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Scene: The Enchanted Forest. Past. Prince Charming and Snow White are running through the forest. Snow White stops at a patch on the ground as Prince Charming catches up with her.

Prince Charming: What is it? Did the trail go cold?
Snow White: Shh. (Points at a unicorn nearby, the unicorn neighs, Snow White turns towards Prince Charming and sighs) Well come on let's get this over with.
Prince Charming: Snow... (Stops her and gets her to listen to him) I know you're worried about Maleficent's predictions.
Snow White: Aren't you? If she's right, our child could end up with a dark heart.
Prince Charming: Or it could grow up to be a powerful hero. She said that, too, and who's to say we can even trust her?
Snow White: Let's find out. (They start to approach the unicorn and takes out a green apple) According to legend, all we need to do is touch its horn... (Feeds the apple to the unicorn) and we'll get a glimpse of out child's future. (Snow Whtie and Prince Charming nod at each other and touch the horn at the same time, he appears in a forest and sees a baby in a basket looking happy and picks it up.)
Prince Charming: Ohh. Yes. Look at you. You are so beautiful. (He wakes up from the vision) Snow, it's all right, our baby's gonna be all right! Snow? (Snow appears in the same forest and looks around to see Emma as a teenager.)
Snow White: Look at you. You're so beautiful. (Emma walks up to her and grabs her heart) What are you doing?! Please! I'm your mother! Emma: I don't care. (Crushes the heart and Snow White dies before waking up.) Prince Charming: Did you see? Our child's gonna be just fine. Snow White: No. No. It's not. It's evil.

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