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Beatrice is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts, with her only appearance, in the fiction novel, Red's Untold Tale.


Before First Curse

Beatrice is good friends with Violet and Florence, and the trio often spend time together during a yearly winter picnic. One year, Violet invites Red to join them. The girls mold a snowgirl out of Red's image, and when Red shows up, they pelt her with snowballs.[1]

Three years later, Florence shows up for Peter's seventeenth birthday celebration. She gets there early with Violet and Beatrice, and the three notice Red has made a homemade birthday cake for Peter. At first, Beatrice is not unkind to Red, noting how sweet the cake will be as a gift, before she questions whether Red fancies Peter. Red is embarrassed over the inquiry, though Beatrice tries to reassure her it's not a big deal, considering Peter is the most handsome boy in the village. After Violet and Florence destroy Red's cake, Beatrice follows them to join the other party guests. Red is nowhere to be seen once Peter arrives, and when a wolf's howl is heard, Beatrice wonders if Red got eaten by the beast. Violet feigns ignorance towards Peter about Red's whereabouts, but then Beatrice mentions Red and her "horrid" cake.[2]

At school, Red offers her grandmother's baked muffins to Beatrice and Florence, after learning Violet ordered muffins from Widow Lucas by pretending to be Miss Cates. The girls jump at the chance at trying the muffins, but they are held back by Violet, who continues to interrogate Red about who the muffins are for. After talking her way out of the situation, Red allows Beatrice and Florence to help themselves to the baked samples. By the next day, Beatrice hears gossip about Red, who apparently kissed Tucker at the market the day before after class. In the school yard, she is present when Violet persuades Tucker to admit, in front of everyone, what happened.[3]

Violet, seeing Red and Peter skip class together, engineers another plan to get Red into trouble. With Beatrice and Florence, she picks flowers and delivers them to Widow Lucas, offering condolences about Red's supposed illness that is keeping her from coming to school. During the last day of wolfstime, after Amos is killed by the wolf, Beatrice attends a town meeting to show her support for not cancelling the ball, despite the current dangers. While some people side with this cause, Red speaks up in favor of rescheduling the ball, causing Mayor Filbert to follow her advice. That night, Beatrice goes to a bonfire, where the wolf makes an unexpected appearance. Florence faints in shock over seeing the beast, while Violet runs off as the wolf pursues her. Red arrives, finding Beatrice in the midst of checking up on an unconscious Florence, before she takes off to save Violet and kill the wolf. Later that night, Beatrice spends time at Widow Lucas' cottage, where the townspeople have gathered to celebrate Red's heroic deed.[4]



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