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One cup of this can summon the spirit of anyone who's passed to the Underworld.

—The Witch to Merida src

Ale of Seonaidh is a magical liquid featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the ninth episode of the fifth season.

Ale of Seonaidh is based on the drink of the same name from Celtic mythology.


Before Third Curse

After she passes the test and proves herself as a ruler, a witch awards Merida with some of the ale and explains its use. Merida uses the ale on the tombstone of her father. When the first splash doesn't appear to work, she tries again but is stopped by King Fergus's spirit, who tells her not to waste good ale. He congratulates her, and they converse shortly before saying one final goodbye, and his spirit vanishes. ("The Bear King")

After Third Curse

In the Underworld, Mr. Gold takes some of the ale from the Underworld version of his pawnshop and gives it to Emma Swan so that she may find the location of her true love, Hook, and they can leave. However, when Emma splashes the ale on Killian's tombstone, the spell is blocked partially, and Killian is distorted slightly and unable to hear them or tell them where he is. The effect is also cut short. ("Souls of the Departed")


Fairytales and Folklore

  • Seonaidh is a Celtic water spirit from the Isle of Lewis, who had to be offered a cup of ale in hope of prosperity in the forthcoming year.