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Dr. Jekyll: That's why this place has come to be known as the Land of Untold Stories.
Hook: It's a tad ironic of a name, no? Given that this land is seemingly filled with stories.

"An Untold Story" is the twenty-third and final episode of Season Five of ABC's Once Upon a Time. It was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz, and directed by Dean White. It is the one hundred and eleventh episode of the series overall, and premiered on May 15, 2016.

This episode is the second part of the season five finale, and premiered immediately following "Only You".


With the possibility of magic being destroyed and the fate of Storybrooke hanging in the balance, it's a race for Emma and Regina to track down Henry before Gold can find him first. Regina continues to struggle with her frustrations over her former evil-self and, elsewhere, Snow, David, Hook and Zelena are imprisoned and must contend with two very disturbed individuals that may give Gold a run for his money.[2]


This section is a detailed recap of this episode. There are major spoilers. Click to expand.

In present-day Land of Untold Stories, the Groundsman awakens in a straightjacket. he notices a note on the table in front of him that reads, "You almost got free. Sorry it didn't work out. -H" As he stands, the Orderly, slumped over in a nearby chair, drops a flask. He speaks to Hyde in his reflection in a knife, telling him he's not as clever as he thinks.

In their cell, Zelena mocks Hook as he attempts to unlock their cage. David Nolan tells them to stop arguing, reminding them that the Groundsman promised to bring the wand back to them. The Groundsman approaches the cage, lamenting that he was only able to keep half his promise. He explains that he repaired the wand, but the Warden took it from him. He reveals the key to their cell and unlocks it. Mary Margaret asks if he knows where the Warden is. The Groundsman explains that he doesn't, but before the group finds him, they "must have a way to defeat him." He tells the group he may have a way, but it might be dangerous. Hook tells him that he's just been "to Hell and back, and that he's not afraid.

The Groundsman leads the group to a bazar full of many different people. Mary Margaret observes that it's like "all the realms at once" and the Groundsman explains that it's a refuge for people from many realms, fleeing their problems. He tells the group that this realm has been called "The Land of Untold Stories".

In New York City, Violet follows Henry Mills down a crowded street, reminding him that his mother told them to wait in the library. Agitated, Henry reminds her that Emma and Regina could already be in trouble, and that she already ran away with him and "liked about the Dark Grail. Violet takes his hand, telling him that she knows he's scared, and will help him. Henry thanks her. As they continue walking, Violet expresses her hope that Henry has a plan, as the pair do not have magic and they don't know where Henry's grandfather is. Henry stops, looking at a hotel in front of them with a storm cloud forming over it, saying "Actually, I think I do."

Inside the hotel, a room steward, bearing a cart, pauses in front of a room with glowing light emitting from the door. Apprehensively, he knocks on the door, and Mr. Gold opens it. Inside the room, the table, bearing the Olympian Crystal and three candles, in covered in inscriptions. The steward lifts the cover of the dinner tray, announcing the spaghetti Bolognese, yet revealing a steak with vegetables. He stammers out an apology, promising to fix the error right away. Mr. Gold tells him not to bother, that the meal is "irrelevant". He picks up the tray, dumping the plate of food onto the cart, asking if the steward if it is sterling silver. The steward assures him it is, and Mr. Gold tells him to leave. As the young man walks out, Mr. Gold stops him. He tips him with a one hundred dollar bill, saying "Things might get messy here." The steward leaves, and Mr. Gold closes the door, with the "Do not disturb" sign on the knob.

On the street outside, Emma and Regina look up at Mr. Gold's hotel. Regina remarks that Mr. Gold may have magic, but is not subtle. Emma observes that Henry has likely already disobeyed them, and takes out her cellphone, intending to call him and tell him to stay where he is. Regina reminds her that she "torched his phone." Looking at her phone, Emma tells Regina that Granny in Storybrooke has informed her that her parents, Hook and Zelena were pulled through a portal. Regina asks where they've gone, and Emma responds that all Granny knows is that the group vanished with the Sorcerer's Wand and never came back. Regina marches off toward the hotel. Emma hurries after her, exclaiming that their family members may be in danger, and they need to help them get home safely. Regina retorts that the only way to do that is to get back their magic from Gold. Emma stops her just outside the building's entrance, telling that they need a plan. Regina implies that she means to physically attack gold, and Emma shoots back that she wants to help her family too, but the pair need to be smart.

Later, inside the hotel, Regina knocks on Mr. Gold's door. She tells him they need to talk, alone, and that "the Savior" doesn't know she's there. Allowing her in, Mr. Gold asks her why he would want to talk to her. Regina tells him that the storm clouds outside lead her to believe he has been unable to wake Belle, and, looking at the writing-covered table, guesses that it's "not for a lack of trying". She offers her help, calling herself his best student. With disdain, Mr. Gold tells her that his best student was a Queen, and that Regina has "buried under layers of tasteful cotton and good intentions." Regina tells him that she's ready to let "her" back out, that she is sick of losing the people she cares about. Mr. Gold asks her what's changed, and Regina tells him that Zelena is in trouble, because "the 'Heroes' convinced her to use the Sorcerer's Wand and they're trapped in another realm. Mr. Gold asks her why he would help Zelena, and Regina responds that he needs the help of the Evil Queen. She tells him that she doesn't want to lose anyone else she loves after what happened to Robin Hood. Mr. Gold accepts her help.

