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Did I hear that right?
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SCENE: Wonderland. Present. Inside the Wonderland Castle, Jafar and Amara are completing the spell to break the laws of magic, while Alice grieves over Cyrus.

Jafar: It is done. (He looks shocked and amazed.)
Amara: Cyrus. (She runs towards Cyrus and Alice.)
Alice: Please, can you can help him?
Amara: Oh, my son.
Jafar: Of course she can. Amara and I are now the two most powerful sorcerers in the world. There's just one problem. (He levitates a glass shard into the air.) I've never been good at sharing.
Old Prisoner: Jafar, stop! (The shard shatters on the floor.) There has already been enough death. The way to show true power is with mercy.
Jafar: Like the mercy you showed the boy who came to you looking for his father's love?
Old Prisoner: Love was not something that I could just give to you, Jafar. You had to earn it.
Jafar: I think I've grown tired of this argument, Father. Lucky for me, I wouldn't be having it ever again. I'm no longer bound by the Laws of Magic. I can have whatever I want.
Old Prisoner: And what is that?
Jafar: The same thing I've been wanting since I was 10 years old.
Old Prisoner: Haven't you learned? I'm never going-- (Jafar magically makes his father change his mind.) Jafar... (He chuckles pleasantly and grabs Jafar's hands and kisses them.) My son...I'm so proud of you. You're everything a father could ask for. My life was empty until you arrived. (He chuckles and holds Jafar's face, kissing him on the forehead.) I love you. Hmm
Jafar: (voice breaking) While I am pleased to feel this affection, Father, it's not quite all that I've wanted from you.
Old Prisoner: Tell me what you desire. I shall provide it for you.
Jafar: Wh-what I want... (normal voice) what I truly for you to know how it feels to be murdered by someone you love. (Magically, he causes water to gush and overflow out of his father's mouth, ears and eyes.)
Old Prisoner:! (He gurgles and chokes; eventually dying.)
Jafar: Hmmm. Well...Now, where was I? (Jafar turns around to see that Alice, Amara and Cyrus are gone.) Where are they?

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. Amara and Alice are carrying Cyrus down the hall.

Alice: Jafar will be after us. We still have a long way to go. We can't possibly carry him there.
Amara: We're not. (She levitates the carpet.) We're going to fly him there. Hold on tight.

SCENE: Wonderland Castle Dungeon. Present. Jafar searches for the Jabberwocky.

Jafar: (Whispers) Jabberwocky. Jabberwocky. I know you're in here. I want you to tell me—what am I afraid of now?
Jabberwocky: (She stares at him; attempting to get a read on his emotions.) You're afraid of nothing.
Jafar: And that is what ultimate power is. (He takes out the Vorpal Blade and stabs the Jabberwocky, who screams in pain as she is pinned to the wall. After she is embedded in place, with the blade still pierced through her abdomen, he then starts walking away.)
Jabberwocky: (Saddened) And what about you, Jafar? What will you do with all your power?
Jafar: Isn't is obvious? Anything I want. (He blows a mocking kiss as all the candles in the dungeon go out.)

SCENE: The White Rabbit's House. Present. Alice and Amara find a place to heal Cyrus.

