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It's been centuries since I felt its power.

Black Fairy to Gideon src

The Black Fairy’s Wand is a magical item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eleventh episode of the third season.


Before First Curse

After Fiona turns herself into a fairy, she works towards finding and eliminating the "great evil" that her son, the Savior, is prophesied to lose his life against. While crafting a dark curse to banish the "great evil" to another land, Tiger Lily attempts to stop her. In her desperation, Fiona rips out Tiger Lily's heart and proclaims that she is prepared to kill her to protect her son from his fate. This act causes her magic to darken; during this transformation, Fiona gains her own wand, imbued with great dark power. To the shock of Tiger Lily and herself, Fiona now bears the crescent mark that identifies her as the "great evil" that will destroy her son. After Tiger Lily is saved by the Blue Fairy, she offers Fiona magic shears that will allow her to cut away her magic so that she will no longer be the "great evil", but Fiona instead uses them to sever her son's fate as the Savior. The Blue Fairy banishes Fiona to the Dark Realm and takes possession of Fiona's wand. More than a century later, the wand ends up in Rumplestiltskin's possession. ("Going Home", "Wish You Were Here", "The Black Fairy")

After Emma and Hook become stuck in the past Enchanted Forest, Rumplestiltskin offers them the Black Fairy's wand to allow them to travel realms and return to their time. However, the portal to Storybrooke cannot be opened again unless someone, such as Emma, who already went through the same portal, wields the wand. Since Emma is now unable to use magic, Rumplestiltskin entraps her, Marian, and Hook into his vault. Only then, Emma realizes she no longer wants to run away as she did in the past in order to survive and accepts that she is meant to be with her family in Storybrooke. This epiphany helps to restore Emma's magic and enables her to harness the wand's power to open the portal. After Hook and Marian have gone into the portal, Emma holds onto the wand as she prepares to follow them in, but Rumplestiltskin stops her. The Dark One questions her about what happens to his son, Baelfire, in the future, and Emma reveals that he forgave his father and died a hero to save everyone before urging him to drink the memory potion to forget everything she just told him. As Rumplestiltskin downs the potion, he lets go of Emma, who drops the wand as she is swept away into the portal. Shortly after the portal disappears, Rumplestiltskin picks up the wand from the ground, muttering to himself in confusion about why he's in his vault. He then takes the wand with him as he teleports out of the room. ("There's No Place Like Home")

After First Curse

Shortly after Peter Pan's Shadow kills Mother Superior, the heroes discover Pan and Henry switched bodies and that Pan has stolen the Dark Curse scroll with intentions of casting it. Mr. Gold believes he can restore both boys to their original bodies as long as he has a proper magical tool, to which Tinker Bell suggests using the Black Fairy's wand. David, Hook and Neal then join Tinker Bell at theconvent to retrieve the wand from the remaining nuns. As one of the nuns hesitates to reveal the whereabouts of the wand, the Shadow invades the building and attacks the group. With some persuasion from Neal, Tinker Bell uses pixie dust to enable herself to fly before she seals the Shadow in a coconut, which she throws in the fire, therefore killing the creature. With the Shadow dead, Mother Superior is revived. After demonstrating gratitude towards Tinker Bell, the head nun agrees to help them by conjuring the Black Fairy's wand into her own hand and giving it to Neal. At the pawnshop, Mr. Gold receives the wand from his son and successfully performs the spell by waving it over Pan's body, forcing Henry out of the body and back into his own. ("Going Home")

During Fourth Curse

After the Dark Curse is cast by none other than the Black Fairy, Fiona, she comes to Mr. Gold's shop to look for her wand to translate Henry's symbols, which she orders Gideon to retrieve for her from a box. With the wand's power, the Black Fairy uses it to decipher the symbols, allowing her to learn that the key to defeating Emma, the Savior, in the final battle is by having another person who also possesses light magic to kill her. As she is leaving the shop, Mr. Gold reveals that he never lost his true memories after Fiona cast the curse and confronts her about purposely keeping Belle away from him. Fiona admits this to be true and explains her reasons for it before also telling him about the unlimited magic she can do once Emma is dead. She even offers to resurrect his firstborn son when the time comes, to which Mr. Gold appears to accept the idea and hugs her. While Fiona's guard is down in this moment, Mr. Gold steals the wand from her and uses it to kill her, breaking the curse. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

After Fourth Curse

Directly after the Dark Curse has been broken, Mr. Gold drops the wand to the ground, having no more use for it. ("The Final Battle Part 2")


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