In the Land of Untold Stories, the Groundsman takes the group to the apartment he lived in when he was a doctor at the hospital. He picks up a vial of blue liquid, explaining that it's a serum he created to "separate the good from the evil in someone", and that's it what he intends to use to defeat the Warden. Hook observes that there doesn't seem to be any good in the Warden, and the Groundsman assures him that it's there, and that the good has been fighting to get out for a long time. He takes a flower out of his pocket, which David observes as being from his garden. The Groundsman cuts the stem, and adds liquid from it to his serum. As he swirls it, the blue liquid becomes red, and he observes that "he" didn't know it was being grown right under his nose. The Orderly bursts in, exclaiming that he did know. The Groundsman exclaims that he was passed out drunk, and the Orderly informs him that he allowed him to get away to finish the serum. He grabs the Groundsman, and, saying it's time to show the Warden what he's done, forces him to drink some blue liquid. The Groundsman tells the group to run as he transforms in the Warden. David and Mary Margaret realize what story the doctor is from, realizing that the Groundsman is Dr. Jekyll and the Warden is Mr. Hyde. Not understanding, Hook asks who Mr. Hyde is, and Zelena launches a fireball at him, which Mr. Hyde absorbs. The group runs. The Orderly begins to go after him, but Mr. Hyde stops him, gazing at the vial of red serum.

In the hotel in New York City, Emma breaks into Mr. Gold's room using a keycard and her cellphone. She sneaks into the room as Regina and Mr. Gold share a drink. Regina asks Mr. Gold where Belle is, and he explains that his wife, inside Pandora's Box, was taken. When Regina asks how, Mr. Gold explains his theory that the Sorcerer's Wand was taken from Zelena and used to take Pandora's Box, which means that both are in the same realm. He tells Regina that she is going to help him find it just as Emma removes the Olympian Crystal from his jacket. It disappears from her hand and into Mr. Gold's, and he tells her to help herself to a drink. Regina laments that he knew, and Mr. Gold replies that he did, that Regina has changed and the loss of "one man" is not going to make her evil again. He calls her guilt-ridden and weak, and tells her that he only let her in to acquire a bit of her hair, which Regina realizes is connected to Zelena, and will assist him in finding his wife. He tells the women he has no use for either of them, and brandishes a fireball as Henry and Violet enter the room, telling him to stop. Regina tells them to leave, saying there is nothing Henry can do. Henry tells her there is, and reveals the Dark Grail, using it to suck up Mr. Gold's fireball. He points it at the Olympian Crystal and the Grail starts sucking it in. The clouds over the hotel dissipate, the magic is sucked from the Crystal, and a shockwave knocks everyone in the room backward. Emma asks what he's done, and Henry replies that he has destroyed magic.

At the start of Act 3,

At the start of Act 3, Mr. Hyde extracts some of the completed serum from the test tube. Hide tells Poole that, while he injects himself, he might want to leave. The orderly abides and exits. Then the warden closes his eyes as he prepares to plunge the needle of the syringe into his now exposed forearm. He pushes on the end with his thumb and allows for the red liquid inside to be transferred into his veins. There is an immediate reaction to the withdrawal of the needle. He begins to jerk and hunch over, then drops the syringe onto the table as he starts to scream in pain. He contorts backward, still screaming as the blue and red light associated with Dr. Jekyll's transformation returns. Dr. Jekyll is coming back... but Hyde isn't transforming. No, instead, the doctor is coming out of the warden. The serum has made it so that the bad and the good are now separating, to the pain of both of them. When the process is complete, Hyde remains standing while Jekyll drops to the floor.

Both of them then look at their other half with extreme fascination on their faces. "It's so nice to finally meet you, doctor," Hyde extends, finding this odd. "Hyde," the doctor returns, finding this odder. Hyde's heard so much about him as he steps forward and holds out his hand for Jekyll to take. Jekyll, while cautious at first, soon uses it to help himself to his feet, and then the two of them are standing across from one another which does nothing if not add to the already heightened sense of surrealism of what this moment means for each of them. The friendliness comes to a halt when Hyde comments that Jekyll is even more disappointing in person, proceeding to walk around him and take note of how weak he is, as well as how pathetic. The doctor appears hurt by his other half's words, and then the warden tells him that he was impressed that he dared to try to finish that serum of his in secret. Jekyll replies that he had no choice, for being with Hyde was destroying him, and Hyde proceeds to explain the irony in that: "Being separate is what's going to destroy you."

Hyde clenches Jekyll's throat, forcing him to his knees as he chokes the life out of him. Captain Hook grabs onto Hyde and keeps him restrained, telling him, "I don't think so, mate!" before throwing him into a table. Poole rushes in, but Zelena blasts him away with a green fireball. He drops to the floor, presumably dead, and lets go of his electronic zapping device in the process. Zelena takes great satisfaction in this, saying how she's been waiting to do that. David and Snow enter the apartment along with her; the latter stares at the dead body, getting an idea.

Meanwhile, Hyde and Hook engage in a struggle, and the former seems to have the upper hand. Hook is forced away from him while Hyde remains on the floor, clutching his throat, shocked to still be alive. David rushes over to help him to his feet. Snow makes her way over to the orderly's corpse. Jekyll reminds the heroes that he told them to run. David points out he risked everything to save them, and that means they've got to do the same. "To be clear, I was fine running," Zelena comments, at which point Hyde says that he's now going to kill them all. Snow sneaks up behind him with Poole's weapon in tow, then uses it to zap Hyde into unconsciousness. Jekyll tells her to leave it because it's of no use to them now. He grabs the syringe and the serum from the table, corking the test tube full of the red liquid as he adds that they don't want to still be there when Hyde wakes up. As such, the doctor begins to rush out of his apartment, and presumably, his four rescuers proceed to do the same.

