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4 07 One afternoon, Princess Ingrid, heir to the throne of Arendelle, and her sisters, Helga and Gerda, are chasing a kite. When the kite's owner tries to kidnap Helga and Gerda, Ingrid accidentally unleashes her ice powers and freezes a tree branch, which snaps, knocking the man out cold. Her sisters promise Ingrid to help conceal her powers.
A gap in the timeline of several years years, in which the sisters grow into adults.
4 07 Ingrid realizes that her powers are uncontrollable. To rid Ingrid's distress over her powers, the sisters travel to Mist Haven where they seek out a wizard, Rumplestiltskin. He gives Ingrid a pair of gloves to cancel out her powers as well as a Magic Urn to entrap her if she becomes too dangerous.

However, the situation takes a turn for the worse when the Duke of Weselton finds out about Ingrid's powers, and threatens to reveal her magic to all of Arendelle so everyone will know their future queen is a monster. Angered, Ingrid blasts him with her magic, but Helga takes the hit; turning into a frozen statue, which shatters, killing her instantly. Once Gerda finds out, she becomes disgusted by Ingrid's actions and entraps her in the urn. Grand Pabbie, on Gerda's request, erases everyone's memories of Ingrid and Helga.

A gap in the timeline of many years.
During this time, Gerda becomes the new queen of Arendelle, and has two daughters: Elsa and Anna.
When Elsa exhibits powerful and dangerous ice powers, Gerda and her husband track down a pirate, Black Beard, in the land of Mist Haven and bargain with him to obtain a wishing star. (mentioned in "Fall")
4 01 Gerda and her husband travel to Mist Haven to find a wizard to get rid of Elsa's magic. On their way home, they caught in a vicious storm at Poseidon's Boneyard. Realizing neither of them will survive, Gerda writes a note to her daughters, Elsa and Anna, and puts it into a bottle before throwing it into the sea. The ship capsizes and sinks.
4 09
A gap in the timeline of 5 years.
4 01 Elsa is now the Queen of Arendelle. She and her sister are preparing for Anna's upcoming wedding to Kristoff. One day, Elsa discovers their parents journal, and learns that they were heading to a mysterious destination in a quest that may have held the secret to containing Elsa's out of control ice powers. Against Elsa's wishes, Anna sets off on a journey to the place where their parents were headed: Misthaven, also known as the Enchanted Forest.
4 02 After a journey across the sea, Anna reaches her destination.
4 03 A concerned Elsa is panicking over her sister's mission: No one has heard from Anna. The situation grows even more complicated when Elsa receives news that an old enemy, Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, is leading an army headed for Arendelle, and plans to use a new weapon, a mysterious urn, which has the power to trap Elsa. Elsa and Kristoff set off to destroy the urn, but Hans gets the upper hand and opens the urn to trap Elsa. However, there's someone inside already: A woman known as the Snow Queen, with powers like Elsa. Now free of her former prison, she freezes Hans and reveals to Elsa that she's actually her mother's sister, and Elsa's aunt.
4 04 In the Enchanted Forest, Anna uses the Dark One Dagger to force Rumplestiltskin to give her a mysterious box, and return her to Arendelle.
4 06 Anna is reunited with her sister, and is introduced to the Snow Queen. Anna becomes suspicious when she hears that the Snow Queen is actually her aunt, and decides to ask Grand Pabbie.

In the Enchanted Forest, Belle is unable to remember how her mother died. When she discovers that rock trolls can restore memories, she travels to Arendelle.

Stopping by Oaken's shop, Belle meets Anna, who allows her to join the trip. Anna asks Grand Pabbie about her mysterious aunt. He admits that the Snow Queen, Ingrid, is her mother's oldest sister, and they had another sister named Helga. Desperate to warn Elsa about Ingrid's secrecy, Anna and Belle hurry down the mountain. However, a fierce wind created by the Snow Queen hurls Anna off a cliff, and she hits the ground; falling unconscious. While she is blacked out, Ingrid steals the sorcerer's box and whisks Anna away, while Belle watches, helplessly. Anna wakes up in a cell, with Ingrid now holding her prisoner. Ingrid admits she wants a family, and had thought Anna and Elsa could be hers. However, since Anna does not fit the criteria as the third family member, Ingrid vows to find someone else who will. Belle goes back to the Enchanted Forest.

4 08 As Elsa is preparing a feast for her sister, she learns from Ingrid that Anna has betrayed her and was planning to use the sorcerer's hat on her. Elsa merely pretends to believe her, and secretly frees Anna from her cell, in order to locate the magic urn and trap Ingrid in it. However, the plan backfires when Ingrid uses the spell of shattered sight to turn Anna against her sister. As Anna threatens to put Elsa in the urn, Ingrid attempts to manipulate Elsa into freezing her sister in self-defense, but Elsa sees that Anna is simply bewitched and refuses to harm her. When Elsa is sucked into the urn, Ingrid freezes Kristoff and Anna and all of Arendelle. She then takes the urn and erases Elsa's most recent memories so she won't remember anything that transpired. Rumplestiltskin appears, requesting the hat that Anna took from him, but Ingrid claims she doesn't know where it is. As a result, he steals the urn and only vows to give it back when she hands over the hat.
A gap in the timeline of 2 – 3 years.[1]
4 08 In 1982, Ingrid backs out of the deal and instead gives the hat to the sorcerer's apprentice in exchange for finding another sister besides Elsa to complete her family. The apprentice opens up a portal door to the Land Without Magic. Ingrid steps through the portal, knowing that one day, she will find the third sister and be reunited with her niece.
The Dark Curse is cast
Time is frozen for 28 years
A gap in the timeline of 2 years.
4 09

In 2013, because of Ingrid using all her ice powers to cast the Spell of Shattered Sight, Anna, Kristoff and all of Arendelle unfreeze. The couple quickly find themselves threatened by Hans, who declares himself as the kingdom's new ruler and sentences them to imprisonment. Anna and Kristoff fight their way out and escape. After figuring out a plan out a plan, they take a boat to the Enchanted Forest. Through the power of a wishing star, the two are magically transported to a place called Storybrooke in the Land Without Magic.

4 11 With the help of a portal created from the same magic that brought Ingrid to the Land Without Magic, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff return to Arendelle. Elsa reclaims the kingdom from Hans, and Anna and Kristoff are finally married.
After reclaiming the kingdom, Elsa shrinks the Jolly Roger, as Black Beard used it in an attempt to murder Kristoff and Anna. Ariel accidentally gets caught in the magic.

Ursula uses her magic to summon the Jolly Roger from Arendelle to Storybrooke. (mentioned in "Poor Unfortunate Soul")

7 04 Years later, during their travel around all realms, Belle and Mr. Gold visit the Wandering Oaken's Trading Post.[2] ("Beauty")


  1. The events of "Smash the Mirror", take place shortly after the events of "Family Business", which takes place shortly before Belle becomes Rumplestiltskin's maid in "Skin Deep", meaning that "Smash the Mirror" takes place before Roland is born some time after "Lacey". In "Quite a Common Fairy", which takes place in 2012, Roland is four years old (minus the twenty-eight years of being frozen in time from 1983 to 2011), meaning that he must have been born in 1979 or 1980.
  2. File:704PicturesOnTheChimney.png

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