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This article focuses on Amara's hilltop house.
For the house she shared with her sons, see Amara's First House.

What are you doing here at my door?
Amara to Jafar src

Amara's Hilltop House is an Agrabah location featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It appears in the fourth episode of the spin-off.


Before First Curse

Amara's home is located on the outskirts of Lower Agrabah. Amara has a great admiration for serpents because of their ability to renew themselves, and has decorated her home with many images of them. One day, a young boy named Jafar shows up at her doorstep and begs Amara to teach him magic. She refuses until he admits that he is the Sultan's bastard, and wants revenge because of his father's abandonment. Intrigued, Amara caves in and spends the next several years training him. In the process, she develops romantic feelings for Jafar and begins to see him as a partner and not a student. As a test, she poisons the wine that Jafar later gives to a shepherd, Akil, as a reward for finding his lost goat. Amara introduces him to a masking spell, that requires a liver ingredient, which she intends to take from Akil. She offers Jafar the antidote to save his friend, but warns if he does, they won't have a liver for the spell. To prove he is willing to do whatever it takes for magic, Jafar lets Akil die. Pleased, she congratulates his choice and lures him into a lustful kiss as they become lovers. Later, she asks for his help to find the three genies of the land, and when they do, the two of them can become the most powerful sorcerers and bend the laws of magic to gain whatever they want. In truth, Amara wishes to break the laws of magic to free her sons from their eternal doom as genies.

Eventually, the two of them acquire two of the genie bottles and Jafar believes that the third one might be here, in Agrabah. He betrays Amara by turning her into a snake, which then becomes his staff. He sarcastically remarks that she has been reborn. ("The Serpent")


Set Dressing



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