Back in the hotel, with Henry having destroyed magic in our world, Gold asks him if he has any idea what he's done. Henry replies that he stopped him from hurting his moms, as well as anybody else. The Dark One insists that he stopped him from rescuing Belle - not to mention his own family, who are now trapped in the same realm with her. This comes as quite a shock to Henry, who demands to know what Gold is talking about. Emma appears disappointed as Regina turns to their son and explains to him that Snow, David, Hook, and Zelena are in another realm right now. "And thanks to you, we have no way of helping them get back," Rumple adds. Henry exclaims that he did what he had to, claiming that this isn't on him – "It's on you!" He then storms out of the room and Emma wants to stop him, but she can't. Violet promises to make sure he doesn't go far as she chases after him. Regina has a sudden awful thought: If Henry got rid of magic, what happens to Storybrooke? Gold reminds Regina that Storybrooke survived for twenty-eight years without magic so he's sure it can last a few more.

Emma recalls that he said it would be destroyed. He admits that he was motivating them to find their wayward son. Emma wonders what they should do, suggesting that they call the police and see how Rumple does without his powers in a real prison. Regina stipulates that that is an excellent idea. She turns to the Dark One, smiling at the thought, but then he turns right back at her, arguing that they might not want to do that when he can lead them to the one person in this land who might still have magic. Emma demands to know what he's talking about, since he said that this was a land without magic, and Gold confirms that it is... and it isn't. The savior declares an end to his riddles, wanting to know right now who it is that's got magic, but Gold says that for that answer it looks like they're going to have to learn to work together. He goes to leave the hotel room and Regina, picking up the drained Olympian Crystal, offers to go with him so that she can make sure he keeps his hands off it. As she grabs her coat, she delegates the job of finding Henry to Emma, who proceeds to exit the hotel room to get to her once again runaway son. Henry sulks on the edge of a large fountain in some New York square along with Violet. Emma finds them and asks Violet to give them a minute. Violet obliges. Emma sits down where the young lady was as Henry asks her how she knew where to find him. She reminds him that when they lived in New York together - during the period known as the "missing year" for everyone else - this was where they came when he was upset, and then she'd give him a penny to throw into the fountain and she'd tell him to wish his problems away. She asks if he remembers before offering him a penny, wondering if he'd like to give it a try.

He apologizes though, saying that that's not going to make him feel better now, and she wonders why not. The young man points out that there wasn't any magic present back when they were living there; they didn't even know it existed and they were happy. "We were," Emma remembers, having spent a large amount of time wanting to return to that life; she then assures her son that she wouldn't trade that time for anything, having loved it so much. But she says that he's forgetting something: it was just the two of them back then, and that isn't the case now. "Yeah?" Henry cuts her off, "And that's why I thought if I destroyed magic in Storybrooke then we could all be happy. Like you and I were. But because of what I did, we'll never even see half of our family again." Emma reveals that that may not be true, saying that Regina is with Gold right now trying to find a way to bring everyone back, and once again she holds out the penny as she asks, "Should we see if they have any luck?" Henry stares at his mother, not quite knowing what to make of this. Over in a more oriental part of town, Regina asks Gold why he didn't believe her when she told him she wanted to help him. The Dark One asks if she's wondering if she's lost her edge, or hoping that she's finally managed to bury the Evil Queen deep enough inside that he wouldn't buy it. She requests that he does not try to psychoanalyze her but he requests, in turn, to give her a friendly piece of advice, proceeding to tell her that partitioning the darkness inside will not help her become the woman she wants to be. The former Queen stops, pointing out that it's worked so far, but Rumple questions this, informing her that he once thought he could contain the darkness to one tiny corner of his soul - first with Baelfire and then for Belle - and he always failed. He asks if she'd like to know why then finally admits: "Because I like the darkness. It's as much who I am as the light. Why can't you seem to grasp it's not either/or?" Regina insists that it's because she's not like him - she doesn't like the darkness. Gold says that she can tell herself what she likes, but deep down the Evil Queen is who she is. And the more she keeps her locked inside, the more she's going to suffer.

Gold then continues walking, leaving Regina to dwell on his words, but she soon continues after him. The two of them are next seen entering a shop as oriental as the New York street that surrounds it, and Regina, confused on why they're in such a non-extraordinary locale, finds herself asking what the hell this place is. Gold doesn't answer, instead of scanning the premises in search of a certain someone. Finally, the Dragon emerges - alive. He extends his greetings to the Dark One and the former Evil Queen, maintaining the outward appearance of someone who knows nothing of magic or its existence, and he goes on to ask them what brings them to his humble shop. Gold tells him that they were actually in the market for something a little more powerful than what he has on display.

"If you mean narcotics, I'm just a simple herbalist," the Dragon replies, but Gold doesn't think so. He then introduces Regina to the old Asian man, telling her his preferred moniker, and then he comments that it's good to see him breathing again. He says he heard (see "Poor Unfortunate Soul") one of his father's minions visited him, to which the Dragon says in turn that Peter Pan was powerful but he's resilient. He assumes the two of them are there because they want something, and then he addresses Rumplestiltskin by name despite not having been told it. But, he adds that he's afraid he's not in the business of helping hearts filled with such darkness. Regina chimes in that this is a waste of time, but the Dragon stops her when she tries to leave, saying that he'll help her. He sees a noble battle deep inside her soul, then addresses her too by name before stating that this battle is between light and dark. He knows this, and he will do his best to aid her because she must win. "For all of us." Regina is more than a little taken aback by this.

