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Well, Snow White and Prince Charming may be awake. But the rest of this town is very much asleep.

Mr. Gold to Mary Margaret and David

"Awake" is the seventeenth episode of Season Six of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Andrew Chambliss and Leah Fong, and directed by Sharat Raju. It is the one hundred and twenty-eighth episode of the series overall, and premiered on April 16, 2017.


Still trapped in Neverland, Hook aligns himself with Tiger Lily, hoping to find a way back to Emma. Back in Storybrooke, Regina works to break the sleeping curse that David and Snow are under, and Gold denies The Black Fairy, which brings the two of them to a fearsome impasse. In flashbacks, we learn what Snow and Charming sacrificed in order for Emma to fulfill her destiny as the Savior.[2]


This section is a detailed recap of this episode. There are major spoilers. Click to expand.

Captain Hook runs through the jungle with several howling and torch-bearing Lost Boys hot on his trail. One of them orders his fellows to "get the pirate" while another screams for them to "make him pay." Hook escapes to the beach. The first boy soon spots the captain through the sparse trees and points Hook out to the rest of the pack. Hook trips, landing at the bottom of a seaside hill in a heap. The Lost Boys surround the captain on the muddy shore. In an attempt to reason with the rowdy teens, Hook reveals that he has treasure and rum buried all over the island. "Any of you lads old enough to drink rum?" he proposes. Their leader steps forward, spear in tow, and clarifies they only want one thing: revenge for what happened to Pan. Hook acknowledges this. Realizing engaging them in battle is his only way out, Hook draws his cutlass. He implies he would prefer to get this over with. He knows his prospects are slim due to their numbers.

Captain Hook adds that he has someone waiting for him at home. Hook doesn't want to hurt any of them, "So, this is your last chance." Then a blow-dart hits their leader in the neck. The Lost Boy drops his spear as he collapses unconscious to the ground. Another dart and another Lost Boy fall unconscious. Then several more at once and, in a flash, Hook is the only man left standing. Tiger Lily, perched nearby, stows the weapon she used to blow the darts into the boys' throats. The fairy announces that the captain should be more careful. She smiles, approaching him with a few hops down the hill as he sheaths his cutlass. Tiger Lily states that the Lost Boys got nasty since Pan died. "Tiger Lily," Hook greets. She folds her arms while acknowledging that she never expected to see him back on this rock. He agrees, saying this wasn't a planned excursion. Hook thanks her for the daring rescue. "Right... about that," she says, stepping forward some more, "Who said this was a rescue?" She plunges a blow-dart into his throat, causing him to collapse like all the other lost boys.

Over in Storybrooke, Henry's notebook lay open beside the book itself, with all the symbols he etched out while in his trance on display. "The final battle?" Emma asks as the other heroes circle the table. Regina says according to the weasel that is what the hieroglyphs mean. Emma sees the book only has a few blank spaces left. They are at the end, she acknowledges. David berates himself for not seeing this coming. Emma assures her dad there is no way he could have. David and Snow White thought Rumplestiltskin's prophecy was about the savior breaking the original curse. He promises they never would have put Emma through the wardrobe if they knew it would lead to this. Emma says that it's fine because she will win. She suggests heading to the library to decipher what this means.

When Emma passes the notebook back, her hand tremors return. Her family notices. She struggles to control it for a moment. Once she's reined it in, Henry tries to tell her it will be okay. Emma tells him she knows. Emma doesn't look sure though, cautious as she and her son finally exit the loft with the notebook in tow. Regina slams the nearly-finished storybook shut. David rants that Emma's story can't end like this, with Hook trapped in another realm and her parents being stuck apart. He walks over to the bed to gesture toward the sleeping Snow, declaring that Emma can't go into the final battle without her family. Regina agrees but points out that - unless either he or Snow sleepwalk - Emma has to settle for only one Charming. "Unless you break the curse you put us under," he exclaims. Regina assures him that she's working on an antidote, but this kind of magic takes time with testing and experimenting to be sure. David takes this to mean that she has something. Regina may have something, but it could be dangerous or life-threatening. David takes her hands and instills that Emma is about to face the biggest fight of her life, and they'll do whatever it takes to be with her. "Now, whatever you have, it'll work," he pleads. Regina nods, understanding his desperation. David turns back to his wife and adds, "It has to. I mean it's not like it's the first curse we've ever woken up from..." With that, we drift over to the sleeping Snow and delve into her memories.

During the First Curse, Mary Margaret Blanchard makes her way down Main Street, like every other day, and currently holds a bouquet. As she goes by the diner, her head lifts to wish Granny a good afternoon. The diner owner comments that it would be a hell of a lot better if Ruby wasn't still sleeping off last night's hangover. "Now I'm putting out the 'Open' sign," she complains and then, as Mary Margaret walks away, "These are supposed to be my golden years!" The introverted teacher spots Marco upon his step-ladder trying to fix a sign across the road - as per usual. She greets him. Turning to see who called his name, Marco drops his screw. "Look what you made me do!" he barks in his Italian accent. She apologizes as she continues, then sees Archie walking Pongo in the middle of the street. He smiles at her. She gives him a joyous greeting as well. Pongo responds with an aggressive bark. Dr. Hopper apologizes on his out-of-control dog's behalf. "He's in a mood. He's off gluten." And then he's off. The subdued Mary Margaret is stuck staring, not paying attention to what's in front of her as she continues on her route. As such, she ends up crashing into Regina Mills, smushing the bouquet against the Mayor's nice coat.

