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You brought a criminal into our home? You endanger our children?

Bill to Emma src

Bill and Katie's House is a Land Without Magic location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It appears in the nineteenth episode of the fourth season.


During First Curse

Emma is taken in by new foster parents in Mankato who already have two sons. While packing for her first camping trip with Bill and Katie, she searches the garage for her sleeping bag and discovers her old friend Lily hiding out there. Emma's foster father sees them, as Lily lies about being another foster family's child, and she is subsequently invited to join the family for dinner. During the meal, Lily lies about how she and Emma met, while the blonde is shocked by her blatant lying. Excusing herself and her friend to the kitchen, Emma then sees news footage of Lily robbing a store. Emma asks her to leave, but Lily refuses to go without retrieving her crescent moon necklace, which is in an abandoned house she was staying at. After Emma leaves the house, Lily steals a large amount of money from the foster parents and disappears. When Emma returns home, her foster parents confront her about Lily, who has stolen their money and disappeared. They also know, from a few phone calls, that her friend is now wanted for robbery. Emma admits knowing this and having asked Lily to leave because of it, to which her foster father criticizes her for allowing a criminal to be a danger to his children. Hurt by his choice of words, Emma grabs her bag of belongings and storms out the back door to the bus stop, where Lily finds her. ("Lily")



Popular Culture

  • Lily says that it is like Norman Rockwell blew up in the house; a reference to the famous twentieth century American painter and illustrator, whose works enjoy a broad popular appeal in the United States for their reflection of American culture. ("Lily")

Set Dressing

  • Birds are a common theme in the house, with bird motifs on the walls,[2] bird figurines,[3] a picture with a bird motif[1] and a bird magnet on the coffee machine.[4] ("Lily")
  • There is a black S1 Vivaldi espresso machine from La Spaziale[5] on Bill and Katie's kitchen counter.[4] ("Lily")