At the start of Act Four, Regina, Gold, Emma, Henry, and Violet congregate in the backroom of the Dragon's oriental-style shop as he approaches a raised basin full of water with a bloomed pink lily pad in his hands. He places the lily pad onto the water before standing back with his arms parted, then contorting them as though working some sort of magic spell - which he is. Despite some weird glares from those gathered around him who don't quite understand the process he's undertaking, he continues to focus his energy onto the flower which begins rotating on the surface of the water; the water ripples around it and it begins to rotate. Once it's increased to enough speed, the others finally appear interested and move in as the Dragon reduces the flower to mere purple light, using it as an ingredient combined with the now swirling water and making it so that the basin acts to viewing the Land of Untold Stories, where Snow, David, Hook, and Zelena are trapped.

Regina spots the missing heroes heading back through the marketplace with Dr. Jekyll, pointing them out and telling the others to look, before asking where the hell it is that they are. Emma replies that wherever it is they're in trouble. Regina declares to the Dragon that they need to get there so that they can help them. The Dragon focuses his magic even harder and makes it so that the purple light of the flower emanates from the basin; the others step back again and Regina smiles, thinking that he's about to make a portal to the realm where her sister is trapped. But, the light ceases and the water stops swirling and the Dragon hunches over, clutching his stomach as though in pain, having tapped out his supply of magical energies. He explains that opening a portal to that realm is beyond his power, but Henry tells him that he can't give up because his family is in trouble. "I've done all I can," the old Asian man assures, "But you... you haven't."

Henry appears confused, wondering what it is that he's supposed to do, but the Dragon reveals that it's all them who should be doing something, for because the boy destroyed Storybrooke's magic doesn't mean that there isn't any in this world. "Really? Because I think there's a reason they call this place the land without magic," Regina argues, leading the Dragon to reveal that it's only called that because that's how it appears; but, there's magic everywhere if one is willing to see it. Emma says that that sounds an awful lot like something a friend told her a long time ago (see "The Stranger"), and the Dragon realizes she's talking about August. "Yes," he adds, "I know who you are, savior. If you want to find magic, remember what he told you." "'You have to believe,'" the savior recalls, at which Gold wonders what they do now since saying that you believe doesn't make it so. Henry signifies that he might know a way to bring his family back home by claiming that he knows how to do the usage of magic in the land that is supposed without it.

Henry explains to her that there's magic in the fountain, every time someone makes a wish. Gold doesn't think throwing a coin into a fountain is what the Dragon was talking about. Henry retorts that "all due respect", he thinks that's exactly what he was talking about. Emma smiles. Henry proceeds to ask her if she remembers the last time she took him to this fountain when they lived in New York. She does, although she can't quite recall the specifics; knowing only that he was upset about something, she asks if it was to do with something going on at school, but he reveals that it was because of her. He could tell that she was lonely and so he made a wish that their family would be complete - "And do you know what happened a few days later?" he inquires. Emma then realizes that that's when Hook came to New York and brought them back to Storybrooke where they were reunited with their family (see "Going Home" and "New York City Serenade").

Henry explains to her that there was magic, and it was right there, in the fountain; they just didn't know it. As such, they just need to wish for their missing family members to return to them, and to demonstrate, Henry, approaches the fountain with his penny in tow and announces, "I wish we were reunited with our family!" With that, he tosses the coin into the water, and the Olympian Crystal in Regina's hand glows momentarily. Henry beckons everybody else to do what he just did, handing out coins to Violet, his mothers, and his grandfather as he promises them that this will work. "Okay, kid," Emma believes, and they all stand there, eyes closed, as they too make their wishes. Violet is the next to toss her coin in the fountain, followed by Regina, and then Emma. The crystal glows again, this time more substantially, and Regina asks Emma if she sees it. Somewhat taken aback by the proven effects of the others' wishes, Gold comments that sometimes his grandson surprises him, and he proceeds to finally throw his penny into the water too. This adds to the crystal's glow, though Henry deduces that they still need more. To do this, he runs up the nearby stone steps, heading for the monumental lion statue.

Back in the Land of Untold Stories, Jekyll leads Snow and the others through the marketplace. Jekyll points out that they can blend in there, but so can Hyde; he can be anywhere. Jekyll confirms this, while David proceeds to ask the doctor if there's a reason his evil alter-ego doesn't look anything like him. "And he's ten times as strong," Zelena adds, as though mocking him for his measly nature. It is then that Jekyll explains to them that everyone sees their worst selves- some as a mirror image and others as a literal monster. But the mind conjures it. It would seem that he falls into the latter category, and as such Hook suggests that perhaps next time he might want to try an aggressive bunny rabbit. The five of them have been speeding through the market up until now, and so David frantically reminds them all that they've got to be looking for a way out; it's then that he spots a nice exit and files, everyone, on through to a back alley where Hook takes the lead and beckons for everyone to hurry after him. However, they look up at the tall Victorian-style buildings and realize that they've come to a dead-end, and Zelena finds herself sighing as she moans, "Seriously?" David then tries leading them back toward the marketplace, but they are cut off when Mr. Hyde suddenly emerges from the very same exit that they just used. He appears less than pleased, as do they. Back on the lion statue, Henry addresses the New Yorkers, to the embarrassment of his onlooking family. He introduces himself to those who fill the square, proceeding to exclaim that he needs their help. Finally, he starts to gain some attention from the pedestrians, and so he lets them know that his family is in danger - but they can save them, with magic. The people laugh at this, clearly finding him crazy. Emma and Regina look sorry for their son, who acknowledges just how crazy it sounds. "But magic is real," he assures, "It's all around us, you just have to be willing to see it; you have to be willing to believe! And I know how hard that is. I once let my belief waiver. But I was wrong!" His mothers and Violet smile now. Henry declares that everyone needs magic. "It can make the world a better place! I know it seems impossible but think about it: at some point in your life, every one of you was once a believer, and at some point, you left that part of you behind, but you can go back to it - if you believe. So what do you say?! Will you make a wish for us? Will you help us return magic to this world?"

