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That wasn't the Diamond in the Rough. You are. You're the weapon. You can challenge Jafar and defeat him. You're going to be the savior of Agrabah.

Jasmine to Aladdin src

Prince Aladdin, also known as the Diamond in the Rough, formerly known as the Savior and briefly as the Genie of Agrabah, is a character on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He débuts in the first episode of the sixth season and is portrayed by guest star Deniz Akdeniz.

Aladdin is based on the character of the same name and the second genie[1] from the "Aladdin" fairytale, and Aladdin and the genie from the Disney film Aladdin. He is also an allusion to Ali Baba from "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves".


Before First Curse

In the capital of Agrabah, Aladdin lives as an infamous thief. He witnesses Jafar, the Sultan's adviser, punish three thieves by turning them into rats, during which Aladdin pilfers valuables from people watching the spectacle. A veiled woman, revealed to be Princess Jasmine, asks Aladdin to take down Jafar, whose corrupt ways are driving the kingdom into ruin. He refuses to help, until Jasmine plants the royal scarab of Agrabah, a precious heirloom of her family, on him and loudly accuses him of stealing it. After he agrees to aid her, she tells him about a weapon, the Diamond in the Rough, in the Cave of Wonders, which can be used to defeat Jafar. On the way there, Aladdin ponders getting treasures from the cave, while Jasmine chides him for only thinking of himself when the realm is at stake. He points out that people have been suffering for a while now, even before Jafar, and that she only decided to get involved now that her family is affected. Despite their differences in opinions, he makes Jasmine smile by offering her an apple. At the cave entrance, Aladdin gains access into the cave with the phrase, "Open Sesame". They find the diamond on a sword, but in order to not set off the trap, Aladdin places a monkey ornament of equal weight on the sword before taking the diamond. He presents the jewel to Jasmine, only for it to crumble into ash, just as a quake occurs. As Aladdin shields her from a falling pillar, he accidentally pulverizes it with magic. Jasmine reveals she knew the Diamond in the Rough was actually him, and this proves he is a Savior who can defeat Jafar. Aladdin, overwhelmed by this, asks to be left alone, which Jasmine agrees to do, but not before giving him a scarab as proof of her belief in him. After she is gone, Jafar arrives to show Aladdin that the fate of all Saviors is death, and gives him a pair of shears to prevent this fate. Instead, Aladdin rides a magic carpet to the royal castle, where he overpowers Jafar by snapping his staff in half, which also breaks Jafar's spell on the Sultan. In the aftermath, Aladdin decides to leave the capital to pursue Jafar at the eastern provinces, an endeavor he invites Jasmine to join him on, but she chooses to stays behind and work on improving the kingdom. ("Street Rats")

At some point, Aladdin becomes a prince. ("The Savior")

At a later period in time, Aladdin develops a hand tremor because of his role as the Savior. He ends up taking refuge in a desert hideout, where an Oracle looks after him. A messenger from a kingdom comes to seek help from the Savior, but Jafar incinerates the man, before knocking the Oracle unconscious and confronting Aladdin himself. After Jafar taunts the Savior for his greatly weakened state, Aladdin asks him to kill him and get it over with, however, Jafar instead wishes to savor the pain he is in now. Jafar goes on to recall how they met and how this left him with the impression that Aladdin had honor, which he finds ironic considering Aladdin's current role as the Savior requires him to be needlessly selfless to the point of exhaustion. As Aladdin takes in these words silently, Jafar stresses the most deadly and inevitable outcome for all Saviors, in that none of them end up with happy endings. Jafar takes his leave after this by snidely telling Aladdin to "take care", to which Aladdin's hand tremor begins shaking violently on its own. ("The Savior")

Eventually, Aladdin succumbs to temptation and uses the shears to stop his impending death, which no longer makes him the Savior. When Agrabah has fallen, he flees to the Enchanted Forest, where at some point, he is whisked away to another realm by one of the Dark Curses. ("Street Rats")

After Third Curse

In Storybrooke, Aladdin becomes aware Jasmine is searching for him, but he is too ashamed to face her and allow her to know that he used the Fates' Shears to prevent his own death. He deliberately plants the royal scarab of Agrabah, an item Jasmine once gave him, on a skeleton inside a crypt, in order to mislead her into believing he died a long time ago. However, after overhearing a conversation between another Savior, Emma, and her son, in which they discuss Emma's fate to die, Aladdin reveals himself to them. He explains his reasons for deceiving Jasmine, and gives Emma the shears as a chance to avoid death like he did. Emma encourages him to tell Jasmine the truth so he doesn't have to carry the burden of his past Savior role on his own, and Aladdin reunites with Jasmine, who begs for his help to save Agrabah from danger. She insists they need the Savior, to which Aladdin begins telling her that he's not the Savior anymore. ("Street Rats")