Mary Margaret apologizes, trying her best to scrape the petals from the Mayor's chest. Regina demands to know what is so important that the teacher can't pay attention to where she's walking. Mary Margaret picks up her bouquet and explains that she was headed to the hospital to deliver it. She looks down at the wrecked flowers. Regina presumes they're for John Doe. Mary Margaret likes to think it comforts him, saying how she can get another bunch. "Don't waste your money," the Mayor advises with a subtle victorious grin, "It's not like he can tell the difference." She then begins to walk away. Mary Margaret asks if there's been any news on the coma patient's condition, or if anyone's figured out who he is or who his family might be. Regina tells her that she's not sure it matters. Mary Margaret wonders why that is. Mayor Mills adds, with feigned sympathy, that Dr. Whale said it looks like he may never wake up. With that, she turns around... and smiles. Content with the continued separation of her nemeses. Mary Margaret looks despondent as Regina struts off. The teacher walks forward but then gives up on her hospital route to throw away her ruined flowers. But this causes her to notice something most peculiar: a distinctive pink flower growing from out of the curb. She moves closer, crouching down to inspect it, and she wakes up.

At the hospital, Mary Margaret enters John Doe's room with the pink flower in a miniature vase. It seems to have bloomed a little now. The teacher apologizes to the coma patient for her lateness. She says how she almost didn't come, but then she saw this flower and something in her told her she had to bring it to him. With that, she places it down at his bedside, before walking away as meek as ever. Magical pink dust emanates from the flower, raining down onto John Doe's left hand. His heart monitor beeps. Mary Margaret turns to him in shock as she worries about what's happening or what she might have done. It's then that his eyes burst open, and she looks at him with both shock and awe. A smile overwhelms her, and the same goes for him. "Snow..." he utters, having regained his memories as Prince Charming. She repeats the word, confused. She frets as he sits up and demands to know where "she" is. He rips off his cords and tubes. He stands up in his hospital gown and implores the whereabouts of the Evil Queen. His unbeknownst wife cries that he's confused since he's been in a coma.

Charming recalls the Evil Queen's knights stabbed him, he passed out, and then, "The curse. It must have brought us here. Whatever this place is." Mary Margaret insists on getting a doctor. Charming stops her, assuring that, whatever the Queen did to her, he knows Snow White is in there somewhere. "Trust me." Mary Margaret points out that he is delusional and speaking gibberish. She asks why she should trust him. Charming responds that they love each other. "Come on. Somewhere inside, you know that!" He then outstretches his pollen-covered hand for her to take. After some hesitation, Mary Margaret decides to take his hand. And then the pink glow of the dust overcomes her too, waking her up. "Charming..." she breathes as only she can. "There you are," he beams. The two draw together in a passionate kiss. He lifts her within the confines of his hospital room as their reunion intensifies.

In present-day Mills Mausoleum, Snow stares down at the now sleeping David. Regina asks if Snow's sure she doesn't want to tell Emma what she's doing. Snow responds that she knows what their daughter would say: she wouldn't let them take the risk. "I agree with David. We have to do this now." She then rises to her feet. Zelena, standing by a steaming cauldron, nods as she makes her way over to Charming. Snow is curious about how this works. Regina apologizes in advance, saying that what's about to happen will hurt. Regina rips out Snow's half-heart at the same time that Zelena rips out David's. Regina points out that the sleeping curse manifests as dark globs. She explains that the curse's split between both halves of their shared heart keeps them from being awake at the same time. She places Snow's heart into the cauldron. Zelena puts David's half in there too. Zelena adds that if this potion clears up the darkness then Snow and Charming should be able to make them all wretch with their sweet nothings in no time.

Snow smiles as Regina lift the inner container from the cauldron, the half-hearts now soaked in the potion. Zelena takes David's half again while Regina takes Snow's. They watch as the darkness disappears. Snow is joyed that it's working. Then the hearts are shoved back into their rightful chests. Snow looks to see if her husband wakes up, with him even seeming to stir. Instead, Snow clutches her chest in pain and hunching over. David shakes but is still asleep. Regina doesn't understand what the hell is going on. Snow wants to know what happened. Regina surmises that the Evil Queen must have baked a fail-safe into her curse. Zelena exclaims that their potion didn't weaken its magic - it weakened Snow's heart. "What does that mean?!" Snow asks. Regina clarifies that by the end of the day, they'll both be asleep with no way of waking up. "So Emma will fight the final battle... without us," Snow realizes, turning to her husband and growing more daunted than ever.

Act Two opens with Charming marching through the hospital halls in his patient's gown back in time, with his recently awakened wife not far behind him. "Grumpy!" he then calls out, spotting Leroy mopping at the end of the hall. The prince relays that they need his help. Leroy wants to know who this man is calling "grumpy". Charming doesn't have time for this and orders him to round up the other dwarfs. "Now you're making this about my height?!" Leroy exclaims, offended. Mary Margaret apologizes on her husband's behalf, explaining to Leroy that she let this patient out of the psych ward. She then begins walking the awake John Doe away, down an adjacent hall, while the latter asks what's wrong with Grumpy. Snow points out that it's called a curse for a reason and theorizes that they're the only ones awake. She recalls it happened the moment she put the flower by his bed. She makes sure no one watches or listens as she adds that she thinks it is magic.

Getting some clothes from the locker room, Snow White encourages Charming to put them on to blend in. The former prince realizes his wife has lived there since the Dark Curse struck. Snow responds that Mary Margaret has been living there, but she remembers every terrible minute of it. David stops dead with, "Wait. Where is she? Where's Emma?" Snow doesn't know though, beginning to panic. He says how he put her in the wardrobe so she must be here too. "Okay, uh, Rumplestiltskin," Snow suggests, "If anyone knows where to find her, it's him." She goes to exit but spots Regina through the half-closed door, interrogating the security guard on how long ago it was that John Doe disappeared. Walter cannot respond. The Mayor screeches, "Do you even know what a coma is?!" before disappearing with him down a different hall. Seeing the coast is clear, Snow tells Charming that Rumple's their best chance; if anyone else is awake, it will be him.