The wishes are made.

Throughout his speech, the New Yorkers start to take on board what he's saying to them. And then he dismounts the lion statue and he comes running back down the stone steps, telling everyone that they just have to make a wish and encouraging them heavily to do so. Upon re-approaching the fountain, he drops in another coin, and to his family's great surprise, everyone else in the area begins to do the same. The large crowd is drawn to the fountain, all the members throwing in pennies and deciding to let their belief run wild - even if just for a moment. They make their wishes, which splashdown by the bucket-load, and as this is going on we see Regina close her eyes to make a second wish, throwing another penny into the fountain. The crystal is glowing more brightly than ever before, leading Emma to conclude that what's happening is restoring magic, and Henry turns to his mothers with a smile on his face. "See, I told you," he says, and they smile in return as the Olympian Crystal gets even brighter. More coins are thrown into the fountain as greater belief is spread.

The pennies cross realms and begin to rain down on the cobbled street floor of the Land of Untold Stories, right where our heroes remain cornered by Mr. Hyde. They all appear confused, dodging the coins by all means, but David soon picks one up in confusion as to what they even are. "Pennies?" he questions, dumbfounded. A mound of water rises from the New York fountain as the citizens' wishes start to take effect. It swirls high into the air, to the amazement of all, and we see Gold start to approach as a portal begins to open. Pennies still rain down in the other realm. Snow is the first to turn around and notice the watery portal which opens up on the floor nearby. "Not pennies, David," she tells her husband, realizing what's going on: "Wishes." Zelena doesn't care who's making them, wanting to get out of this place. She, Snow, David, Hook, and Jekyll all rush toward the portal. Hyde attempts to follow, but he's too slow and it closes before he can join.

The mound of water soon breaks apart as the four heroes, plus Dr. Jekyll, all return to the Land Without Magic. They stand there in the fountain, looking confused, while the people all around them are astounded. Emma rushes to her parents and embraces them. Regina and Zelena hug. Hook tells his girlfriend that he knew she'd find them as he too embraces her, but she assures that it wasn't her this time - it was all Henry. Henry and Violet smile at this. The crowd who all wished for the boy's family to return all cheer. Henry points out they think it was all just an act and that none of this was real. Emma points out in turn, this is the only way they can understand. The clapping and cheering continue, and then the savior assures her son that, for a moment, they believed. For a moment, Henry did the impossible and he made the world believe. The young man decides to take this as a win.

At the start of Act 5, Mr. Hyde smashes up one of his laboratories back in the Land of Untold Stories. When he's finished, Mr. Gold comments from the doorway, "Still battling your better half, I see." Hyde is still for a moment, shocked by the Dark One's presence, which gives Gold time to add, "And failing". Hyde concludes that Gold made it through the portal from earlier. The Dark One points out that he's never one to miss an opportunity. Hyde recognizes this, then turning to Gold as he reaches a halt and basking in the fact that now he's finally here; he addresses him by his full name, "Rumplestiltskin", before declaring that he's going to help him win his aforementioned battle - because if he ever wishes to see his wife or his child-to-be again then he'll do as he asks.

Gold uses his magic to lift Hyde into the air and choke him. Hyde grabs onto his throat, frightened by what's being done to him, while Rumple states that the only deal he's going to make with the warden is the one where he returns Pandora's Box to him and then, he supposes, he gets to live. "I can help you," Hyde manages to spit out as he hovers there, choking, "Wake... Belle!" Gold doesn't loosen his magical grip on his adversary's throat... but he does appear intrigued. Finally, though, he lets go, and Mr. Hyde drops to the floor, coughing as he struggles to catch his breath. Looking down at the pathetic villain, Rumple asks him what it is he said, and Hyde recoils, still on the floor, as he professes to know that Belle is under a sleeping curse and that he can provide the Dark One with the information to wake her. Gold thinks he's lying, thinking it will save his skin, but Hyde denies this as finally, he gets back to his feet. Hyde informs Rumple that he's been the warden there too many from all distant lands, and he's learned much. As such, he knows that there is one place that has the answer Rumple seeks. "Where?" the Dark One demands, but Hyde, regaining his confidence, squares up to his enemy and says that he thinks it's time that they talk about a deal...

Back in New York, Mr. Hyde's face is depicted in a new storybook Henry found over at the Midtown library. Dr. Jekyll looks at it, and as he closes the book he tells the heroes that he'll never be able to thank them enough for coming back to save him. He says that, now that he's separate from that monster, he'll be able to make a fresh start for himself in their Storybrooke. In Neal's apartment, Hook, David, and Zelena enter. Hook announces that there's still been no sign of the crocodile. Emma seems surprised and worried that Gold wasn't at the park. David concludes that, in all the commotion, the Dark One must have slipped through the portal to find Belle. Snow asks and about Regina's whereabouts, wondering if she wasn't out with the others searching. Zelena reveals that her sister said she wanted to be alone for some reason, and Snow wonders if this moody behavior could be about the squabble her stepmother had with her daughter back in Storybrooke. Emma assures that that isn't the trouble, for she and Regina resolved that, and then she states that she knows what this is. "It's something bigger..." the blonde surmises. On the roof, Regina observes the skyline. Snow emerges from the nearby door with two cups of hot cocoa in tow. She greets her old stepmother, saying that she thought she might need something to keep her warm, and she proceeds to place the cocoa onto the table for the both of them to drink. Regina reminds Snow that she doesn't exactly do hot cocoa with cinnamon, but Snow already knows this, hence she takes a flask from her inside pocket and pours the alcohol into Regina's mug. Snow reveals Emma told her what's going on with her, offering her the mug as she assures that she doesn't have to go through this alone; disagreeing, Regina takes the mug and states that she's afraid that she does, for if she wants to keep the Evil Queen at bay then she has to open herself up to a life of pain and suffering.