Aladdin spends time with Jasmine at the diner, where she attempts to persuade him into helping Agrabah even though he's not the Savior anymore. He refuses to consider it and then leaves without telling her where he is going. With intentions of running away, he breaks into a car and pockets a wallet, just as Emma tracks him down. She shows him the repaired town sign, which she damaged by crashing her car into after trying to flee Storybrooke because she was too scared to accept her role as Savior. Aladdin asks what he should do instead of running away, and Emma suggests he can face the people he disappointed and take responsibility for his mistakes. He admits feeling guilty for Agrabah's demise, with no idea how to begin fixing things, since he doesn't know what actually happened there. After Emma tells him to find out what caused Agrabah's fall, Aladdin makes up with Jasmine and learns from her that Agrabah mysteriously disappeared during her trip back from a neighboring kingdom. ("Dark Waters")

When a pregnant Belle wishes to flee to the Enchanted Forest to get away from Mr. Gold, she and Zelena enlist Aladdin's help to fetch the Sorcerer's wand from the pawnshop. Jasmine objects to the plan because she wants Aladdin to focus on finding Agrabah, but Zelena points out that Aladdin owes a favor since it's his fault the shears have since ended up in Mr. Gold's hands. With convincing from Belle, Aladdin breaks into the shop while Mr. Gold is spinning in the backroom. He becomes distracted looking at the strands of gold that Mr. Gold has spun, but manages to hide before the man notices him. Aladdin finds the wand in a drawer, and before leaving, he also takes a genie lamp with him as well. After the wand is given to Belle, he and Jasmine take a stroll on the streets. Jasmine is impressed by Aladdin's heroism in helping a friend in need, which makes her regret how caught up she got about the mission with Agrabah. He believes it's good she cares about her kingdom and then gives her the genie lamp. Jasmine asks if the lamp still holds the same genie that Aladdin once knew, however, he confirms his "old pal" has moved on and that perhaps whoever is in it now can help her instead. ("I'll Be Your Mirror")

After Jasmine summons the genie out, only to find there is no one in the lamp, Aladdin willingly becomes a genie by clasping the genie bracelets on himself. He decides that being one is not such a terrible fate if, either way, he can help Jasmine. Once Aladdin is turned into a genie, he is sent into the lamp. ("Changelings")

Unknown to Aladdin, the Evil Queen kidnaps Jasmine and steals the lamp from her, making her the owner of the lamp. In a face-off against the heroes, the Queen summons out Aladdin and uses a wish to grant Emma's wish of having never been the Savior. Aladdin hesitates for a moment, but apologizes because he cannot disobey the command, before fulfilling the wish, which causes Emma to disappear. The Queen relocates to the mayor's office, where she has Aladdin make her an appletini, and coyly suggests that they can "explore" their master-genie relationship. He rebuffs her advances by placing the appletini in her hand, but when she attempts to flirt with him again in front of Regina, he openly expresses disgust at her insinuations. After giving Regina her appletini, the Queen tells Aladdin to make her another one. Regina, instead of being won over by the Queen, reveals that because they are one and the same person, she is also a master of the lamp, meaning she can make wishes too. She uses the second wish to be taken to where Emma is, which Aladdin gladly grants. During David's duel with the Queen, he becomes the lamp's new owner and uses a wish to give the Queen exactly what she deserves. Aladdin grants the wish, but nothing happens, seemingly because of the wish's double meaning. After the Queen retreats when Jasmine, Hook, and Henry show up, David forfeits the lamp to Jasmine so she can use it to find Agrabah. Henry bids farewell to Aladdin and Jasmine, but Aladdin insists they will be back. He then hands Henry a scarab to give to Emma, stating that the item is a gift from one Savior to another. With Aladdin's support, Jasmine makes her first wish to bring both of them to Agrabah. ("Wish You Were Here")

