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The baby is a healthy six pound girl, and the mother is doing fine.
Dr. M. P. to Emma src

Alexandra, also known as Alex, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She débuts in the fourth episode of the first season.


Before First Curse
After securing a deal with Rumplestiltskin, in which she agree to give him whatever he desires so long as she can attend the royal ball, Cinderella attracts Prince Thomas' attention and she later marries him. During the wedding celebration, Rumplestiltskin reveals to her that he wants her first-born child. Months after this revelation, a heavily pregnant Cinderella attempts to run away, only for Thomas to learn the truth from her. With the promise of protecting her and their child, Thomas gains help from the Blue Fairy, who creates a magic quill infused with squid ink, which Cinderella must trick Rumplestiltskin into using to paralyze him. After the plan succeeds, with Rumplestiltskin being taken away to a prison, Thomas suggests to Cinderella that their child is a girl and picks the name Alexandra for her. When Cinderella begins having abdominal pains, Thomas runs to the well for water, but because of the unfufilled deal, he vanishes into thin air. Much later, as Cinderella nears the end of her pregnancy, she is taken away by a curse to another realm. ("The Price of Gold", "Pilot")

During First Curse

As part of the curse, Cinderella gains a new life as Ashley, who falsely remembers her boyfriend, Sean, spurning her on his father's orders. With few options, she signs adoption papers for her child to Mr. Gold. For twenty-eight years, Ashley remains pregnant until Emma arrives in Storybrooke, to which the curse begins to weaken and time starts to move forward. Emma, drawing from her own experience of having a child at a young age, persuades Ashley into seizing control of her own future. Deciding to keep her child, Ashley steals the adoption papers and attempts to drive to Boston. On the way there, she has contractions, and later gives birth at the hospital to a baby girl. To keep Mr. Gold from taking away Ashley's baby, Emma agrees to owe him a future favor. Regretting his past actions, Sean reconciles with Ashley at the hospital, where he gifts their daughter a pair of baby shoes. ("The Price of Gold")

On Valentine's Day, Ashley bring Alexandra to the diner. As she talks to Emma and Mary Margaret about how uneasy it is to be a mom, Granny holds Alexandra for her. Later that night, Sean proposes to Ashley, who happily agrees to marry him. ("Skin Deep")

After First Curse
Some time after the curse is broken, Alexandra's parents, Ashley and Sean, move in together.[2]

After Second Curse
As Alexandra grows up, Ashley starts a daycare, Mommy & Me, for mothers and their babies to spend quality time together. At one of these meetings, Aurora and her son, Mary Margaret and her newborn, and many other attendees sing a song to their children. As the session ends, Ashley announces she made CDs for everyone so they can learn new songs for their next get-together. When Emma arrives to pick up Neal for babysitting, Ashley gives her a welcoming hug. While bouncing Alexandra in her arms, Ashley advises if Neal has trouble sleeping, Emma can tell him that he is going to turn into a pumpkin by midnight. As Emma learns more about Mommy & Me from Ashley, she becomes jealous of how much care Mary Margaret is providing for Neal. Despite trying to be understanding of the circumstances, Emma's envy causes her to unintentionally boil Neal's milk bottle as Ashley and the others look on in shock. ("The Snow Queen")

After Third Curse
During a stop at the town diner, Ashley lets Hook look after Alexandra while she looks at Henry's list of people from the Land of Untold Stories. Hook, at first, doesn't know how to care for the child, but he takes a natural inclination to the girl by dabbing whipped cream on his nose and pretending to be a dog. Later, Sean brings Alexandra home and finds Ashley missing. He discovers Ashley left to find her stepsister Clorinda, but more alarming, his hunting rifle is missing. With Alexandra, Sean tracks down Emma, telling her what happened and his fears that Ashley is going to kill Clorinda. ("The Other Shoe")


Grandmother †
Grandfather †
Lady Tremaine
The King
Mitchell Herman
Ashley Boyd
Prince Thomas
Sean Herman


  • Solid lines denote blood parent-child relationships
  • Dashed lines denote marriage relationships that result in offspring
  • Alexandra was conceived in the Enchanted Forest, but born in Storybrooke



Production Notes


  • In "The Snow Queen", the baby playing Alexandra is the wrong age and gender.[5]
    • This is the first time in the entire series that a character is portrayed by an actor of the opposite sex, with the second being Nimue in "Dreamcatcher".



  1. According to dialogue between Regina and Henry, "The Price of Gold", where Alexandra is born, takes place on a Saturday ("I know you think otherwise, but I don't enjoy these Saturday city council meetings"). Emma comes to Storybrooke on her birthday, October 22. (Read the character notes in the trivia section in Emma's article for an explanation.) In "True North", Emma states that she came to Storybrooke a month ago ("A month ago, a kid showed up on my doorstep, I gave up for adoption, asking for help with… something, I ended up moving here for him"). The previous episode, "Desperate Souls", spans at least four days, and there are two weeks between "Desperate Souls" and the episode before that, "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" (in "Desperate Souls", Mr. Gold says to Emma, "Well, (Graham)'s been gone for two weeks now. And I believe after two weeks of acting as sheriff the job becomes yours."). "The Price of Gold", where Alexandra is born, takes place at least six days before "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" (Alexandra is born on a Saturday, where Emma accepts the new job as a deputy, and Graham says that he will see Emma on Monday, meaning that "That Still Small Voice" begins two days after "The Price of Gold" / "That Still Small Voice" takes place over the course of two days / "The Shepherd" - which probably begins on a different day than the second day of "That Still Small Voice", but that was never confirmed - takes place over the course of two days / "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" begins the day after the second day of the previous episode (Graham says, "You've been avoiding me... since last night when you saw me ..." and Emma answers, "Leaving the mayor's?") and takes place over the course of two days / Ergo: The last day of "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter" takes place at least six days after "The Price of Gold"). At least 6 days + 14 days (two weeks) + at least 4 days = at least 24 days between "The Price of Gold" and "True North", where it's been a month since Emma came to Storybrooke. One month from "Pilot" to "True North" minus (at least) 24 days from "The Price of Gold" to "True North" leaves only a few days between Emma's arrival in Storybrooke on Saturday October 22. in "Pilot" and Alexandra's birthday in "The Price of Gold", which also takes place on a Saturday. Ergo, in order for the math to work out, Alexandra's birthday must take place on Saturday October 29.
  4. Steve Pearlman on the Season Six DVD/Blu-ray Audio Commentary for "The Other Shoe".

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