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SCENE: Present day. Storybrooke. David Nolan drives up to King Arthur and Guinevere's tent. He steps out.

David: That's Arthur's tent. I'll go in first. (He pulls out his gun, he walks past Robin Hood and Hook). You two stand guard.
Robin: Only for dishonest kings we'll put up a fight.
Hook: You'll make him wish he hadn't.

SCENE: Arthur is stroking Guinevere's ring, next to wine glasses in the candle light. David walks in.

David: Arthur.
Arthur: (Excitement) David! Good to see you, my friend. Come, (he gestures to the chair) sit! Join us.
David: Why don't you explain why you lied to me? (he smiles)
Arthur: (Arthur's smile drops).
David: Why you tried to burn the Crimson Crown.
Guinevere: (takes her hand off Arthur's and looks at him)
Arthur: So you found me out-
David: Yeah I found out, friend.
Arthur: Oh, that part was real (He points his finger)
David: Ah, doesn't matter. Not anymore. (David walks closer to Arthur)
Arthur: (Braces himself).
David: What I want answered is, see, there was a message in there from Merlin. He said there was only one person who could destroy the Dark One. Named Nimue
Guinevere: (turns back to Arthur).
Arthur: (looks at David, suspicious, he looks down).
David: (points the gun at Arthur) You tell me who that is.
Guinevere: (stands up, facing away from David)
Arthur: (looks at Guinevere, then at David. He quickly stands up and flips the table, yelling. He rips a hole in the tent with his sword and climbs out).
David: He's getting away!
Hook: (sees Arthur and runs towards him.)
Arthur: (runs into the forest, with Hook following)

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