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#REDIRECT [[List of Minor Locations#Belle and Gold's House]]
{{Box|This article focuses on [[Belle French|Belle]] and [[Mr. Gold]]'s house.<br>For Belle’s brief house during [[Black Fairy|Fiona]]’s [[Dark Curse]], see '''[[Belle's House]]'''.<br>For Mr. Gold's own [[Storybrooke]] house, see '''[[Gold House]]'''.}}
|infobox = ER
|image = 704GoldHouse.png
|name = Belle and Mr. Gold's House
|owner = *[[Belle French]] †
*[[Mr. Gold]] †
|inhabitants =
Belle French †
*Mr. Gold †
|visitors = [[Gideon]]
|onlyappearance = [[Beauty]]}}{{Quote|'''Belle''': What better [[Edge of Realms|place]] to build our home than on an eternal summer day?<br>'''Mr. Gold''': Then how about a rose garden?<br>'''Belle''': And a cozy nook to read in?|[[Belle French|Belle]] and [[Mr. Gold]]|Beauty}}
'''[[Belle French|Belle]] and [[Mr. Gold]]'s House''' is an [[Edge of Realms]] location on [[ABC]]'s ''[[Once Upon a Time]]''. It appears in the [[Beauty|fourth episode]] of the [[Season Seven|seventh season]].
Belle and Mr. Gold's House is based on Ellie and Carl's House from the [[Disney]]/[[Wikipedia:Pixar|Pixar]] film ''[[Up]]''.
{{After Fourth Curse}}
|-|Set Notes=
===Props Notes===
*According to [[Emilie de Ravin]], she had to carry around four gallons of water during the house building scene, while [[Robert Carlyle]] was loading little [[Wikipedia:Polystyrene|polystyrene]] rocks.<ref></ref>
*The picture of [[Mr. Gold]] and [[Belle French]] in front of the [[Wandering Oaken's Trading Post]] in [[Arendelle]]<ref>[[:File:704PicturesOnTheChimney.png]]</ref> is an edited screenshot from the [[Season Four]] episode "[[Family Business]]", where [[Belle (Enchanted Forest)|Belle]] is seen walking to the shop.<ref>[[:File:406WanderingOakens.png]]</ref> However, she has not been correctly deleted from the original screenshot.<ref>[[:File:704CupAndPictures.png]]</ref>
*Despite the [[Chipped Cup|chipped cup]] being placed on the mantel during the [[Wikipedia:Close-up|close-up shot]] of Mr. Gold,<ref>[[:File:704ChippedCup.png]]</ref> the cup has disappeared in the following [[Wikipedia:Establishing shot|establishing shot]].<ref>[[:File:704PlacingSpinningWheel.png]]</ref>

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