"And if I don't keep her at bay... well, that's just not an option," she adds. Snow believes that there has to be something they can do, but Regina rejects the idea, sitting down at the table across from her friend as she reveals that she even made a second wish at the fountain: she wished the Evil Queen away so that she could be free of everything she did. "I did." But it seems it didn't work. After a pause, Snow makes sure Regina knows that they forgive her, but Regina points out that the problem is, as long as the Evil Queen is inside her, it doesn't matter. "Her baggage, her karma, call it what you want... will always be there. Just another useless wish." Finally, Regina takes the alcoholic cocoa and starts sipping from it, all the while Snow is getting what she thinks, judging by her facial cues, is a tremendous idea. She nods as she sums up that Regina wants a fresh start, and, while she doesn't know for sure, she thinks she might know a way for that wish she made to come true after all. Regina appears taken aback and confused, wondering how that's supposed to work.

Later, Emma joins Snow and Regina on the roof. Snow explains how Jekyll said he didn't know how to thank them, but they found a way; she adds that he grabbed this before they fled the lab, informing Regina that it's the serum that allowed him to split from Mr. Hyde. He said there's enough left for another dose, meaning the former Evil Queen can use it, and as Regina takes the syringe she asks if they think it will work on her. Emma chimed in, saying that she believes this could be the end to the Evil Queen as long as that's what Regina wants, and Regina nods as she declares that she wants her gone. "Then let's get rid of her. Let's be the family we were always meant to be; all of us," Snow suggests, and Regina tells the two of them to go downstairs. Snow informs her stepmother that Jekyll said there will be a moment of disorientation when the Evil Queen won't have her magic - that will be Regina's chance, and she cannot hesitate.

She understands, again requesting that the two of them leave her, but Emma apologizes in response, making clear that she's staying. Snow decides that she's staying too, recalling that she was there when the Evil Queen was born and that she kind of helped bring her into the world ("The Stable Boy"). "I wanna see you end her," she finishes as she takes the syringe back, wanting to be the one to inject the all-important serum into Regina's veins. Accepting this, Regina rolls up her left sleeve as she tells her two friends to get ready to stand back because she has a feeling they're about to meet a very angry Queen, and she didn't like Snow White on a good day. Snow knows this and, after making sure that Emma is ready, proceeds to hold Regina's arm and nod at her before plunging the needle into her flesh. She bears her thumb down on the end of the syringe, thus forcing the red liquid into Regina's system, but due to the immediacy of her stepmother's reaction, she's forced to retract the medical instrument and take a large step back. Regina hunches over in pain, the serum having a very strong effect on her, and soon she begins writhing and moaning as her inner evil is separated from her outer good, and finally, the red and blue light of Jekyll's transformations consumes her.

Another Regina is seen emerging from within her - although it isn't quite Regina. It's the Evil Queen, who continues to force herself out of her better half as the two of them remain strained by the physical endurance of the serum's process. They both appear very hateful toward one another, with the Queen using Regina's shoulder as a point of leverage to push herself away from her, and then they are two separate beings. The Evil Queen, in one of her extravagant black ensembles, turns to face Regina Mills, who appears disgusted by her former self. The two of them stand there for a moment, the feeling being mutual, and finally the Evil Queen comments, "Look at what you've become." The moment of disorientation comes to an end and the Queen tries to use magic against her mayoral counterpart. Emma acts uses her magic to conjure a set of shackles. They latch themselves to the Queen's wrists and keep her locked in position, presumably prohibiting any spells she might be thinking about casting as well.

The Queen tries shaking free, at which point Emma uses her magic again to freeze the famed villainess' arms by her sides. She doesn't like this one bit, wanting to move forward and attack the good Regina, at which Emma tells the latter that now's her chance. "Destroy her!" Regina remains shocked as she stares at the mirror image of her self-destructive past, and the Evil Queen finds this amusing. She half-cackles at the idea of the new her destroying the old her, for she no longer has what it takes, and this evaluation makes Regina angrier. Emma wants to rush in to help, but Snow stops her from getting involved; after all, this needs to be something that Regina does herself. "You're weak," the Evil Queen continues to jibe, seeming to have total power over this interaction although she's the one in shackles. Regina starts to approach, listening but not caring when the Queen tells her that no matter what she does she'll never be able to escape their past darkness. "Deep down inside, you know the truth," she proclaims, "You need me."

The tension is heavy, particularly among those in attendance, but as Regina looks at her past identity for what she is, she decides, "No. I don't." And with that, she plunges her hand into the Evil Queen's chest and rips out her dark, dark heart. The Evil Queen appears shocked by this, not having thought that Regina would ever be able to do it - and then Regina one-ups this act of self-empowerment. She takes the Evil Queen's manifested heart and she apologizes before crushing it into dust. As this happens, not only is the heart reduced to a fine powder, but the Evil Queen is as well. She turns to nothing more than gray smoke and she drifts away with the breeze, leaving nothing but Emma's magic shackles behind. Emma and Snow watch in shock as the dust flies over the spot where the Evil Queen stood. But now she's gone; destroyed. Forever. Regina turns to her friends, quivering from the traumatic experience and yet amazed by her accomplishment.