Mrs. Rabbit: What do you need? I've got willow root, hot towels. I use the sap to close up the wound --
Amara: I don't need anything.
Mrs. Rabbit Look, lady, I've been doing this a long time. My mom taught me, her mom taught her, I--(Suddenly, Amara uses magic to heal Cyrus.) Oh. Well, (Mrs. Rabbit chuckles in surprise.) ...if you're going to do it that way... (Cyrus comes back to life.)
Alice: (To Amara) It just occurs to me that I haven't properly introduced myself. (Amara chuckles.) I'm Alice.
Amara: Amara. I'm Cyrus's mother.
Alice: (Smiling) I know who you are.
White Rabbit: (Loudly) Uh, don't mind me. I'm just the owner of the house where now both of you have been saved. This is great. Now we have matching bloodstains on the carpet.
Mrs. Rabbit: Oh, Percy, calm down.
White Rabbit: Seriously, who needs a photo album when you've got this? "Look, kids, here's where Alice almost died". "And, ooh, look! Here's where Cyrus' spleen fell out." (Alice raises her eyebrows up and tries not to chuckle.)
Mrs. Rabbit: (Her husband resumes mumbling complaints.) Percy! Just take a down! We all hear you. (She continues to scold Percy as they walk away from Alice and Amara.)
Amara: (To Alice) I've been meaning to thank you...for everything you've done for Cyrus.
Alice: Oh, I didn't do anything.
Amara: Nonsense. I saw the bravery you showed...and the pain on my son's face when he thought he'd never see you again. He's lucky to have found you.
Alice: We're lucky we found each other.
Amara: Well, I hope you saved a little bit of that luck for what comes next.
Alice: What's that?
Amara: We take down Jafar. (She looks to Alice.) Once and for all. (Alice nods in agreement. Nearby, the White Rabbit has overheard their conversation.)
White Rabbit: Uh, when you say "we" do you mean... (Amara looks at him.)
Amara: It's going to take all of us. (White Rabbit looks frightened by her words.)

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. Jafar opens Knave's genie bottle and brings out Knave.

Jafar: Genie...
Knave: What the bloody hell d'you want?
Jafar: I'm going to guess you don't have a very high opinion of me.
Knave: It'd be hard to have a lower one... (Suddenly, an invisible triangular force field manifests over the area Knave is standing upon; entrapping him in place.) Aah!
Jafar: Then you might be surprised to know that I've had a change of heart. So, despite the fact that you didn't return my staff as we agreed...I'm still going to hold up my end of the bargain. I've changed the second Law of Magic for you, Will Scarlet. And I have brought a very special someone back from the dead. (A very much alive Anastasia walks up with a smile on her face.)
Red Queen: Hello, Will.
Knave: Ana...? Is it really you? (He tries to walk towards her, but is still blocked by the force field.) Aah.
Red Queen: It is.
Knave: I never thought I'd see you again. Jafar, I don't know why you did this, but thank you.
Jafar: It's not necessary.
Knave: It is.
Jafar:'s not. Maybe it's time we tell him, Ana.
Knave: Tell me what?
Jafar: I said I'd bring her back. I never said everything would be the same.
Red Queen: I love another, Will.
Knave: What? Who? (Anastasia walks towards Jafar and they kiss, while a stunned Knave looks away.)
Jafar: Who do you think? (Knave looks on in shock and sadness.)

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. Jafar and Anastasia are still kissing, while Knave gets fed up.

Knave: No! (He hits the invisible wall in anger.) So that's what this is all about? You changed the Laws of Magic so you could torment me?
Jafar: No. But it is a happy consequence. (He walks away from Anastasia.) What I have in mind is far greater.
Knave: And you needed her help to do it?
Jafar: Not just hers. (Jafar's eyes go white and raises an army of the dead soldiers in Wonderland. A hand erupts from out of a grave and the dead pushes out, while more rise from their graves)

SCENE: Wonderland Forest. Present. Alice, Amara and Cyrus are walking through the forest.

