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This article focuses on the Apprentice's home in the Enchanted Forest.
For his dwelling in Storybrooke, see Apprentice's House.
For the Wish Realm version, see Apprentice's Cottage (Wish Realm).

Just stick to the path until you come upon a cottage. There's a kind, old man. He'll help you get where you need to be.
Isaac to Snow White and Prince Charming src

The Apprentice's Cottage is an Enchanted Forest location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It débuts in the fourth episode of the fourth season. It is the main reality version of the Apprentice's Cottage.


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Before First Curse


On-Screen Notes

Filming Locations

  • The scene with the Apprentice and the Snow Queen outside the cottage in "Smash the Mirror" was filmed in Burnaby's Central Park.[1]
  • The Apprentice's cottage[2] also doubles as one of the cottages in the village of Camelot in "The Broken Kingdom".[3] This can easily be seen from the identical architecture and window panes and the identical pattern of the brick stones (the ones around the window are easiest to compare).
    • A redressed version of the cottage doubles as the exterior of Brennan's cottage in "Swan Song".[4] The wooden floor on the Apprentice's front porch has been replaced by a stone floor and climbing plants have been added to the walls to make the cottage look different.
    • The same set doubles as the exterior of the Woodcutter's cottage in "Sisters".[5] Although the cottage was heavily redressed to double as the Woodcutter's home (most noticeably, the roof of his cottage has a completely different shape and the chimney is in a different position), the door, the window panes and the pattern of the brick stones (again, the ones around the window are easiest to compare) are the same.
    • The cottage was once again reused for Fiona and Malcolm's cottage in "The Black Fairy".[6] This can be seen from the identical pattern of the brick stones (the ones on the right hand side of the lower half of the door are easiest to compare). The Apprentice's roof tiles were replaced with a thatched roof for this episode.



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