Act Six opens with Regina and the others returning to Storybrooke. The yellow bug pulls over outside Granny's Diner. Emma, Regina, Henry, and Violet proceed to step out of it. Emma comments on them all being "home sweet home". Regina marvels at the fact that they all managed to make it back there in one piece. Henry and Violet separate themselves from the former's mothers. Violet soon tells her friend that she has to go because she'll need to talk to her dad. Wishing her luck, Henry apologizes if he may have gotten her in trouble for missing everyone's trip back to Camelot, but she assures that it's okay. She goes on to reveal that there's something she hasn't told him, and this something is that her father didn't go back... because he isn't from Camelot; it's just a place he wound up in. Henry doesn't understand and Violet explains that he's originally from the Land Without Magic, from a place called Connecticut, to her friend's great shock.

She adds that her father never felt at home in Camelot, has always said that he was glad that she was born there because "being a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court is no great shakes". She doesn't know what "great shakes" are, but she does know that she likes it there in Storybrooke. Henry smiles at this, and then he leans in to kiss her. His first kiss. Emma and Regina look very awkward as they stand there and watch it unfold, particularly the latter, but still, they find it sweet, and once the two teens' lips part they smile at each other some more. Violet then walks away to go find her father, and Henry is approached by his two mothers. "Really?" he asks, turning to them, realizing that they just witnessed this grand pubescent milestone, to which Regina replies that it seems "Operation Mixtape" was a success. Henry begs her to not, then telling her to come along because they still have to un-tether the magic from the Olympian Crystal. He has the crystal on him, taking it from out of his inside coat pocket, and Emma gives him a brief hug before he and Regina go off to do what they need to do...

Another car pulls up on the sidewalk. Hook, Snow, David, Zelena, and Jekyll step out of it. Emma embraces her boyfriend. Jekyll takes a look at the town and comments that it's even lovelier than described. David tells the doctor to follow them so that they can show him around, deciding that the first stop will be Granny's, and soon enough Emma is left alone with Killian. She addresses him and he wonders what it is, asking if she still feels guilty about his return. He is glad to hear that she does not, and she proceeds to say as her hand remains in his that after everything they've been through - darkness, Hades, being separated by realms - she just wanted to say something when they weren't in the middle of a big battle or one of them was facing death or something; when things are just normal. He wonders what it is she'd like to say, and, soon enough, she finally tells the pirate, "I love you." He smiles, kissing her and lifting her into the air as they grow more passionate toward one another. The two of them finally have the opportunity to just be happy for a while.

Across town, Henry commends his other mom on having destroyed the Evil Queen, and he asks her how she feels. Regina tells him that she feels free, to his joy, and then says that they should now make sure that no one can ever steal Storybrooke's magic again. She waves her hand over the Olympian Crystal as Henry sets it down gently on the pavement; she then concentrates her magic into un-tethering the weapon from all of Storybrooke's power. It glows brightly as the process occurs, and soon it releases a burst of magic that sweeps across the entirety of the town, signifying that it is no longer tethered to anything. The crystal melts into nothing once everything is back to the way it was, and Regina appears immensely satisfied by the state of new equilibrium she's just managed to achieve. "Thank you for that," says a familiar voice, and Regina and Henry turn to see Mr. Hyde approaching them. He says how he'd hate to be trapped in this town without magic - that would be truly barbaric. Henry knows who this evil man is and he demands to know how he got there, but Regina already knows that it was Gold, presuming that he made a deal with the warden.

Hyde confirms this, explaining that he provided the Dark One with some information in exchange for Storybrooke. "Excuse me?" Regina retorts, and Hyde tells her that Storybrooke is his now, and he brought some friends. He smiles, telling the mother and son that he's been looking for a place like this for quite some time: a land where all the world's lost and forgotten stories could play themselves out. And now that he's brought them there, that is exactly what they're going to do. Not liking this one bit, Regina approaches this new villain, wanting to tell him something, "Mr. Hyde." She claims to know how his story ends and reveals that he loses; but, his smile refuses to waiver as he tells her that he wouldn't bet on it, "Regina." He adds that, despite what she may think, darkness is not as easy to snuff out as she might believe. The Mayor finds this daunting, and Hyde shoots her one last cheeky look before heading off to explore the town that he now owns. Regina, meanwhile, is left to ponder the implications of what he's just said to her.

Back in New York City, we find the very same dust that the Evil Queen was reduced to after Regina crushed her heart. At first, the wind begins to carry her away, but then it becomes clear that there is a degree of control at play. The dust forms swirling steam capable of making its way through the air. The Queen's remains fly through the streets of the busiest city on the planet. It seems she was not destroyed sufficiently, and now her ashes have got a mind of their own, headed somewhere specific by every indication of things...

In the backroom of the Dragon's shop, he burns some incense. He then goes to exit the room, only to grow distracted by the jangling of the wind chimes he has hanging up around the place. A mysterious presence has entered his establishment, as is made clear when the mound of dust comes flying through his wooden bead curtains. He turns to see it start to reform itself, and soon enough the Evil Queen rises, standing strong once again. Regina thought she destroyed her, but she was wrong. The Dragon greets the infamous monarch by her even more infamous moniker, and she makes clear that Regina never should have let her out to play. He wonders what she's doing there and she tells him that she came to set the record straight because he was right about one thing: there was a battle raging inside Regina, and she may have won the fight, but this... is a war. And it's just begun. With this declaration, she plunges her hand into the old man's chest and rips out his glowing heart. As she stands there, staring down at the still-beating organ, she announces, "The Queen is back."