Snow White imparts that Mr. Gold has a pawnshop on Main Street. David nods, understanding, but wants to know what his wife will do. Snow says that she will keep Regina from finding out what's going on, whispering that there's an abandoned farmhouse at the edge of town; "Meet me there in an hour." He nods before the two of them share a kiss, and then they part ways. Snow follows Mayor Mills to the security office. Regina yells at Walter that a coma patient doesn't get up and walk out without someone seeing something. "Check the tapes again!" Mary Margaret assures that she doesn't need to check them again. "Excuse me, Miss Blanchard?" Regina retorts. Snow, trying her best to be Mary Margaret, reassures, "Reg-- uh, Mayor Mills. I saw what happened. John Doe was sleepwalking." The Mayor nods but seems doubtful. Regina demands to know where he was headed. "Into the woods, away from town," the teacher lies.

Near the woods in the present, Snow White records a video on her phone, revealing to David that the antidote made things worse. We cut to the continuation of the message as David plays it back for everyone at Emma's house, now that Snow is back asleep. In the rest of the video, Snow says that they'll have to find a way to do this thing the way they do everything: together. "You did what?" Emma questions as her father lowers his phone. David apologizes, saying that they were trying to make things better. Emma points out that instead, they made it a hell of a lot worse. She complains that they keep blaming themselves when their condition isn't their fault. There's nothing they could have changed. David assures that they know, but that doesn't mean they'll let her... "Face it on your own." David notices something on his phone. He zooms in on the background of the video: a pink petal blows past.

David adds, "And you won't. I think your mother just found a way to break the sleeping curse; she just didn't realize it." He shows the others his phone -zoomed-in-on petal. Regina questions the flower petals' importance. David assures that they aren't any petals, knowing from the time he woke up during the Dark Curse that they're a hell of a lot more than that. Taking a look for herself, Zelena reveals that "pretty boy" is right - those are pixie petals. "Exactly. And pixie dust might just be strong enough to wake us up," he surmises. Zelena knows about magic, and the pixie flowers only grow for one reason: the reaction to the presence of great evil. Emma then realizes that if these flowers just started sprouting up all over Storybrooke... Zelena concludes that the Author had the right idea skipping town, for whoever the savior is meant to face in this final battle - they're already there.

Across town, the Black Fairy enters the pawn shop. "Hello, Rumple," the Fairy greets her son. Gold stops dead behind the counter when he hears her voice. He turns to her, speechless. She giggles, saying that she believes the greeting he's looking for is, "Hello, mother." He instead finds himself asking how she got there. She reveals that she had a little help. At this, Gideon walks in behind her, also taking a moment to greet his father. "Gideon?" Gold questions, realizing that his plan for taking the savior's power and becoming a hero was all a ruse to bring the Black Fairy to Storybrooke. Gideon apologizes, making clear that the Black Fairy is his mother. He suggests that one day he'll understand. His real mother, emerging from the back room, demands to know what's going on. The Black Fairy takes a break from her boring browsing to look at her daughter-in-law and rival in motherhood. "Belle," she smiles, approaching, "So lovely to make your acquaintance."

Belle assures Gideon that no matter what he has done to help the Black Fairy, he can always come home. The Black Fairy makes clear that he's not going anywhere. Gideon looks down. Gold challenges that they'll soon see about that. He takes a vial of magic from out of his pocket. The Black Fairy holds out her hand and uses her magic to conjure his Dark One's dagger into it. "Put it down," she commands, and he is compelled to do so. After calling him a good boy, the fairy tells him not to look so surprised, for she practically invented dark magic. But Rumple needn't worry because she won't force him to do anything. When Rumple joins the Black Fairy, it will be because he wants to. Gold wonders if that's why his mother is there because he promises that he will never join her. "Oh when the darkness comes, you'll change your mind," the fairy moves further forward. "And then," she puts the dagger on the counter, "Rumpelstiltskin... we can finally be the family we were always meant to be." With that, she giggles again before vanishing with Gideon in a flurry of black smoke. The whole interaction leaves Gold a tad shaken.

Act Three opens in the past with Charming making his way down Main Street. David enters the pawnshop, taking a brief look around at all the misbegotten fairytale objects which litter the place. Mr. Gold emerges from the backroom with his cane and asks if he can help the mysterious customer with something. The former prince then looks up and squints, smirking before he comments that he almost didn't recognize the Dark One without the scales. "Excuse me?" Gold responds. Charming orders him to cut the act, believing there to be no way he would let himself fall under the power of Regina's curse when she's still awake. Further confused, Gold tells the escaped patient that he doesn't seem very well and that Dr. Hopper's office is down the street. But Charming has had enough with "games", exclaiming that he put his daughter through a wardrobe because Rumple told him she would break the curse - "Now where is she?!" "I have no idea what you're talking about, and I don't appreciate your tone," Gold replies in all genuineness. David grabs a nearby sword and aims it at the pawnbroker. Gold points out that intimidation won't make him remember something he doesn't know. After a while staring each other down, Charming concedes that maybe Snow was wrong.

Charming turns to leave and comments that it looks like they'll have to find Emma on their own. Gold stops. Awake, he replies, "Emma." David stops after opening the door, turning back as Gold finishes uttering, "What a lovely name." His memory trigger activates. The prince shuts the door and approaches the now awakened Dark One. Rumple suggests that he can help him after all. David is happy to realize that he is awake. Gold says that he needed a proper wake-up call - one that he knew one day would come. Charming nods, now wanting to know where he can find his daughter. Rumple doesn't know where the Savior is or how she's meant to get back to them. Charming implores him to think harder. The Dark One smiles, bearing down on his cane. "Tell me, dearie. What was it that woke you from your miserable little life in the first place?" Charming explains that it was a flower Snow found; its magic woke them. Gold acknowledges that it must have been a pixie flower. He explains its dust can reunite anyone who shares true love. "Like Snow and me..." Charming follows. Gold adds, "And your daughter." David then prepares to exit the shop, now having the means to find her.