Amara: Slow down and tell me where we're going.
Alice: To the palace. With your magic, we can confront Jafar head-on. Fight fire with fire.
Amara: All that does is ensure everyone gets burned. You and Cyrus were right before. The only way to defeat him is to return the stolen waters to the Well of Wonders. It will break the genie's curse and Jafar will lose his magic.
Cyrus: And so will you.
Amara: It's the only way.
Alice: But the Red Queen, if we want to save her...
Amara: We can't, I'm afraid.
Alice: But we made a promise to Will.
Amara: The Laws of Magic are in place for a reason.
Alice: So we're just going to give up on her?!
Cyrus: Would you rather give up on Will? We can try and save the queen, but we will risk losing Will forever. Are you prepared to do that?
Alice: (shakes her head) No. No, I'm not. (sighs) Okay, then. Cyrus, you take Amara to the Well.
Amara: You're not coming with us?
Alice: We have to split up. This may disarm Jafar, but it won't defeat him. I'll take the Rabbit and I'll gather as many soldiers as I can. The sun will be our cue. The moment it awakens the sky, you return the waters to the Well. Then we'll storm the castle, take down Jafar, rescue the Knave and your brothers. Then we'll find each other.
Cyrus: Again. (Both Cyrus and Alice agree, while Amara smiles.)
Alice: Now go.
Cyrus: Hey. This isn't goodbye. You see this ring? It's a promise. And I always make good on my promises. (Cyrus is holding Alice's hand and they soon kiss.)

SCENE: Wonderland Cemetery. Present. The resurrected army is now standing and Jafar gives out a command.

Jafar: My friends! Welcome back to the land of the living. I am Jafar. It is me you must thank! It is me who you now owe a debt! But worry not. You won't be in debt for long, because the time has come to pay up. Why have I bestowed this gift of new life upon you? Because this world, whose air you now breathe once again, is in danger! And we must preserve it, and along with it, your lives. The task before you is dangerous but simple. Locate the sorceress Amara wherever she hides. She is all that stands between you and continued life. But be warned. She has allies. If you come across any of them, bring them to me, and all scores will be settled. But know this! If anything or anyone gets in your way, the solution is the same. Whatever the obstacle...break it, burn it, kill it! Bring Wonderland to its knees! (The army yell in agreement.)

SCENE: Wonderland Forest. Present. Alice, now with her assembled army traverse the forest in the dark.

White Rabbit: Uh, the men are nervous.
Alice: And the rabbits?
White Rabbit: Wishing they made armor in my size.
Alice: How about you scout the path ahead and I'll speak to the men? (White Rabbit runs ahead and Alice climbs up some low hanging branches.) Everyone, please, listen to me! Jafar's palace lies just beyond these trees. What comes next is difficult. I won't lie to you. It will be dangerous. Anyone who's afraid has every right to leave now, and I encourage you to do so, because what's at stake is too important to leave in the hands of those who are unsure. You must be resolute. You must be brave. You must be strong. For tonight, we don't just fight for ourselves.We fight for the ones that are waiting for us to come home when it's all over. We fight for the ones that we love. We fight for our home. We fight for Wonderland. (They all cheer.) We strike at sunrise.

SCENE: Wonderland Forest. Present. Cyrus and Amara hear the crowd cheering in the distance.

Amara: She's quite brave, your Alice.
Cyrus: For leading that army?
Amara: For talking back to her future mother-in-law.
Cyrus: She speaks her mind.
Amara: I gather. And approve. (They see the doors.) There.
Cyrus: There are doors. We're close. Come on.

SCENE: Wonderland Forest. Present. With the Wonderland Castle in sight, Alice leads her army closer. Some steps on

Alice: Ssh! Rabbit? (Alice hears rustling and a soldier comes out of the bushes attacking Alice. From the ground she fends him off. Her army is attacked.

SCENE: Wonderland Forest. Present. Cyrus and Amara approach the doors but are surrounded by soldiers.

Cyrus: Mother. Stay back! This is your last chance. (To Amara) We warned them. (Amara magically throws the soldiers' swords to the side. Then they all involuntarily grab their daggers and stab themselves.) Alice... She doesn't know magic. She won't stand a chance. We must hurry.

SCENE: Wonderland Forest. Present. Alice continues to fight but notices her army is defeated. The soldiers drag Alice away.

Alice: Stop! No! (The White Rabbit looks on in fear.)'

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. The soldiers throw her before Jafar. Jafar approaches her. Alice gets up and tries to punch him. Jafar stops her in her tracks and forces her to sit down on a chair he slides underneath her. The soldiers tie her to the chair.

