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Maybe another night without food will remind you to be better prepared!
—The Blacksmith to Jafar src

The Blacksmith is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the fourth episode and is portrayed by co-star Haroon Khan.


Before First Curse

The Blacksmith finds an orphan, Jafar, and hires him to help with his blacksmith business. One day, when the blacksmith is out of coal, he calls for Jafar, telling him that the fire is dying. Jafar tries to explain that he had to fetch more, but the blacksmith snaps at him for giving excuses. He considers throwing Jafar back to the gutter where he found him, while the boy meekly begs him not to. The blacksmith then punishes the boy by announcing he will go another night without food. While the blacksmith goes back to work, Jafar notices a commotion outside, where a woman has arrived at the market and everyone has either ran or is cowering in fear of her. As Jafar continues to stare at her, the blacksmith urges him to stop looking, in fear of what will happen if the woman meets his gaze, but he does not listen. ("The Serpent")


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