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The birdbark will get your basket up there, but unless you've invented a parachute-bark, I think we might be in trouble.
Will Scarlet to Alice src

The Birdbark Tree is a magical plant featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It first appears in the seventh episode.


After First Curse

Intending to rescue Cyrus from Jafar, Alice and Knave reach the sorcerer's floating lair with no way of reaching it. Hearing a bird-like call, Alice goes to investigate and discovers a birdbark tree, whose branches can float. As they make a basket from the branches to carry themselves up to the lair, Alice's father, Edwin, stumbles out of the bushes, although neither are aware he is Jafar in disguise. In an attempt to mend fences, Edwin apologizes for not believing Alice about Wonderland, but she can't forgive him for treating her like an obligation for years. Resuming work on the basket, she goes off to assemble branch pieces nearby while Edwin talks to Knave about regaining his daughter's trust. Knave reasons he can start by helping her find Cyrus. Curious about the conversation, Alice later learns from Knave what they spoke of, and she expresses doubts over forgiving her father. Knave thinks she will as it is the right thing to do. Jafar, still in Edwin's form, resting by the lake, secretly casts a spell to draw out a dragon. As the beast flies towards Alice and Knave while spitting fire, they use their branch slants to shield themselves. During the escape, Jafar allows himself to be almost killed by the dragon; leading Alice to save him and her relationship with Edwin seemingly repaired. That night, however, she realizes this man is not her father. On the pretense of gathering wood, Alice leaves camp with Knave, abandoning the birdbark basket plan, as they find other means to get into Jafar's lair. ("Bad Blood")


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