Red Queen: (offscreen) She always has had spirit. (Alice gasp and turns to the voice in disbelief.)
Jafar: Mmm.
Alice: Anastasia, you're alive.
Red Queen: And keen powers of observation. (She leans forward on her coach to kiss Jafar.)
Alice: What's going on?
Knave: Oh, Alice. Jafar brought her back. She's under the impression that they're in love. (They continue kissing. Alice looks away in disgust.)
Jafar: Now, Alice. If you don't mind. Can you please tell us where to find Amara?
Alice: You expect me to help you?
Jafar: (chuckles) Tell me, Alice. Do you know what the Laws of Magic are? The things that can never be done?
Alice: You can't bring back the dead.
Jafar: Check. (Alice looks towards the Red Queen.)
Alice: You can't make someone fall in love.
Jafar: Check. And the third?
Alice: You can't change the past.
Jafar: Well, until now. That's right. I can reach back into what should be immovable, beautiful memories and... twist them. Let's see. What shall I change? What means the most t o you? That's right, Alice. I'm gonna see to it that you never met Cyrus. Which means you'l never have come to Wonderland. You'll never have met your true love. You'll be back in that awful place -- England. (Alice sobs.) You'll be back being an ignored, unloved, and lonely little girl. (Jafar grabs her hand.)
Alice: No... No! (Jafar rips off her engagement ring.)
Jafar: What this trinket symbolizes...(He pops it into the Red Queens empty glass) will never have come to pass. You've already experienced what it's like to have loved and lost. Prepare yourself for a new heartbreak. The worst kind—to have never loved at all. (A tear runs down Alice's face. Jafar spins the ring inside the glass.) It doesn't have to be this way. Amara is the one I want. All you have to do is tell me where she is, and everything you and Cyrus have fought for lives on. But make me wait any longer...and it will all...(Jafar raises the glass and tips it. The rings falls and disappears.) vanish.
Knave: It's over, Alice. Tell him. Save yourself.
Jafar: You should isten to your friend. There's no sense in fighting a battle you can't win. All you can do now is to keep from losing the one person who matters the most to.
Alice: Go ahead. Change the past.
Jafar:After all this, I would have thought your love meant more to you than that.
Alice:Our love means everything to me.
Jafar:Then perhaps you're underestimating my power.
Alice: No. You're underestimating mine. The love that Cyrus and I have is more powerful than any magic. No matter what you do to me, you can't change the fact that you will never feel true love for yourself.
Jafar: And her? What would you call that?
Alice: An illusion. A lie. Just like your father's love. And your army. All you have are parlor tricks, spells that will never match up to the real thing.
Jafar: Enough.
Alice: Go ahead. Do it. All the magic in the world can never make you feel what I have felt. Real love...true love, cannot be destroyed. That is why you, Jafar, will never win.
Guard: Excuse me. A soldier, Sire, with news of Amara.
Soldier: She entered a pair of red doors an hour's ride due east of here.
Jafar: I see. Was she alone?
Soldier: No. A young man was with her.
Jafar: Then why didn't you bring him here as I asked?
Soldier: T-the sorceress, she made every-- (The soldier drops dead.)
Jafar: It is so hard to resurrect good help these days. (sighs) Now, before I do something infinitely more painful to you... Tell me of these two red doors. Where is Amara headed? (Alice is silent) In that case...come here, my darling. Alice...thinks your love is an illusion, a lie.
Red Queen: Nonsense.
Jafar: I couldn't agree more. Now, show them what true love and devotion really mean and tell me where these red doors lead.
Alice: No, please! He'll kill them.
Knave: Don't tell him, Ana.
Red Queen: To the Well of Wonders. It's a great source of magic, my love.
Jafar: Where?
Red Queen: East. Just past the Rambling Woods.
Jafar: (To Alice.) See you soon.

SCENE: Well of Wonders. Present. Cyrus and Amara approach the Well.