Emma's hand shakes as she stands in the loft. David approaches from behind to ask his daughter if everything's okay. She tells him everything's fine and asks in turn if he and the others have drawn up the search grid. David says they have, but, if they're going to find that flower before he and Snow are both asleep for good, then they'll need her mother's tracking skills, which means it's time for him to say goodnight. He kisses his daughter on the forehead. Emma questions, "How do you do it, dad?" Seeing his confusion. Emma expands, "You and mom have been separated by the curse for weeks, and you've still found a way to work together." David responds that, even though he can't be with her, he knows that she's fighting for him as hard as he is for her. Emma appears grim. As such, her father assures her that he knows Hook is out there doing the same thing for her. Emma hugs her father, thanking him, hoping this to be true.

In her cave, Tiger Lily whacks Hook's face into consciousness. He groans in pain as he comes to, his hand tied to his hook. Tiger Lily gets up to fetch something. The pirate asks her if this is about what happened at Skull Rock. The fairy replies that if this were about Skull Rock then she would have left him to be gutted by those Lost Boys. She drapes a shawl around herself. He begs her to untie him, for there is someone out there whose life depends on it. Tiger Lily refuses to release him until he agrees to do something for her. Hook suggests that she'd have more luck if she just asked. She clarifies she couldn't risk getting "no" for an answer. Taking out a sharp scrap of wood, she tells the pirate that she needs him to deliver it to another realm, asking as she crouches down to meet his face, if he's still captain of the fastest ship on the seas. Hook insists that he isn't her errand boy and that the woman he loves is in danger so every second he spends arguing with Tiger Lily should be spent finding a way back to her. "You expect for me to believe that Killian Jones fell in love?" Tiger Lily interrogates, then holding up the shard in her hand and assuring that it isn't driftwood - it's a weapon. And it's the only chance they have of winning the coming war. "Whatever war that is," Hook says, "It isn't mine to fight."

Tiger Lily informs him that there's great darkness on the horizon though, so if Hook doesn't do what she asks then the savior will die. This grabs his interest. "The savior?" "Yes!" Tiger Lily exclaims, "A great hero, unlike you!" Hook explains that they're talking about the same woman. The Native American woman appears a tad taken aback by the idea that Hook fell in love with the savior. He confirms it to be true and implores Tiger to check his inside pocket. She moves forward and does so, and soon pulls out the engagement ring that Hook purchased for Emma. He explains as much. Tiger Lily smiles, then gesturing the "weapon" she totes as she insists he needs to get it to her. She unties him as she explains that the Black Fairy is in Storybrooke and this is the only hope the savior has of defeating her. Hook wishes it were that simple. He explains there seems to be a curse keeping him from finding his way back home unless she has some magic that can lift it. After helping him to his feet, Tiger Lily is sad to express that she doesn't... but Pan might. "Where might that demon have kept his magic?" Hook wonders. Tiger Lily says that it would be at his old camp. But it's overrun by Lost Boys, and they outnumber them twenty to one. "Aye, is that all?" the pirate asks, fetching his cutlass, and Tiger Lily appears impressed as he declares, "Then I feel sorry for those lads. Because they don't stand a chance."

Act Four starts back in cursed Storybrooke. Archie, Pongo by his side, reports to Mary Margaret and Mayor Mills that there’s no sign of John Doe by the water. Regina states that they haven't found him in the South Woods either. She concludes that they should move the search party into town. Mary Margaret says that they can't. Regina demands to know why not. The nervous teacher exclaims that John Doe might still be in the woods somewhere since they haven't looked everywhere. After studying her nemesis, Regina concedes that Miss Blanchard's right - they haven't checked the mines. She then suggests that Dr. Hopper take Pongo and go have a look. With them gone, Regina circles Mary Margaret before heading over to the scrap heap and lifting a panel that rests on an old stone pillar.

A set of controls is revealed. Regina flicks up switches. Mary Margaret asks her what she's doing. The Mayor reveals that the mine tunnel Archie is currently off inspecting was rigged for demolition years ago. She lifts another control and hovers her finger over the unveiled button, making clear that one push will cause the whole thing to come down. "I don't understand, why are you doing this?" Miss Blanchard questions, trying her best to appear meek and unknowing. Regina explains that it's a theory of hers: "You and John Doe. You're both awake." Expressing a high level of confusion, Snow assures "Madame Mayor" that she doesn't know what she's talking about, for she was doing her normal rounds. Regina retorts that that's what Snow White would say. So she and her Prince can stay awake. "But Snow White's also a hero. She would never let that cricket die, to protect herself. Mary Margaret on the other hand? She's never stood up to me." The former Queen takes sadistic pleasure in toying with the teacher. Regina's finger hovers over that button; Archie's life still hanging in the balance.

Mary Margaret stares at her. The Mayor's finger bears down a little, poised to push. As the stare-down goes on, Mary Margaret reaches into her pocket for a pair of scissors. "So..." Regina goes on, "What's it going to be?" Mary Margaret tightens her grip on the scissors. But Granny and some others from the search party approach. She asks if Mary Margaret or Regina has found anything. The Mayor turns to them in annoyance, barking, "What now?" Marco warns the Mayor against what she's doing. He moves her hand away from the demolition controls and shutting the dangerous panel. Archie and Pongo reemerge from the mine tunnel, unscathed. In all the commotion, Mary Margaret slips away. Regina orders her citizens to get out of her way. She pushes past Walter, Granny, and a doctor. Regina demands to know where "she" is. "Where's Snow White?!"

In the present, Snow White and Emma walk in the same snow-covered woods. Snow says the winds were blowing from the North which means that the petals came from around this area. Emma soon tells her mother to look - "down there". A hundred pink pixie flowers rest in the upcoming dip in the earth. Snow and Emma are stunned. Emma recalls what Zelena said about these flowers only growing in evil's presence. "So if there's a whole field of them..." Snow adds, fearing the implications. "And here I was hoping to make an entrance," the Black Fairy states as she emerges. Snow lifts her bow and aims an arrow in the villainess' way. Snow orders the laughing fairy to stay away from her daughter. The Black Fairy says she has waited a very long time to meet Emma. Emma takes this to mean that the Black Fairy is indeed the one she fights in the final battle. The Fairy points out, "I created the Dark Curse. You were born to break it. We've been destined to clash since the beginning of time. I never should have sent an emissary to do what only I can."