Deleted Scenes

The footage of Granny was deleted from the episode; however, Beverley Elliott is still listed in the press release.[2]



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  • The original title card, used to separate the two parts of the season finale, features no special background[3] and a different musical accompaniment than usual. This title card also appears in the Blu-ray/DVD version of the episode.
  • The title of this episode was announced by Adam Horowitz via his Twitter account on March 15, 2016.[5]
  • For Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, "an untold story means it hasn't been finished yet. And it's been pushed pause on." They compare this situation to the one in the first season, saying it is "similar to when we met our characters in Storybrooke, they had untold stories, because many of them still had to find their happiness. The curse pushed pause."[6]

Production Notes

  • CAST NOTES: This is the only season finale of the series to not feature Belle and Granny.
  • CUT CONTENT: A segment where Emma and Regina exit a taxi was cut from the scene where they walk down the street toward Mr. Gold's hotel.[7]
  • ABANDONED IDEAS: In the script, the Dragon refers to August as a "conflicted man, but one who knew where to look".[10] That line did not end up in the final episode, as well as Emma's surprised reaction at the Dragon knowing him.
  • Both shots were created from the background plate used for the moment where the shards of Ingrid's spell rain down over the town in the Season Four episode "Fall",[16] but differently lit. The two cars parked outside Marine Garage and the 1983 computer sign sitting on the pavement are a dead giveaway; however, once again, the time on the clock tower is different. The leaves on the ground, which were being blown around by the wind when Ingrid's spell hit, are also different, indicating that the shot from "Dreamcatcher" and "An Untold Story" was created from cut footage from before or after the one from "Fall".

Event Chronology

Episode Connections

  • Dr. Jekyll was forced by Poole in "Only You" to revert into Hyde.
  • David, Hook, Mary Margaret and Zelena were transported to the Land of Untold Stories in taken prisoner by Mr. Hyde in "Only You".
  • David mentions Jekyll promised to fix the broken wand that can take them home, which took place in "Only You".
  • Hook says that he just went from hell and back, referring to events in "Swan Song" and "Last Rites".
  • Henry and Violet arrived in "New York City" and were followed by Mr. Gold, Regina and Emma in "Only You".
  • Granny's special lasagna is also referred to in "Child of the Moon", "Tiny", "Lacey", "The New Neverland", "It's Not Easy Being Green" and "Dreamcatcher".
  • Regina references Robin Hood's death, which happened in "Last Rites".
  • The purple flower Jekyll mixes into his own serum batch was first seen in "Only You".
  • Mr. Gold obtained a piece of the Olympian Crystal in "Last Rites".
  • Pandora's Box fell through a portal to another realm during "Only You".
  • Mr. Gold doesn't believe Regina losing Robin to death is enough to push her over the edge "anymore". This references the first time Regina lost a man she loved in "The Stable Boy", and how she became dark as a result of the loss.
  • Henry discovered the Holy Grail and its purpose for absorbing magic in "Only You".
  • Regina worries Storybrooke has ceased to exist after Henry absorbs the crystal into the Holy Grail. Her fears are because Mr. Gold lied about Storybrooke not surviving without magic, which he told her in "Only You". However, Mr. Gold confirms that Storybrooke is fine as it survived 28 years without magic. Magic was brought to Storybrooke in "A Land Without Magic".
  • Henry talks about when he and Emma lived together in New York City, which was shown in "Going Home" and "New York City Serenade".
  • The Dragon met Tamara and August in "Selfless, Brave and True". His apparent "death" in the same episode at Tamara's hands is also mentioned by both himself and Mr. Gold.
  • Henry talks about when Hook showed up in New York to bring him and Emma back to Storybrooke, where they were reunited with their family, referring to events in "Going Home" and "New York City Serenade".
  • When the Dragon says, "There is magic everywhere if you are willing to see it", Emma recalls August once told her the same phrase. This event occurred in "A Land Without Magic".
  • Mary Margaret's habit of drinking hot cocoa and cinnamon was first noted in "The Thing You Love Most".
  • Mary Margaret says that she kind of helped bring the Evil Queen into the world, referring to events in "The Stable Boy".
  • The Evil Queen drifts away in a cloud of dust, and then reappears somewhere else, just like Zelena did in "Heart of Gold".
  • Henry apologizes to Violet for making her and her father miss their trip back to Camelot. This is in reference to the portal trip that some Camelot residents took in "Only You" in order to return home.
  • Hook asks Emma if she still feels guilty about his return, which refers to events in "Last Rites".
  • Emma talks about all the things she and Hook have been through; "Darkness, Hades, separated by realms", referring to events that began in "Operation Mongoose Part 2", "Swan Song" and "Only You" respectively.
  • When magic is released from the Olympian Crystal, the view of Storybrooke is the same view glimpsed from Jefferson's house in the morning in "Hat Trick",[27] and when Emma awoke Henry with true love's kiss in "A Land Without Magic".[28]
  • Emma points out her habit for declaring her love for Hook when they were facing battle or one of them was facing certain death. This was seen in "Operation Mongoose Part 2", "Nimue", "Broken Heart" and "Swan Song".
  • The "friends" that Mr. Hyde brought to Storybrooke, arrive in "The Savior".
  • The reason why Regina's evil half didn't die when Regina crushed her heart, is revealed in "Strange Case".
  • Regina is reunited with her evil half in "A Bitter Draught".
  • The Dragon's fate is revealed in "I'll Be Your Mirror".


Fairytales and Folklore

Popular Culture

Props Notes

Set Dressing

  • MYSTERIOUS SYMBOLS: Among the symbols etched into the table in Mr. Gold's hotel suite are:[39]

Filming Locations

For other uses of this location, see Movies Filmed at Vancouver Art Gallery

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