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It's not a star map. It's what we're gonna use to trap Pan's Shadow.
Neal Cassidy to Emma and Hook src

Baelfire's Coconut is an item featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the fourth episode of the third season.


Before First Curse

While living in Neverland as one of Peter Pan's Lost Boys, Baelfire takes up residence in a cave in the jungle, where Lost Boys live. Using an empty coconut shell, he cuts it into two halves and pokes holes in the upper half. By placing a candle inside the coconut, covering the lit flame and snuffing out any other light in the room, he is able to create an illumination of a star map, possibly to use the stars to guide his escape from the island. Whether Baelfire actually used the coconut for this purpose or not is not clearly known since he was also aware the coconut could be used to trap Pan's Shadow. ("Nasty Habits")

At some point when Baelfire is able to leave Neverland, the coconut halves are left behind in the cave. ("Nasty Habits")

After First Curse

With no real plan of how to get out of Neverland once Henry is rescued from Peter Pan's grip, Hook leads his allies to the Lost Boy cave, in the hopes of finding clues of what Baelfire once used to escape the island. After finding writing on the wall that is too dark for her to see, Emma brightens up the wall by taking a coconut half she found and putting a lit candle inside it. Nearby, David, Mary Margaret and Regina have discovered the other half of the coconut that has holes in it. Mary Margaret suggests it's a colander for pasta, while Regina sarcastically expresses doubts about the theory. Emma notices both halves fit together, and after the torch in the room is put out, the candle inside the covered coconut projects a star map onto the ceiling. Although this could be their ticket to freedom, Hook sadly points out that he once taught Baelfire how to navigate the stars, but he also schooled him on never giving away his map secrets. As such, since Baelfire is dead, no one can decipher the escape route on the map. Upset at this revelation, and over losing the man she loved, Emma retreats outside. ("Nasty Habits")

When the heroes come up with an idea to send a message to Henry, Emma hides the coconut halves in one part of the cave, before leaving the area. ("Nasty Habits", "Dark Hollow")

Following a reunion with Neal, Emma and Hook join him to gather the coconut halves, which they'll need to capture Pan's Shadow, a being that can be manipulated to take everyone home. While Emma disappears further into the Lost Boy cave to find where she hid the coconut, Hook accidentally reveals to Neal that he and Emma kissed. Upon reaching Dark Hollow to find the Shadow, Neal attempts to light the candle with a lighter, but when he has trouble, Hook offers to help. The two end up arguing over the lighter as well as their rivalry for Emma's affections. The men go to retrieve the lighter, which has fallen several feet away, Emma sees Pan's shadow and two other shadows approaching, causing her to hastily grab the coconut halves. The two shadows quickly overpower both Hook and Neal and begin ripping out their shadows, while Emma channels her magic to light the candle and entrap Pan's shadow within the coconut. The trio then go to find Tinker Bell and show her the coconut as proof they now have something to get them off the island, which reestablishes Tinker Bell's alliance with them. ("Dark Hollow")

Upon defeating Pan and reviving Henry, the heroes scramble to leave Neverland aboard the Jolly Roger. Emma lights a cannon, which Neal follows up with by releasing the shadow over it. When the cannon fires, the shadow is propelled higher up in the air, giving Regina the opportunity to project the being into the ship sail to fly them back to Storybrooke. ("Save Henry")

Unbeknownst to the citizens of Storybrooke, Pan switched bodies with Henry before the return to town. After he releases the shadow from the sail, it murders Mother Superior the next day. Fearful the shadow may come back to take someone else, Neal heads off to the ship to get the coconut and candle, with Hook and Tinker Bell going with him. When Pan's deception is finally uncovered, they are too late to stop him from stealing the Dark Curse scroll from Regina's vault. ("The New Neverland")

Hoping to stop Pan from recasting the curse, a powerful wand from the Black Fairy is needed for switching Pan and Henry to their rightful bodies so Regina, as the first curse caster, can prevent Pan's curse by destroying the curse scroll. Since Mother Superior is dead, Tinker Bell, Neal, David and Hook seek out the convent nuns to get the wand, but then, the shadow attacks. After their attempts to chase the shadow away fail, Neal encourages Tinker Bell to try. Using a pinch of pixie dust, Tinker Bell flies into the air and absorbs the shadow into the coconut. She destroys the shadow for good by throwing the coconut into an open fire, which surprisingly returns Mother Superior's shadow to her body, reviving her. ("The New Neverland")


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