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Anna Galvin is the Australian actress who portrays Madeline on ABC's Once Upon a Time.


Galvin was born 19 October 1969 in Melbourne, Australia, and trained at the Oxford School of Drama in England after graduating from the University of Melbourne.

Anna's career in feature films, television, and theater has taken her across the globe, from Great Britain to the United States to Lithuania and to Canada. For BBC, she's done such work as a series regular on Photocall, and various guest star roles, including ones for Crocodile Shoes, Scavengers and Game On!. Her stage experience includes portraying Prospero in The Tempest, Nora in A Doll's House, Polly in The Beggars Opera, and Estelle in No Way Out.[1]

After one season of playing Marian Fitzwalter on The New Adventures of Robin Hood (1996), Anna starred in two seasons of the Australian/British children's television series, The Genie From Down Under. It was nominated for several awards, including the 1996 AFI Awards, Australian Teachers of Media Awards, Cairo International Film Festival for Children and the BANFF Television Festival in Canada.[1]

In early 1998, she became a series regular on The Sentinel during the tail end of the third season. The show (canceled in May 1998, then renewed for a midseason replacement for January 1999) lasted until May 1999; altogether Anna was in seven episodes as Inspector Megan Conner, an exchange officer from Australia. It was during that running of that show that she met Bruce A. Young and Garett Maggart, two co-stars which she worked with for a time on Moosebay Productions for While Mortals Sleep, a modern fantasy adventure internet serial, where she was cast as Hazel, an elfin housekeeper. Since then, she has been keeping busy with guest roles on various TV shows, such as Snoops, Hollywood Off-Ramp, Once and Again, and Family Law.[1]

In late 2003, she appeared in the stage play, Lorilei: A Meditation on Loss for which she (and the play) received glowing reviews.[1] She is also well known for playing Lex Luthor's assistant, Gina, in Smallville, and Lavender Eyes in Tin Man.

In 2003, Galvin married Raul Inglis. They subsequently had a daughter.



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