Emma demands to know what the hell that means, and how the Fairy got there. Gideon emerges by his mother's side. "Right, never mind," Emma says. Gideon avoids her gaze. The savior asks if this is the final battle. Denying it, the Black Fairy assures the blonde that she'll know when the final battle begins. Everyone will. Snow White, arrow still at the ready, promises they won't let the Fairy hurt their daughter. The Fairy questions, "Is that so? Because it's going to be hard to stop me when both mummy and daddy are fast asleep." The Black Fairy giggles at Snow's distress. The Fairy gives her stolen son a command. To Emma's horror, Gideon destroys the entire field of pixie flowers in an attack of black mist. The Black Fairy assures Emma and Snow that it is better this way. The Fairy looks Snow straight in the eyes as she makes clear, "No mother should have to watch their child die." Snow fires. The Black Fairy and Gideon escape. The arrow flies into a tree instead.

Over in Neverland, the Lost Boys yell wild calls and dance around a nighttime bonfire in Pan's old camp. Across a lagoon, Hook and Tiger Lily survey them from behind some rocks. The pirate questions why it's never past their "bloody" bedtime. Tiger fears this is the only way he can get the weapon to the savior. The fairy hands the captain the shard of wood. Taking it, Killian questions what kind of weapon it is exactly. She explains that it's a wand - well, part of one. The most powerful ever made; it's what banished the Black Fairy to the Dark Realm. Hook wonders how Tiger got her hands on it. She tells him that he's not the only one with a past he'd rather forget. "I used to be a fairy," she reveals, to his surprise. He questions what made her give up her wings. Tiger Lily explains that she once was close to the Black Fairy. Tiger explains that if anyone should have stopped the Black Fairy from taking her dark path then it was her. But she failed. After the Black Fairy's exile, Tiger Lily gave up her wings and sought refuge there in Neverland. Hook assures her that if a pirate like himself can get a second chance then so can she. Tiger Lily retorts that neither one of them will get a second anything if Emma doesn't get that wand.

Tiger Lily looks to the camp and points out a tree. She explains its sap contains the magic Hook needs to find his way home. "Aye... and how am I supposed to make it to the tree, let alone Storybrooke?" Tiger Lily says to leave that to her. She then approaches the camp. Hook watches the dancing Lost Boys, their fire, and the dead pig they carry for their upcoming feast. An apple inside its mouth. They put it down by the fire. Then an arrow hits the apple. The head Lost Boy spots the culprit and orders his inferiors to "Get her!" Tiger Lily runs while the Lost Boys start to give chase. Hook takes the opportunity to sneak his way into the now cleared-out camp. He lights a torch on one of their grounded flaming poles and approaches the tree he needs to harvest from. Sticking his hook into the bark, Killian allows the magical sap to leak out. Hook approaches a large rock and sets down his torch to cast a proper shadow. He uses his now enchanted hook to cut off his shadow.

A stray Lost Boy emerges from behind the rock when Hook has only detached one foot. Killian says, "Ahoy, mate." The Lost Boy summons his brothers with a conch shell. The pirate severs his other foot from his shadow. Then it emerges from the rock as a floating, separate being. "Get me home, now!" Hook orders. His shadow heads for the sky. Hook grabs onto its foot with his one hand. The Lost Boy also grabs his foot, keeping him grounded. More Lost Boys join in, reaching up and grabbing the captain. Two Lost Boys seize Tiger Lily by the arms. She yells, "Get that wand to Emma!" Hook passes the shard of wand up to his shadow, telling it that it knows what to do. Taking hold of the wand, the shadow prepares to fly away. Killian's hook loses its grip on the shadow's foot, falling on the floor. A whole pack of Lost Boys immediately pounce on the pirate and beat him.

Act Five opens with Charming looking out a window as he awaits his wife's arrival. The prince clutches the sword he took from Gold's shop. He turns and raises it when he hears someone entering. He is relieved when Snow White dashes inside. She is equally relieved to find him. Lowering his sword, David exclaims that she was late and that he got worried. They again reunite with a loving kiss. Snow explains they have to hurry because Regina is onto them. Snow then retrieves the pink pixie flower from her coat pocket. Taking it for inspection, Charming reveals that Rumple said its magic is strong enough to get them to Emma. "Let's go find our daughter," Snow whispers excitedly. Charming is just as excited to get going. But, as they prepare to leave together, Mr. Gold stands in their way, limping in with his cane as he says that he's afraid he can't let them do that.

"It appears we've only been cursed ten years," Gold tells them, meaning Emma's still eighteen years shy of her twenty-eighth birthday - the day she's destined to become the savior. Mary Margaret points out that Emma doesn't have to be the savior anymore because they're awake. Gold points out in turn that Snow White and Prince Charming may be awake, but the rest of the town is still very much asleep. "Find Emma now, and she will never fulfill her destiny. The curse will never be broken, and everyone will be trapped here forever." Charming asks what the Dark One expects them to do - just leave her out there? Rumple gives them a forgetting potion. He tells them to drink it as he will; it'll put them back under, and then, when the time is right, Emma will find them. "It's easy for you to say, you don't have a child who's out there by herself!" the prince barks. Gold assures that he has no idea what's out there for him. David reminds Gold that he can't stop them, for he doesn't have magic in this world; there, he's a man. He prepares to leave, at which Gold states that he doesn't need magic to stop them. Instead, he limps toward Snow and hands her the potion, and Charming turns back to his wife in surprise. "You'll see this potion is the only way forward," Gold assures the conflicted mother.

