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Amos Slade is a character featured in the extended universe of ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts, with his only appearance, in the novel, Red's Untold Tale.

Amos Slade is based on the character of the same name from the Disney film, The Fox and The Hound.


Before First Curse

Amos Slade is a hunter whose only companion is a hound dog. When Red is about six years old, he tries to court Widow Lucas by giving her wildflowers, but when she doesn't answer the door, he leaves the flowers on the doorstep.[1] Ten years later, Amos remains an unmarried bachelor in town. One morning, Red stops by Amos' house during her morning of going door-to-door to sell baked goods. Amos speaks to her through his window before she has a chance to knock and tells her to go unless she has Granny's peach pie, which Red knows is a favorite of his. She offers him his second favorite, rhubarb, and he accepts it. Red also lets him try a shortbread cookie she made, but he takes a bite, discovering it tastes horrible. After Amos tosses the remaining cookie on the ground, his dog gobbles it up hungrily, apparently enjoying the treat. Amazed at this, considering the dog is a very picky eater, Amos buys half a dozen cookies from her to use as dog biscuits.[2]

When Amos comes to the village market to sell his cart of venison and pelts, he sees Hershel Worthington badgering Red and intervenes to tell the man to stop. Hershel then announces himself as the enforcer of the king's decree that all market vendors must pay a fee, which Amos unhappily complies with by surrendering his money to him.[3]

During wolfstime, Amos joins Peter and his father as well as several other men on a wolf hunting party. By the end of the night, everyone goes home, except Amos, who insists on continuing to look for wolves by himself, despite that Peter and his father try to convince him otherwise. He is eventually killed by the wolf on the hill outside the blacksmith's shop, where Red finds his corpse the next morning. Once news of Amos' death spreads through the town, Mayor Filbert calls a town meeting to discuss hunting down the wolf before more people are killed.[1]



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