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Your famous beignets!
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Beignets are a dish featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They first appear in the fifth episode of the seventh season.

Beignets are based on the dish of the same name from Disney's The Princess and the Frog.


During Fourth Curse

After making some of her homemade beignets, Sabine drops by Belfrey Towers to give them to Lucy, who is waiting for Victoria to pick her up for ballet lessons. When Victoria does show up, she casually announces to Sabine that her rental agreement is being raised by 8%. Sabine is floored by Victoria's cruelty but vows to fight back against her. Coming up with the idea to sell her beignets and earn big money, she invests all of her and Jacinda's accumulated rent money in order to buy the ingredients needed to make the pastries in bulk amounts. With the creation of an online advertisement, Sabine's beignets draw in many customers. Lucy later suggests stamping the beignet bags with a firefly imprint as an homage to Sabine and how she used to wish on fireflies. However, things take a bad turn when a fire breaks out, and Sabine quickly grabs the box with the money they made before following Jacinda out to flee the area. Later, Jacinda shows Sabine a food truck which she bought from the impound lot that they can use for their future business. Sabine visits Rogers and gifts him a bag of beignets as thanks since he helped Jacinda find the truck. ("Greenbacks")

As a food fair is going on in Hyperion Heights, Sabine finds her food truck, Rollin' Bayou, has to compete with her old cooking school partner Drew's food truck as he is also selling Cajun food like she is. She buys some of his beignets to sample them and discovers they taste too sweet. As she mumbles to herself that she will "knock him dead", the Desk Sergeant walks up and questions her about what she meant. Sabine brushes off her words as a joke and offers him a bag of beignets from her truck, but he declines, stating he is on a diet. Later after a mishap with her food permit, Sabine is helped by Drew, who gives her his permit so she can keep the truck open for business. During the night, she serves the sergeant, who forgoes his diet in favor of some beignets and a bowl of gumbo soup. ("A Taste of the Heights")

Sometime during one afternoon, Tilly buys some beignets from the food truck, accidentally getting some of the sugar from the treat on her jacket sleeve. When Rogers is trying to find an alibi for Tilly to clear her name from a murder charge, he notices the sugar on her sleeve, which prompts Tilly into recalling when she was at the food truck. ("The Girl in the Tower")

Rogers, in helping to motivate Tilly into getting a job, persuades Sabine to let her join the beignet line at her food truck. As it turns out, Tilly is not very good at making beignets, so Sabine suggests that selling them may be better suited for her. Tilly turns out to be a natural with the public and is able to accumulate a lot of hungry customers. Margot shows up while Tilly is working and the two talk on the bench after Tilly gives Margot the last beignet sample from her tray. Margot happens to pick an anatomical heart-shaped beignet that Tilly baked earlier, and she notices the unique shape of it as she eats it. ("Breadcrumbs")

Mr. Samdi comes to the Rollin' Bayou food truck while Sabine is away getting her "secret ingredient" to add to her beignet batter mix and intimidates Drew into fulfilling the debt he still owes him. That night, Drew gives him a freshly baked beignet he made himself, though he doesn't understand why the witch doctor specifically wanted one from him when he could've gotten one from Sabine. Samdi explains Sabine trusted Drew enough to teach him how to make the beignets, and that while trust is a powerful thing, breaking that trust is even more so. Samdi then takes the beignet out and taps some of its sprinkled sugar onto a voodoo doll, seemingly imbuing it with magic. ("Chosen")

After Fifth Curse

After the curse is broken, citizens of Hyperion Heights celebrate at Roni's. Henry and his family toast in honor of their family reunion, just as Margot and Tilly bring in a batch of Sabine's baked beignets, which Roni asks Remy to take to the backroom. ("Homecoming")

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