In the present, Snow White leans exhausted against a tree as she and Emma remain in the woods following their Black Fairy skirmish. "I swore I would never leave you alone again," Snow says, "And now the final battle is coming." Emma assures that it's her destiny and there's nothing her mother can do to change it; "I already told dad, it's not your fault." Snow denies this, revealing that there is something Emma doesn't know. Before Snow can continue, Emma notices a single pixie flower. The savior tells her mother to look, as it remains. Emma approaches and plucks it from the earth. As she takes it for herself, Snow questions how it survived. Emma, staring at it, surmises, "Because it needed to." She and her mother then turn to each other and smile, each imbued with some fresh hope.

During the time of the Dark Curse, the awake Snow White sprinkles pixie pollen into her palm. She and Charming stand side-by-side within Storybrooke's snow-blanketed woods. Snow White asks her husband how the pollen's supposed to work. Unsure, Charming suggests that they think of Emma and let the magic do the rest. They look into one another's eyes for a moment, each hoping this will work. Mary Margaret takes a deep breath and throws the pollen up into the air. The dust rains back down on them as a bright light appears. From the light, a Magic Door materializes. David is the first to move in. Charming clasps his hand around the knob and pulls it open to a swirling gold mass. Snow appears unsure of it. Snow raises her hand to the portal, and the swirling starts to eradicate.

Snow White and Charming observe the current bedroom of their ten-year-old daughter who, right now, sits on her bed with headphones on, reading a story. Music goes into her ears as she turns the pages of her book, entrenched, and so Emma has no idea what's going on beside her. Snow and Charming are taken aback. Emotion overwhelms the parents. David goes on to utter, "She's beautiful..." in a longing tone. The birds tweet; Emma turns a page of her book; all seems so serene. David says that they can't waste another second. They can't miss another second. And he tries to go on through. To beckon his wife to come with him. But she instead holds out a hand to stop him, telling him to wait. He is confused, wondering what's wrong. Mary Margaret tries her best to ignore the tear streaming down her cheek as she responds that they can't go.

"Snow, we have to," Charming says. Snow White argues if they go through that door then Emma will never become the savior. Snow can't take her eyes off her. Charming looks between his daughter and his wife, promising that Emma will have a new destiny - with them. David implores her not to listen to Rumple. Snow turns to him and insists that she's not. It's not Rumple. She explains Regina tested her earlier that day, saying that Snow White is a hero who wouldn't let anyone suffer to get what she wants. "And she's right. I was prepared to lose everything to save Archie in that mine shaft. How is this any different?" "Because our daughter is right there!" David exclaims. He adds that they can't ask her to sacrifice her happiness to ensure everyone else's. Snow retorts that they have to. She then shouts that she has lived in this town with everyone they have ever known, and they are all separated from the people they love too - they can't sentence them to this life forever because the two of them are unwilling to wait a little bit longer.

Charming stares at his daughter, wondering what will become of her. Snow watches Emma read and says that they have to believe that she's strong enough to grow up without them. "Snow, I..." he attempts to protest. Snow knows he knows she's right. Another page turned. David wishes she wasn't, and he nods while crying. Snow gives a slight nod, hating what they have to do - what they have to sacrifice - and then the two soulmates join hands. They spend a final moment standing. Watching. The weeping mother whispers to Emma that they will see her again. Snow steps forward and closes the door. As soon as it's shut, the light returns, and then the entire doorway disappears. Emma finally turns her head towards her open closet. The little girl looks intrigued.

Back in Storybrooke, Snow White and Charming stand in the woods. Snow hears the faint sounds of people approaching, surmising that it must be the search party. Handing the vial of blue liquid to her husband, she says that they don't have much time. David takes Gold's potion with a heavy heart. She breaks down bawling, and her whimpers that she didn't think they'd say goodbye again so soon. "Hey, hey, I know," David assures, placing his free hand on her arm in an attempt to calm her down as he draws her in close. He reminds her: "I will always find you." Her hands then move to his face as she responds, with deep conviction, "One day... Emma will find us." And with that, they share a tearful kiss farewell. It's long and deep and sorrowful. And, when finally it comes to an end, Snow nods, knowing they must follow through with their decision.

Charming uncorks the bottle and drinks half the potion. David re-corks it and nods to his wife before its effects wash over him. He clutches onto her, about to collapse. Snow White lowers him to the ground as he returns to his comatose state. With John Doe on her lap, Snow drinks the last of the potion, putting it away as its memory-erasing power sets in. There is an instant when her devastated expression turns blank. "Mary Margaret!" Archie then calls out as he and the rest of the search party run towards her, "You found him!" Mary Margaret looks up to him, startled and confused. The therapist asks if the escaped coma patient is alright. It's then that she looks down, realizing that her unbeknownst husband is even there.

Emma helps lower her mom down onto her bed in the loft. Snow says that they don't have much time as she scrambles toward her slumbering husband. Regina distills the dust from the last pixie flower into a vial. Emma begs her friend to please tell her there's enough. "Barely," Regina reveals as she approaches the bedroom, "But it'll do. It'll break the sleeping curse once and for all." She hands the vial to Snow, who struggles to even sit up at this point. They're all taken aback as a dark figure flies in through the window. Regina wonders what is happening now. Emma figures that it's another emissary of the Black Fairy's sent to stop them. Yet, Henry realizes that is not the Black Fairy - it's a shadow. Recognizing its shape, Emma realizes that it's Hook's shadow. It hands her the piece of wand given to it by the captain himself. Emma takes the unknown object and demands to know where Hook is. Killian's actual hook slips from the shadow's ankle, clanking onto the loft's floor. Proof that the pirate is in danger.