Cyrus: This is it. Let's hope this works.
Amara: Stop.
Cyrus: I have to summon the Nyx.
Amara: There's no need. She knows I'm here. (The wind gushes and the waters of the Well ripples.)

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. Knave sits on the floor with Alice still tied to the chair.

Knave: What if they don't make it.
Alice: They will.
Knave: What if they don't?
Red Queen: Darlings, I'd give it up. Your Cyrus is likely already dead.
Alice: I don't think I was talking to you.
Red Queen: Then it's best you don't talk at all. (Knave notices the White Rabbit hiding behind a pillar and motions him to come closer.)
Knave: Your Majesty! Can I just ask you a question?
Red Queen: Hmm? What do you want? (White Rabbit sneaks behind Alice's chair and begins to untie her.)
Knave: What say you fetch me a jug of water? Or wine—wine will do.
Red Queen: Mm. I have no intention of fetching you anything. (Red Queen notices the White Rabbit.) Stay away from her! She's a prisoner of the one I love!
Knave: Ana, I know what you feel for Jafar seems real to you.
Red Queen: It is real!
Knave It's a trick. (Red Queen sighs.) A one-sided mind game. You had real love once, and you know it's not that simple.
Red Queen: It can be.
Knave: No, it's messy. It means arguing and making up and laughing and—and crying and struggling. And sometimes, it doesn't seem worth it. But it is. And, at the end, when yo're in love, no matter what happens, you forgive each other. I forgive you, Ana, for what you did to me. Because I love you. And if there's any part of you that has a shred of love left for me, then please help us.
Red Queen: Really lovely words. But that's all they are. I know what I feel.
Knave: What you feel is a curse! Jafar did this to you.
Red Queen: If what I feel isn't love...then what is?
Knave: This... (Knave breaks his hand through the invisible wall and grabs the Red Queen closer to him and they kiss. The kiss of True Love! A beam of light radiates from them.)
Red Queen: If you want to stop Jafar...Then you've gotta hurry up. (Knave steps towards her but hits the invisible wall and falls back. The Red Queen laughs. She immediately unties Alice) Hey, Alice.
Knave: She's back.

SCENE: Well of Wonders. Present. Nyx rises from the water of the Well.

Amara: I surrender myself. I surrender the water to restore balance and free my sons.
Nyx: Then step forward.
Cyrus: Wait. I can't.
Amara: Please let me go. (Cyrus nods with tears welling in his eyes. Amara steps forward but then Jafar pulls her back.)
Cyrus: No! (Cyrus pulls out a dagger. But Jafar zaps down.)
Jafar: That's far enough! (In one last pull Jafar takes Amara's life. Cyrus crawls up to his mother's body.) Amara was right. The only way this ends is when one of us dies.
Cyrus: This is not the end—not yet.
Jafar: She made her bed, and now it appears she died in it. (Amara turns into water.) It's over, Cyrus. I know about the Well. I know the power it contains. What did you think you could accomplish by coming here? Very well. Since you won't tell me what I want to know, there's really no point in keeping you alive. (Just as he's about to take Cyrus's life, Jafar is thrown to the side but a blast from the ground. Out of the hole in the ground appears Alice! The White Rabbit behind her. He seals the rabbit hole.)
Alice: Cyrus! (Jafar gets up and freezes Alice.)
Jafar: If you came here to defeat should have brought more than a sword and a rabbit! (Jafar hits the White Rabbit into the air.)
Alice: It's not me who's going to defeat you. Cyrus, the water. Do it now! (Cyrus scoops the water that was once his mother and holds above the Well.)
Cyrus: Nyx, I return this water to you. (Cyrus drops the water but Jafar stops it from dropping and levitates it as a ball. He brings ball of water closer to him.)
Jafar: That's interesting. Let me guess—this water goes in the Well, and the genie's curse is broken. Is that how she thought this would go? I thought so. (Jafar claps his hands together squashing the ball of water.) Pity she's not around to see her best-laid plan unravel so dramatically. So, now that I've stolen your water, what is it you plan to do?
Alice: Nothing.
Jafar: Nothing?
Alice: That's right, Jafar. I plan to do nothing. I told you it wasn't me who is going to defeat you. because you didn't steal that water from me. You stole it from her. (The Nyx rises from the water)
Nyx: This water was not your to take. You've let your desires override the Fates. Now your fate will be to serve the desires of others. (Golden wristband appear on Jafar. He screams and attacks Alice but is turned into dust that goes into a bottle. Jafar screams and the bottle disappears. A beam of light shoots out of the Nyx.)

