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This shawl is all I have left from my Baelfire.
Mr. Gold to Belle src

Baelfire's Shawl is an item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eleventh episode of the second season.


Before First Curse

In her cottage, Milah is sewing a shawl when her husband, Rumplestiltskin, comes running in. She tells him that she's nearly finished with the shawl, and he mentions how quickly she learns. She smiles and says that she had a good teacher, meaning him.

Several months later, Rumplestiltskin returns home, injured, from the Ogre Wars. He is in awe to see Milah holding their infant son, Baelfire, who is swaddled in the shawl that his mother made. Milah, however, explains that she knows the cause of Rumple's injury-- that it was self-inflicted. He inisists that he did this for their son so that he wouldn't leave Baelfire fatherless, but Milah silently hands Rumplestiltskin the baby and leaves the house in anger. ("Manhattan")

Many years later, in his castle, Rumplestiltskin holds a vigil for his lost son by lighting a candle over the shawl that once belonged to him. When Belle enters the room with a basket of flowers, Rumplestiltlskin tells her to go away. Instead, she sets down the basket and studies the items he has on the table. Realizing it is a memorial for his lost child, Belle asks how old he would have been. In turn, Rumplestiltskin replies that he isn't dead, but hasn't been found. As Rumplestiltskin ends the vigil, he claims his happy ending will never happen. ("Going Home")

After First Curse

Though the curse is broken, leaving Storybrooke becomes inaccessible as those who cross the town line will lose their Enchanted Forest memories, which halts Mr. Gold's plan to depart in search of his son. Concocting on a potion to retain his memories even after leaving town, Mr. Gold uses it on a test subject, Smee. Dousing Smee's hat with the potion, he sends both the owner and item over the town line. With the potion's effects, Smee withstands losing his memories. The next day, Mr. Gold informs Belle about using the potion on his son's shawl and wearing it when he departs from Storybrooke. She wishes to come with him, but the potion dose is enough for only one person. Later, Belle heads to clean up the library and has a run-in with Hook, who frightens her to the point she phones Mr. Gold. Once Mr. Gold is gone from the pawnshop, Hook sends Smee to steal the shawl. Discovering the shawl is missing, a furious Mr. Gold searches for Hook. Aboard the Jolly Roger, Belle finds the shawl just as Hook corners her, although she makes an escape above deck. There, Mr. Gold approaches to beat up his nemesis until Belle convinces him to leave with her. That evening, Belle bids Mr. Gold farewell after he has crossed out of Storybrooke. However, his leaving is stalled once a vengeful Hook shoots Belle, who falls across the town line and loses her Enchanted Forest memories. ("The Outsider")

Soon after finding his son, now under the name Neal, in New York, Mr. Gold learns he has unexpectedly died. As the town faces destruction, he opts to spend his last moments with Lacey, who doesn't remember herself as Belle. After accidentally spilling a drink on the counter, she attempts to use the shawl as a cleaning rag. A horrified Mr. Gold snatches the shawl away whilst stating it belonged to someone important to him, and when Lacey tries apologizing, he angrily vents that she wouldn't understand. Realizing he needs Belle, Mr. Gold repairs the chipped cup and pours a memory potion into it. Once Lacey drinks it, she recalls her memories as Belle. As he finally allows himself to grieve over his son's death, Belle comforts him. ("And Straight On 'Til Morning")

Since seemingly defeating Pan by absorbing him into Pandora's Box, Mr. Gold seals the item away in his pawnshop. With Pan gone, his Shadow, trapped on a ship sail, is also powerless, or so it is believed. Prior to Pan's imprisonment in the box, he secretly switched bodies with Henry. After gaining insight on the town of Storybrooke, he sets out to cast another curse. Knowing the curse is hidden in a vault, Pan releases his shadow, which kills Mother Superior. Emma and her allies convince Mr. Gold to hand over the box so they can figure out how Pan can still control the shadow from inside it. Mr. Gold decides to take the shawl with him, as he intends to cross the town line, where Pan will be released and rendered powerless. Instead, Emma insists she will be the one interrogating Pan, to which Mr. Gold relents by unlocking the box and placing it over the town line. ("The New Neverland")


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