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Well, Snow White and Prince Charming may be awake. But the rest of this town is very much asleep.

Mr. Gold to Mary Margaret and David

"Awake" is the seventeenth episode of Season Six of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Andrew Chambliss and Leah Fong, and directed by Sharat Raju. It is the one hundred and twenty-eighth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 16, 2017.


Still trapped in Neverland, Hook aligns himself with Tiger Lily, hoping to find a way back to Emma. Back in Storybrooke, Regina works to break the sleeping curse that David and Snow are under, and Gold denies The Black Fairy, which brings the two of them to a fearsome impasse. In flashbacks, we learn what Snow and Charming sacrificed in order for Emma to fulfill her destiny as the Savior.[2]


Deleted Scenes

Moe French was deleted from the episode. However, Eric Keenleyside is still listed in the press release.[2]



Guest Starring



*: Only in archive footage



Production Notes

  • This is the first episode since "I'll Be Your Mirror" that every main cast member appear.
  • Several mistakes were made on the press release of this episode:
  • In the episode script, Leroy winks at Mary Margaret after telling her, "If you change your mind, you know where to find me.", and David asks, "Was Grumpy... flirting with you?"[5] This exchange is not in the final episode.
  • According to Ginnifer Goodwin, it was hard for her to relate to Mary Margaret in real life because, as she has children now, she would have just taken care of herself and her immediate family. So, she had to find "a more generous place" in her spirit, as she finds what Mary Margaret did to be "of the utmost integrity and very Snow White-esque; very in keeping with her character".[6]
  • Before Marco drinks from the sleeping curse goblet, he says, "Cent'anni", an Italian toast which wishes all the clinkers 100 years. This is fitting, as The Adventures of Pinocchio is of Italian origin and Marco is known to speak with an Italian accent.

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Filming Locations


  • In the 1993 flashbacks, when Mary Margaret crashes into Regina, a man is seen walking towards to Regina behind Mary Margaret. However, when Regina angrily shouts out to Mary Margaret, the man disappears. This is best seen when Regina says, "What is so important that you can't pay attention to where you're walking?". But when Regina says, "Oh, let me guess, for John Doe?", the same man is briefly seen behind Regina, even though he did not cross the sidewalk.
  • In the 1993 flashbacks, the business known as Duperre & Hughes can be seen next to Granny's Diner.[35] However, as seen in the Season Two premiere "Broken", Duperre & Hughes did not move into these premises until after the Dark Curse was broken in 2012.[36] Before that, these premises were occupied by LaTandoor,[37] a real life restaurant in Steveston Village, which has since been closed down.[38] (Most likely, LaTandoor could not be used when Steveston was redressed as Storybrooke for the 1993 flashback, since it is a real-life business, so they had to use a fictional business instead.)
  • When Mary Margaret meets Dr. Hopper in the 1993 flashback, the business known as Chop Shop is reflected in the windows behind him.[39] However, when Mary Margaret finds the pixie dust flower, the Chop Shop sign is missing from the building facade, since it did not move into these premises until after the second curse in Season Four.[40] This indicates that the shots of Archie were filmed on a different day, where Steveston Village was dressed as present day Storybrooke.

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