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. The whole place shakes and the genie bottles tip over. Taj and Rafi are restored to being human again.

Rafi: We're free! (They both laugh.) Brother, we're free!
Taj: The curse is broken. (They both laugh joyfully.)
Knave: Everything Jafar did has been undone.
Taj: Who are you?
Knave: Ana... (Knave turns around to see the Red Queen lying lifeless on the floor. He runs up to her)

SCENE: Well of Wonders. Present. Alice and Cyrus embrace each other and share a kiss. The White Rabbit appears from the bushes dazed and confused.

White Rabbit: Uh, wh—uh, what happened?
Alice: We did it. It's over. (They both laugh. Cyrus picks up Alice.)

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. Cyrus runs up to his brothers.

Cyrus: Brothers!
Taj: Cyrus! (Taj and Cyrus hug)
Rafi: Cyrus! (Rafi and Cyrus hug)
Taj: Where is Mother?
Rafi: Is she...?
Cyrus: She's gone. She gave her life for ours so that we might grow old together and build the family she always dreamed of.
Taj: So, all of this was for nothing.
Cyrus:' No, brother. It was for everything.

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. Knave watches over the Red Queen. Alice enters.

Alice: Will.
Knave: In the end, she did the right thing, you know?
Alice: Of course she did. 'Cause she loved you.
Knave: I can't believe I have to go through the pain of losing her all over again.
Alice: It wasn't her time.
Knave: I know. I just wish we could have--
Alice: No, Will. It wasn't her time. (Cyrus enters with a canister)
Cyrus: It's from the Well of Wonders.
Knave: Cyrus, I appreciate it. But as much as I want her back, we can't risk--
Cyrus: It's not stolen—given from the Guardian of the Well.
Alice: She said that the Red Queen was meant to move on, but Anastasia...her path was meant to continue. (Cyrus hands the canister to the Knave. He pours the water into the Red Queen's mouth. Red Queen suddenly gasps for air. Knave grabs her hand and kisses it. Red Queen is dazzed and confused.)
Knave: Morning, Sleeping Beauty.
Red Queen: What happened?
Knave:'s a bit of a long story.
Red Queen: Pretty sure I have the time to listen. (Knave kisses the Red Queen.)

SCENE: Wonderland Castle. Present. Alice and Cyrus stand on the balcony of the palace overlooking Wonderland.

Alice: I think I'm ready. If you are.
Cyrus: For what?
Alice: To leave Wonderland. Start a new adventure.
Cyrus: Yeah, I believe I am. Where to?
White Rabbit: I was wondering the same thing.
Alice: Perfect timing, Rabbit.
White Rabbit: Well, perfect timing is my speciality.
Alice: (to Cyrus) Let's go home. (They hold hands.)

SCENE: Victorian England. Present. Alice's House. In her old bedroom, Alice admires her adorned hair through a handheld mirror. The door opens and her father enters and smiles admiring his daughter in her wedding dress.

Edwin: You look beautiful.
Alice: (sighs) Is it time?
Edwin: Almost. (Edwin helps Alice with her bracelet) But first, there's something I want to say. Alice, I couldn't be more pleased to have you back home. And I'm proud and happy to welcome Cyrus into our family. (Alice embraces her father. He sighs.) When I returned from our time together, I thought it must of been a dream. But I want to thank you for proving to me that it was real.
Alice: Wonderland?
Edwin: Forgiveness. (Alice smiles and chuckles. She takes a deep breath and stares at the looking glass with her father by her side.)

