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It is the labor that makes us what we are, not the fruit that it yields.
—Arlo to Anton src

Arlo is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the thirteenth episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Abraham Benrubi.


Before First Curse

Arlo lives on top of a beanstalk with his other fellow giants growing and harvesting magic beans. Due to the selfishness of humans, who used the beans to conquer other worlds in the past, they no longer trade them as merchandise. Following another harvest of magic beans, Arlo and his brothers, Abraham, Andre and Argyle, prepare to have a large feast in celebration. They wait for their last brother, Anton, to join them for the meal. Before eating, Arlo makes a speech praising the giants' success in harvesting beans. Only Anton fails to understand the purpose of having beans that they do not use, which Arlo stresses is so that humans don't get their hands on them. He notices Anton possesses a golden harp instrument from their treasure room and shows disdain when Abraham deliberately crushes it. Much later, Arlo discovers that Anton went down to the beanstalk and is trying to rob the treasury for some humans. Suddenly, they both notice the sentry birds, which are used to signal intruders, have been released into the sky. From the beanstalk, an army is led up to their home by none other than Prince James and Jack, the humans that Anton befriended. Since Arlo refuses to give them the beans, they attack with poisoned swords. As his giant folk are taken down one by one, he orders Anton to destroy all the beans so humans cannot use them for evil means. While his brother is away, Arlo is wounded by Jack's poisoned sword. He returns the favor by stabbing her with the same weapon, but begins perishing quickly from the poison. As Arlo takes his last breaths of life, he hands Anton the very last cutting of a beanstalk and pleads for him to grow new magic beans in the future. ("Tiny")


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Production Notes

  • His casting call describes him as "about 40 years old, tall and fat, and also wise, spiritual, and fatherly."[1]



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