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|image = InfoboxBM.jpg
|name = Bailee Madison
|gender = Female
|portrays = [[Snow White|Young Snow White]]
|birthdate = {{Birth date and age|1999|10|15}}<ref name="tvguide"/>
|birthplace = [[Wikipedia:Fort Lauderdale, Florida|Fort Lauderdale, Florida]]<ref name="news"/>
|status = Guest Starring
|firstappearance = [[The Stable Boy]]
|latestappearance = [[Wake Up Call]]
|gallery = yes
'''Bailee Madison''' is the American actress who portrays young [[Snow White]] on [[ABC]]'s ''[[Once Upon a Time]]''.
Bailee Madison was born on October 15, 1999<ref name="tvguide"></ref> in [[wikipedia:Fort Lauderdale, Florida|Fort Lauderdale, Florida]] and educated at Christ Church School.<ref name="news"></ref> She comes from a large family; sister actress Kaitlin Riley, brothers Sean and Conor<ref></ref> along with three other siblings.<ref></ref> Her mother, Patricia Riley, has a long history in commercial advertisement work.<ref></ref>
Acting since her first gig as an infant in an [[Wikipedia:Office Depot|Office Depot]] commercial, Bailee went on to work in such films as ''[[Wikipedia:Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011 film)|Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark]]'' with [[Wikipedia:Katie Holmes|Katie Holmes]], ''[[Wikipedia:Brothers (2009 film)|Brothers]]'' opposite [[Wikipedia:Tobey Maguire|Tobey Maguire]], [[Wikipedia:Natalie Portman|Natalie Portman]] and [[Wikipedia:Jake Gyllenhaal|Jake Gyllenhaal]], ''[[Wikipedia:Just Go with It|Just Go with It]]'' starring [[Wikipedia:Adam Sandler|Adam Sandler]] and [[Wikipedia:Jennifer Aniston|Jennifer Aniston]], ''[[Wikipedia:Conviction|Conviction]]'' alongside [[Wikipedia:Hilary Swank|Hilary Swank]] and [[Wikipedia:Minnie Driver|Minnie Driver]] as well as ''[[Wikipedia:Parental Guidance|Parental Guidance]]'' with comedians [[Wikipedia:Bette Midler|Bette Midler]] and [[Wikipedia:Billy Crystal|Billy Crystal]]. Other roles were as May Belle in ''[[Wikipedia:Bridge to Terabithia (2007 film)|Bridge to Terabithia]]'' and the [[Wikipedia:Disney Channel|Disney Channel]]'s ''[[Wikipedia:Wizards of Waverly Place|Wizards of Waverly Place]]'' as Maxine for its fourth and final season.<ref name="sentinel"></ref> She awed audiences in the independent movie ''[[Wikipedia:Phoebe in Wonderland|Phoebe in Wonderland]]'', starring with [[Wikipedia:Felicity Huffman|Felicity Huffman]] and [[Wikipedia:Elle Fanning|Elle Fanning]], and on the long-running [[Wikipedia:NBC|NBC]] television drama ''[[Wikipedia:Law & Order: Special Victims Unit|Law &amp; Order: Special Victims Unit]]''.
Not only passionate about acting, Bailee is deeply invested in spreading knowledge through a charity organization, [[Wikipedia:Alex's Lemonade Stand|Alex's Lemonade Stand]], that raises awareness and money towards pediatric cancer. Off-screen, she enjoys cooking, swimming, biking, arts and crafts, and most of all, spending time with family, friends, and her pet goldendoodle, Maddie.<ref name="news"/>
*In the 2010 horror film ''[[Wikipedia:Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011 film)|Don't Be Afraid of the Dark]]'', Bailee shares scenes with fellow ''[[Once Upon a Time]]'' actor [[Alan Dale]].
*Bailee acts opposite fellow ''Once Upon a Time'' actress [[Milli Wilkinson]] in the [[Wikipedia:Hallmark Channel|Hallmark Channel]] movie ''Date With Love''.<ref></ref>
*Bailee appeared alongside'' Once Upon a Time'' star [[Jennifer Morrison]] in an episode of ''[ House]'' titled "Act Your Age".
*After the announcement that the [[Season Seven|seventh season]] would be the final season of the [[Once Upon a Time|series]], she wrote the following on [[Instagram]]:
::''Thank you to @onceabc and the incredibly kind and genius minds behind it @adamhorowitzla and @edwardkitsis for showing me that dreams come true. While also encouraging me and others to always search for the magic in life. Congratulations on 7 incredible seasons. It will remain one of my greatest honors to have been able to tell the [[Once Upon a Time|stories]] you wrote for "Young [[Snow White|Snow]]". With all my love and admiration to the entire cast and crew. Xo Bailee''<ref></ref>
<small>Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.</small>
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