SCENE: Victorian England. Some time later. Alice's House. The White Rabbit stands at the podium as Cyrus with anticipation waits.

White Rabbit: (clears throat) The Bride. (Cyrus turns to see. Everyone else notices the bride approaching. She passes her bouquet to Sarah who smiles back. Edwin hands Alice to Cyrus. Cyrus nods to him with a smile. Then a montage of the White Rabbit conducting the service with everyone watching including Cyrus' brothers, Taj and Rafi; Tweedledum with Millie sitting on his lap. Mrs. Rabbit who gets a look from Sarah. Knave stands up to object but the Red Queen pulls him down as everyone laughs. Cyrus and Alice recites recite their vows to each other. Cyrus slides the ring on Alice's finger.)
White Rabbit: I believe this is the part where I'm supposed to say something about "for better or worse, in sickness and in health", but you've already been all those things, and you survived. Not even death could do you part. That's actually true for most of you here, isn't it? So, I guess that all that's left to say is what everyone here already knows. Cyrus and Alice, you two are now one. (Cyrus pulls back the veil.) May you live happily ever after. You may kiss the bride. (Cyrus kisses the bride. Everyone claps and cheers.)

SCENE: Victorian England. Present. Alice's House. Night. It's time for everyone to head home. They all walk out the front door.

Alice: (to Knave) So, back to Wonderland, then.
Knave: Yeah. Got a lot of fixing up to do. You'll come visit.
Alice: Of course.
Cyrus: Definitely.
Red Queen: Hey (chuckles)
Alice: You're both welcome here anytime. (Red Queen kisses Knave on the cheek. She smiles to Alice and Cyrus.)
White Rabbit: All right. Last train to Wonderland! My paws are getting tired.
Mrs. Rabbit: Percy, you are such a party pooper. (Everyone laughs)
Alice: I want to thank you, Rabbit, for your help, but mostly...for bringing me to Wonderland in the first place.
White Rabbit: Many people have come and gone from Wonderland but only the most special ones ever discover what it's truly about.
Alice: Finding love?
White Rabbit: Finding yourself. Take care, Alice.
Alice: (to Knave) So...this is goodbye, then.
Red Queen: How about "see you soon"? "(They all hug each other goodbye)
Knave: (to Cyrus) I'll see you later. (Red Queen and Knave head off but Knave stops.)
Alice: Will, wait. (Knave turns around with a big smile on his face. Alice runs to him and gives him one last big hug.) I just want to thank you for everything. Hold on to your heart this time, all right?
Knave: You hold on to yours. (Knave chuckles and walks away. Alice heads back inside but turns around just in time to see everyone leave through the rabbit hole. Alice smiles with tears welling. With a deep sigh she heads back inside.)

SCENE: Victorian England. Years later. In the woods by a river, Alice reads a story to her daughter.

Alice: "And the White Queen and the White King loved each other very much, and together with their rabbit friends, they filled the land with wonder once again." (In the book there's a picture of the Red Queen and the Knave now dressed as the White Queen and White King respectively)
Alice's Daughter: (sighs) What are you going to call it, Mommy?
Alice: I don't know. I was hoping you'd help me choose.
Alice's Daughter: I think you should call it..."Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."
Alice: That's a splendid idea.
Alice's Daughter: Is it true? The story?
Alice: Every last word.
Alice's Daughter: But the things that happened, they're impossible.
Alice: Anything's possible in Wonderland. (Cyrus approaches with some tea and cupcakes.)
Alice's Daughter: Daddy! (She runs to him and helps him with the teapot. She pours some tea for her mother.)
Alice: Thank you. (Not so far away unbeknown to them, the White Rabbit watches.)

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