth season.


After Third Curse

While the citizens of Camelot are stuck in Storybrooke with no means of returning to their homeland, Mary Margaret suggests throwing them a town ball to lift their spirits. After hearing from Violet about her missing horse Nicodemus, Henry tries to persuade her to come to the ball as a temporary distraction. Violet declines because she is too upset, and Henry agrees to help her track him down. During the evening, Violet's father Sir Morgan takes his daughter to the town square where the ball is being held, with street side games and attractions. Violet is still in a downtrodden mood, however, her demeanor brightens considerably when she sees Henry arrive with none-other-than Nicodemus. Sir Morgan praises Henry for rescuing Violet's pet, and after he leaves to take the horse to the stables, Henry and Violet happily spend time together at the ball. ("Dreamcatcher")


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