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This article focuses on the Wish Realm version of Black Beard.

The ring with which he took his pirate bride and now a worthy addition to the legend of Black Beard, scourge of the sea, the elegant duke, the crown prince of plunder, the baron of looting...
—Black Beard to the pirate crew src

Captain Black Beard is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the sixteenth episode of the seventh season. He is portrayed by guest star Charles Mesure, and is the Wish Realm version of Black Beard.


After Fourth Curse

After the Evil Queen wishes that Emma was not the Savior, an alternate realm is created, in which an alternate Black Beard comes into existence. ("Wish You Were Here", "Breadcrumbs")

Some years later, Black Beard is approached by Hook, who wants to give Henry a ring with a story for his bride-to-be, Cinderella. Hook persuades Black Beard and his crew to play the parts of villains for Henry and then they will split the treasure located at Davy Jones' Locker three ways. As part of the cover-up story, Hook tells Henry at a tavern that while he did give the Jolly Roger to Smee, the ship was seized by Black Beard. Just then, Black Beard enters in to recruit more crew members for a sea voyage, with Hook and Henry deciding they have to sneak aboard. After stowing away on the Jolly Roger, the pair are caught by Black Beard, who takes the map to Davy Jones' locker and ties up Hook, Henry, and Smee. After finding the treasure, Black Beard takes a shine to a ring in the chest, the Star Sapphire, which Davy Jones used to claim his pirate bride. While Black Beard continues his monologue, Hook and Henry break free of their restraints, reclaim the ship and take the Star Sapphire. Black Beard concedes and tells Henry to take the ring for his bride, letting slip that the whole situation was a setup. When a storm gives way to a persisting whirlpool that continually follows the Jolly Roger, Henry realizes that the whirlpool is magic, and it wants the ring back. Henry asks Hook to steer the ship near the whirlpool, which Black Beard exclaims is madness and such a thing will kill them all. As Hook turns the helm, Black Beard attempts to force it the other way, and Hook eventually stops his meddling by punching him in the face, making him pass out unconscious on the deck. Henry then climbs onto the bowsprit to throw the ring into the watery vortex, causing the storm and whirlpool to disappear, saving everyone, including Black Beard, from certain death. ("Breadcrumbs")



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