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This article focuses on the Apprentice's house in Storybrooke.
For his dwelling in the Enchanted Forest, see Apprentice's Cottage.

Security tape... from the house we just left.
Mr. Gold to Hook src

The Apprentice's House is a Storybrooke location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the fourth episode of the fourth season.


After Second Curse

Hook and Mr. Gold follow a magic broom to the Apprentice's house. Hook wonders who the "bristled guide " is leading them to and Mr. Gold explains that its someone who wronged him long ago and must now pay the price. When the broom reaches the door, it loses its magic and rests on the wall like a normal broom. Mr. Gold knocks on the door and it opens to reveal the Apprentice. Mr. Gold asks his accomplice to "see their host a seat", so Hook takes a hold of the Apprentice and forces him into the house and into a seat, where he continues to hold him down. The Apprentice watches the Dark One set down the sorcerer's box, opening it with the cursed dagger, which transforms into a hat. Despite being surprised Mr. Gold has the box, the Apprentice warns that every Dark One has tried to possess it, but all eventually fail. With cautious assertion, he declares the unlikelihood of Mr. Gold's plan to amass enough magic in the hat to free himself from the dagger's will and still keep his Dark One powers. Mr. Gold assures him otherwise, and then turns the hat's underside to face the Apprentice, who is sucked into it. ("The Apprentice")

Hook and Belle research at the Storybrooke library for a way to free the Storybrooke nuns and the Apprentice from the hat. They put together a bulletin board full of notes and photographs, including a photo of the Apprentice's house and a note stating that the landlord is Yen Sid.[1] ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Learning the Apprentice is trapped in the Sorcerer's hat, Mother Superior gathers with everyone at the Apprentice's House so she can free him. She asks if they have anything belonging to the Apprentice, to which Hook hands her the walking broom. Using it, she releases the trapped man from the hat. The Apprentice explains that there is no time to waste and they must retrap the Author into the door illustration. He then goes with Emma and Regina to find Isaac at the pawnshop. ("Operation Mongoose Part 1")


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