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It's an honor to play young Gideon on Once and bring his history to life.
—Anton Starkman src

Anton Starkman is the American actor who portrays Young Gideon on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Anton Lee Starkman was born on February 28, 2003,[1] and hails from Los Angeles, California.[2] His acting career began when he went with his mother to sign his two older brothers, Landen and Wyatt Starkman,[1] with a theatrical agent.[2] The family was handed three forms instead of two,[2] which resulted in his mother signing all three of them to a theatrical agent in Los Angeles.[3]

He earned some of his first acting credits in 2011 and 2013, on the short films Henry and Lucy Falls, respectively,[2] before landing a role on the Teen Wolf episode "Fireflies".[4] Anton made his feature film debut with a role in the 2013 comedy Sox and later appeared in a 2015 episode of the comedy series Drunk History.[1]

Anton rose to fame in 2015 when he was cast as Max Ellison on American Horror Story: Hotel,[1] the fifth season of the popular horror anthology series American Horror Story. The show is known for its dark thematic material and graphic violence, and although Anton was already familiar with the show because one of his brothers was a fan, he chose not watch it in his spare time, except for his own scenes - the others were too scary.[3]

In 2016, he starred alongside Bella Thorne, Kian Lawley and Jenny Cooper in the comedy Shovel Buddies, about a boy and his deceased brother's friends as they try to fulfill the brother's wish to be buried in his favorite football jersey after he dies of leukemia.[3] He also landed a role in the Dead of Summer episode "Townie"[3] - another TV show created by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis". Success continued when he voiced the character of Nate Gardner in the 2016 computer-animated adventure comedy Storks,[2] a story set in a world where storks deliver packages for a huge online business. His character, Nate, is a boy who wants more than anything to have someone to play with and decided to take matters into his own hands by asking for a baby brother.[2]



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