With Jasmine's first wish granted, she and Aladdin are taken to the Enchanted Forest, with the ring containing Agrabah appearing in Jasmine's pocket, although neither of them notices this. After days of fruitlessly searching for Agrabah, Aladdin suspects the wish didn't work as intended and suggests to Jasmine that she can make a new home in Storybrooke. He hints that perhaps they can be together there as well, and Jasmine is momentarily drawn in by the idea before she rebuffs him by walking away to continue her search. Frustrated, Aladdin questions how many times she is going to reject him and even asks what she is so afraid of, to which Jasmine denies she is afraid and accuses him of having an inflated ego. When Aladdin tries to convince her otherwise, Jasmine pulls away, causing the ring to drop from her pocket. Jasmine believes the wish returned the ring to her as a reminder of how she failed her people, and as she wipes away her tears, she spots a rowboat, which prompts her into deciding to be rid of the lamp for good. As Aladdin rows out to sea, Jasmine tells him to paddle further before she wishes him free and disposes of the lamp. He stops rowing to caution her about the rough waters and the possibility they may both drown if the boat goes overboard since they can't swim, while Jasmine thinks he is making excuses and then asks him to hand her the oars so she can row instead. Before Aladdin can do this, he sees a kraken's tentacle reaching for Jasmine and pushes her out of its way. After they fend off the kraken, the Nautilus surfaces from underwater and Hook invites them aboard. Having lost the chance to get kraken's blood to use for returning to Emma in Storybrooke, Hook asks if Jasmine can wish him home, but Aladdin objects, explaining that it likely won't work since the wish to find Agrabah did nothing for them. Aladdin is stunned by Jasmine's admission that Jafar is responsible for Agrabah's disappearance, but accepts her reasons when she reveals she is terrified of the sorcerer, who took everything from her. Later, Jasmine secretly confesses to Hook that she feels she doesn't deserve Aladdin's love because of her failings with Agrabah. Aladdin, curious about Jasmine's chat with the pirate, asks Hook if the princess mentioned him. In response, Hook notes that Aladdin and Jasmine are obviously in love with each other and are terrible at communicating. When the Nautilus begins flooding with water, Jasmine uses her second wish to take all of them to a nearby island, where she, Aladdin and Hook part ways from Nemo's crew, before finding Ariel, who possesses the lamp housing Jafar. Confident that she can defeat Jafar with three heroes by her side, Jasmine summons out Jafar, but this allows the sorcerer to break his genie curse. Aladdin, along with Ariel and Hook, are knocked out by Jafar's magic, but Jasmine defeats the sorcerer by turning him into a staff. Rather than using the third wish to restore Agrabah or free Aladdin, Jasmine kisses Aladdin to evoke the power of true love, causing Agrabah's revival and the undoing of Aladdin's genie curse. ("A Wondrous Place")

During Fourth Curse
Due to Emma, the Savior, losing her belief in magic, Agrabah is destroyed. Aladdin, Jasmine, and some other people of Agrabah are able to escape in time through one of the Mad Hatter's hats and are reunited with Regina, Snow White, David, Hook, and Zelena. As the Enchanted Forest begins collapsing because of Emma's fading belief, Regina teleports everyone out of the hat and to her palace, where she works on finding a way back to Storybrooke. Hook, with David's help, procures a magic bean, but by the time he returns with it, the magic it is gone. As the depletion of the Enchanted Forest nears the palace, Aladdin and the rest of the survivors gather with Regina, who attempts and fails to rejuvenate the bean. Everyone prepares to be wiped out of existence, but suddenly everything goes still, in part to Emma regaining a small bit of her belief, which leaves the survivors on a small chunk of the palace surrounded by nothingness. ("The Final Battle Part 1", "The Final Battle Part 2")

After Fourth Curse
When the Black Fairy is killed by Mr. Gold, the Dark Curse ends, causing those trapped on the remnants of Regina's palace to be transported back to their homes. Presumably, Aladdin and Jasmine are returned to Agrabah. Sometime after the forces of good win the final battle, the couple stand together on a balcony as they smile and look out towards their kingdom. ("The Final Battle Part 2")

Magical Abilities

Former Magical Abilities

  • Teleportation - Ability to magically teleport oneself and/or others from one location to another.
  • Energy Blasts - Ability to create magical blasts to harm the enemies and the objects in the most effective way.


Production Notes

  • His casting call name was "Sinbad".[2][3]
  • The casting call describes him as "a 30-something Middle Eastern/Arabic or Northern African male to play a roguishly charming and quick-witted hero who knows the power of kindness but as of late has lost faith in his ability to lead his people".[2]


Costume Notes


Note: "Archive" denotes archive footage.


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    Note that many publications cite Richard Burton's English translation of One Thousand and One Nights (source); his translation of "Aladdin" (published in the third volume of The Supplemental Nights to the Thousand Nights and a Night with Notes Anthropological and Explanatory from 1887), which can be read online here, uses the alternate spelling "Alaeddin" instead of "Aladdin", and "Jinn" and "Jinni" instead of "genie".
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