Emma picks it up. Knowing her love is in trouble, she again asks what's going on and where Hook is. The shadow stares at her, floating down and touching her face with its hand. Emma is sad as it flies away. She is left clutching a wand and a hook. Henry tries to assure her that it will be okay because they'll find him. Emma points out that they don't even know where he is. Snow White, from the bed, exclaims, "Yes you do." They all turn to her as she clutches the vial. Snow explains pixie magic can reunite anyone who shares true love; it can open a door to Hook. Emma asks how she knows that. Snow reveals that she and Charming once used pixie dust to find her when she was a little girl. This shocks the savior. Snow explains had they gone through with it, Emma would have grown up with them. They would have been a family. She wouldn't have become the savior, and she wouldn't be fighting the final battle now.

Emma understands their sacrifice. Snow White makes clear that today she's putting her daughter first. Snow takes Emma's hand and encloses the pixie magic in her palm, saying that she has a future. Someone she loves. Emma can't take the magic for herself though, for it's her parents' only chance of breaking the curse. Emma sits on the bed to hug her mom. Snow says that Hook needs it more than they do. "Eventually you'll find a way to wake us," Snow lies down, growing more and more tired, "We've taken so much from you. We can't take him too. Not before the final battle." With that, she drifts off to sleep at her husband's side. Emma looks sadly down at her possibly permanently unconscious parents, and then to the vial of magic in her hand, deeply conflicted.

Act Six opens with Lost Boys slamming Captain Hook against a wooden pyre in Pan’s camp. For Hook’s crimes against Pan, the Boys sentence him to death. "Sorry, Captain," says a restrained Tiger Lily. A Lost Boy yanks her to be quiet. Hook tells her not to be, for all that matters is that Emma got the wand. In a burst of bright light, a doorway forms. The door opens. Emma runs from the portal behind it. She cries out his name. Killian exclaims hers in turn, demanding to know what she's doing. The pirate decides it's best they use the confusion to their advantage and orders Tiger Lily to run now. With that, he elbows the Lost Boy who was securing him to the pyre, and manages to free himself of it. Tiger Lily bashes the boys on either side of her. "We've gotta go!" Emma yells while Hook knocks another boy to the ground, and Tiger does the same as she runs from the camp. The savior dashes with the pirate back through the portal door to Storybrooke. The closed-door disappears, displeasing the Lost Boys. The Boys call out for the whereabouts of Tiger Lily. Behind a tree, she smiles over the fact that Emma and her ally made a successful escape. And then she slips away.

Emma lands with Hook atop her back in the loft as the door disappears. Henry and Regina help them to their feet. The savior asks if Killian's alright. The captain confirms, then wonders how she rescued him. Emma explains that they got his message. She places the hook back into its rightful socket at the end of Killian's left arm. The pirate apologizes to her. Wincing, Hook admits that he should have told Emma what he did to her grandfather all those years ago. Killian admits he should never have even considered running away. "It's okay. I didn't exactly make it easy for you to tell me the truth," Emma says. The Savior tells Hook to come with her so that they can get him cleaned up. Killian retorts he has to do something before he gets pushed into another portal. He reaches into his inside pocket and pulls out his engagement ring. He claims that this time, he'll do it the right way. Regina, who has the wand, ushers Henry to one side to give the couple some privacy.

"Emma Swan..." Hook begins, holding out the ring, "I know you face an uncertain future, but there's something I want you to be certain of: that I will always, always be by your side." She tears up, smiling. Killian proceeds to get down on one knee. "So, Emma Swan... what do you say? Will you marry me?" She too lowers to her knees, placing her hands on either side of his face, staring into his eyes as she utters, "Yes." And with that, they share a joyous kiss. Hook slides the diamond ring onto the appropriate finger. She is still tearful as she smiles at him. He seems a tad more daunted as he goes on to ask where her parents are, for he feels like it's time he finally faced her father. Emma turns to the bedroom, where Regina and Henry stand beside the slumbering Snow and David. "Bloody hell," says Hook, before asking what happened. Killian and Emma stand as she explains that they went into a sleeping curse so that she could save him. They enter the bedroom, where Regina tells the savior, "I was thinking... there might be another way to break it. But it's risky." At this point, though, Emma seems about willing to try anything.

Later at the Mayor's office, Regina thanks the Storybrooke citizens for coming. "I know living in Storybrooke isn't easy," Regina says "I certainly didn't always make it that way - but I learned something today..." The townspeople seem unimpressed so far. Snow and David lay on a raised mattress in the center of the room, each still enduring their eternal sleep. "That once, Snow and Charming had a chance to leave this town," the Mayor goes on, "To find their happiness. But they chose to stay, for the good of everyone here. Now I'm going to ask you to do something for them." Regina takes a silver goblet from her desk, explaining that in it is the sleeping curse that the Evil Queen placed on the Charmings' shared heart; it was meant for one heart. But if they all shared the curse, they might dilute its power. Leroy takes issue with the word "might". Hook is the first to step forward. He states that he would be ash right now if it weren't for them and declares, "Cheers, love," before sipping some potion.

Hook hands the cup back to Regina, who makes a toasting gesture toward the slumbering royals before taking a sip herself. Emma steps forward, deciding, "Here goes," as she swallows a small amount of its contents. She then hands it to Henry, who goes next. The gathered townspeople still appear somewhat cagey. Henry places the cup back on his mother's desk. "What the hell?" Leroy steps out from the crowd, "I could use a nap." Emma smiles at Hook as they watch the dwarf take a sip. Archie steps up, deciding that he too is in as he takes a sip for himself. Marco nods, also taking the goblet and toasting to the Charmings. Granny is the next to share in the curse. Mr. Clark, Walter, and Doc… Soon enough, everyone, there has taken some, all proving their devotion to Snow and David. A burst of magic washes over the room. With it, Snow's eye springs open. Lying on the raised mattress in the middle of the office, David is awake as well.

