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This article focuses on the Enchanted Forest character.
For the Season Two episode, see "Tiny".
I'm too small for back home. I'm too big for here.
—Anton to Jack and Prince James src

Anton, also known as the Giant and Tiny, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the sixth episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Jorge Garcia.

Anton is based on the Giant from the folktale "Jack and the Beanstalk".


Before First Curse
Anton resides at the top of beanstalk, and despite being a giant, he has a fascination with humans in the land below. Anton lives with his many brothers; Arlo, Abraham, Argyle and Andre. As the smallest out of his siblings, he is given the nickname "Tiny" and constantly picked on by Abraham. Anton arrives late for a celebratory feast in honor of the harvest of their magic beans. Though Arlo takes great pride in the feat, Anton doesn't understand the point if the magic beans aren't used. Arlo chides that it's of great importance to keep the beans away from the prying hands of humans. As Anton rises to join in on a toast, a golden harp, which he stole from the treasury, drops from his sleeve. Abraham mocks him for taking a fancy to a human instrument, and then deliberately crushes it. Upset, he defies his brothers by climbing down the beanstalk into the Enchanted Forest. Anton ends up in the kingdom of King George, and watches the activities of the humans through a the outside of pub window. He is befriended by two humans, Jack and Prince James, who give him a magic mushroom to become human size. Anton happily enjoys harp music in the tavern while Jack and James tell him about the kingdom's enormous debts. He feels sympathetic enough to procure some treasure from atop the beanstalk for them. While doing so, Anton is caught by Arlo. As they argue, they both hear the sentry birds in the air, which warns of a disturbance. They rush out to see Jack and James leading a siege up the beanstalk to steal the magic beans. Urged by his brother, Anton goes to destroy all the beans to keep the humans from taking them and bringing warfare to other lands. After hurrying back, he finds Arlo dying of poison, having been stabbed by Jack. Before passing away, Arlo gives him the very last cutting of a beanstalk, which he hopes Anton will grow into new magic beans someday. ("Tiny")

After First Curse

Since the massacre of his whole family, Anton now has a hatred of humans. He lives in seclusion alone in the castle on the beanstalk with the horde of treasures. Of one of these precious items, he possesses an enchanted compass. Anton storms out of his home when a human man, Hook, lures him out. As he proceeds to chase him down, Anton faints after another human, Emma, throws a substance in his face. He awakens in an enraged state and bursts into the treasury to find the humans rifling through the treasures. His movements cause large rocks to collapse from the ceiling onto Hook. Then, he grabs Emma and tries to squeeze her to death, but she bites his hand, causing him to loosen his grip. She entraps him in his own cage enclosure and then asks for the compass. Anton refuses as he believes she'll kill him after getting it. Emma convinces him she isn't that kind of person. When she notices a withered bean hanging around his neck, he tells her the story of how giants created magic beans and that humans enacted genocide on them for the items, stating he wears it as a reminder of what humans are. Eventually, he gives her the compass and breaks free out of the cage to punch out an exit for her in the wall. He considers this to be returning a favor since Emma did not kill him when she had the chance. Emma insists that Anton actually owes her two favors since she could've harmed him while he was unconscious. He agrees to help her again, to which Emma asks him to hold back Hook, who is not trustworthy, so she and her friends can get a head start. ("Tallahassee")

Hook manages to escape and steal the dried-up magic bean; leaving Anton with only the remaining stem. Later, he is captured by Cora, shrunken down to human size and taken aboard the Jolly Roger for the sail to Storybrooke. ("Queen of Hearts")

On the ship, Anton is freed by Mary Margaret, but is furious upon seeing David, who he mistakes for his twin brother James. He vows to get revenge, and disappears into the town of Storybrooke. Cora's daughter Regina offers him a mushroom to return to his regular size and get revenge on humans. After regaining his physical stature befitting a giant, he smashes through the town streets while sending humans running away in terror as David, Leroy and Mary Margaret attempt to stop him. After learning of James' comeuppance, Anton temporarily calms down when he hears word of Emma, but resumes his rampage after learning she is out of town. In an attempt to quell Anton's anger, David offers himself up for the townspeople's safety. Anton agrees to the deal, but when he stomps the ground and creates a hole, the mushroom's effects begin to wear off, causing himself to fall into the pit and cling on for life. The townspeople work together to rescue him. With much reluctance, he takes David's hand and is pulled up. Anton apologizes for the trouble he caused, but is given David's sympathy for what his brother caused him. During a stay at the diner, he shows them the beanstalk stem. After checking some suitable soil content, the dwarves accept him as a friend and hand Anton his very own pickax with the nickname "Tiny". They commence in digging into the soil to plant the beanstalk stem. ("Tiny")

To protect the bean fields from being visible to outsiders with ill-intentions, Mother Superior enacts a spell to make the area appear as an empty field unless someone steps inside the barrier. Along with the dwarves, Anton assists in tending to the growing beans. ("Tiny")

Once the beans have flourished in growth, David and Mary Margaret bring along Emma to show them to her. Anton greets the trio and gives Emma a friendly hug. Seeing as she is surprised at his current size, he explains to her that Cora used magic to make him small. Anton chats with them until Leroy hauls him back to work. After sundown, David carpools Anton and the six miners to the diner. Leroy invites David and Mary Margaret to grab some dinner with them, and says Anton is buying. Having heard this for the first time, Anton is surprised, to which he is told the new guy always pays. David reassures them he and Mary Margaret will be heading home. The group bids them goodbye. As the car pulls away, they begin walking towards the diner as Anton insists he has no money to pay for food. ("Lacey")

After Fourth Curse
During the evening of Henry's graduation, Anton gifts the young boy a magic bean. ("Is This Henry Mills?")


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Unnamed Parent †
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