David and Snow turn to each other overjoyed. They utter each other's names before finally sitting up and reuniting in a passionate kiss. "You did it," he assumes, proud, only for her to have to reveal, "I didn't do anything..." They then look around in horror to realize that everyone who drank from the goblet is now asleep on the floor. All their family and friends. And they remove themselves from the mattress as they look around in utter dread. "No... no!" Snow cries. David crouches down at the side of Emma and Hook, reaching out to his daughter and whispering her name. Emma comes to. She smiles up at her dad, as does he, thrilled that she's alright and that she managed to wake them up. David helps Emma to her feet, he asks her how she did it. Emma shares a hug with her mother as she responds that it was easy - they all shared a tiny bit of their curse. Snow appears stunned as the rest of the townspeople soon start to wake up as well. Regina comes to in her desk chair, immediately seeing the awake Snow and David. David aids Hook to his feet.

Henry and the rest of the residents get up. Hook takes it Emma hasn't told the prince his secret. David reveals that actually, she did... and, it was a long time ago. David recognizes that Hook is a changed man now, for they've all seen it. David places a hand on his shoulder. Everyone gives out hugs, happy that the cure worked. Snow tells Regina that she did it. The Mayor to assure that it wouldn't have worked had she and her husband not inspired everyone. "You gave up your family for them." "And got a bigger one in return," Snow says. She promises, "That's how I know we'll defeat the Black Fairy, Emma. No matter what she does, you will not face her alone." Hearing this comforts the savior.

Outside the library, the Black Fairy waits. She is happy to hear Gold approaching from behind. Turning to face him, the Fairy comments that there's never enough time, whether it's fast or slow or even if it doesn't move at all, but especially when the end is near. The Dark One asks why she returned his dagger. The Black Fairy reminds him of what she already said: he will choose to be part of this family. Gold asks if that has to do with the fact that Gideon didn't choose her. The Fairy looks a tad taken aback. He asks further if she thinks he doesn't know that she has his heart. The Black Fairy smiles and says Rumple was always such a clever boy and questions how he figured it out. Gold informs her that she ordered him to destroy the pixie flowers but it seems he kept one alive. "A true believer wouldn't do that, now, would he?" The Black Fairy says that's impossible because Gideon wouldn't disobey her like that. Rumple points out, "And yet, he did. He found a way to resist your command." Gold goes on to state the reason why: because Gideon has his mother in him. The one that loves him. But he won't have to resist anymore, Rumple reckons, for he declares that he will get his son's heart back. His mother finds this amusing, assuring that Dark One that if he comes at her, there may be nothing left of this town when they finish. Rumple supposes that that's a price he's willing to pay. There's a brief stare-off before he walks away semi-victorious.

Deleted Scenes

Moe French was deleted from the episode. However, Eric Keenleyside is still listed in the press release.[2]



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*: Only in archive footage



Production Notes

  • CAST NOTES: This is the first episode since "I'll Be Your Mirror" that every main cast member appear.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Several mistakes were made on the press release of this episode:
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: In the episode script, Leroy winks at Mary Margaret after telling her, "If you change your mind, you know where to find me.", and David asks, "Was Grumpy... flirting with you?"[5] This exchange is not in the final episode.
  • According to Ginnifer Goodwin, it was hard for her to relate to Mary Margaret in real life because, as she has children now, she would have just taken care of herself and her immediate family. So, she had to find "a more generous place" in her spirit, as she finds what Mary Margaret did to be "of the utmost integrity and very Snow White-esque; very in keeping with her character".[6]
  • HIDDEN DETAILS: Before Marco drinks from the sleeping curse goblet, he says, "Cent'anni", an Italian toast which wishes all the clinkers 100 years. This is fitting, as The Adventures of Pinocchio is of Italian origin and Marco is known to speak with an Italian accent.

Event Chronology

Episode Connections


Fairytales and Folklore

Popular Culture

Props Notes

Set Dressing

  • HIDDEN DETAILS: When Mary Margaret is walking through Storybrooke in the 1993 flashback, a sign on Atlantic Twine & Net says "Storybrooke Tours & Charters" – "book inside". There is also an advertisement for a business called Storybrooke Marine Engine Service.[8]

Costume Notes

  • BRAND INFO: Regina's gray coat from the 1993 flashbacks[26] is a Wool Cashmere Melton Military Coat from Burberry[27] (no longer available).
  • HIDDEN DETAILS: In keeping with the many Peter Pan elements featured in this episode, Emma is wearing a sweater with a Peter Pan collar.[32] The Peter Pan collar is a style of clothing collar named after the collar of stage actress Maude Adams's costume in her 1905 role as Peter Pan, although similar styles had been worn before this date.[33]

Filming Locations


  • In the 1993 flashbacks, when Mary Margaret crashes into Regina, a man is seen walking towards to Regina behind Mary Margaret. However, when Regina angrily shouts out to Mary Margaret, the man disappears. This is best seen when Regina says, "What is so important that you can't pay attention to where you're walking?". But when Regina says, "Oh, let me guess, for John Doe?", the same man is briefly seen behind Regina, even though he did not cross the sidewalk.
  • In the 1993 flashbacks, the business known as Duperre & Hughes can be seen next to Granny's Diner.[35] However, as seen in the Season Two premiere "Broken", Duperre & Hughes did not move into these premises until after the Dark Curse was broken in 2012.[36] Before that, these premises were occupied by LaTandoor,[37] a real life restaurant in Steveston Village, which has since been closed down.[38] (Most likely, LaTandoor could not be used when Steveston was redressed as Storybrooke for the 1993 flashback, since it is a real-life business, so they had to use a fictional business instead.)
  • When Mary Margaret meets Dr. Hopper in the 1993 flashback, the business known as Chop Shop is reflected in the windows behind him.[39] However, when Mary Margaret finds the pixie dust flower, the Chop Shop sign is missing from the building facade, since it did not move into these premises until after the second curse in Season Four.[40] This indicates that the shots of Archie were filmed on a different day, where Steveston Village was dressed as present day Storybrooke.

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