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This article focus on the species.
For the venom, see Agrabahn Viper Poison.

Evil Queen: A snake so deadly it can kill anything...
The Genie of Agrabah: ...with a single bite.

—The Evil Queen and the Genie of Agrabah src

Agrabahn Vipers are a species featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. They are native from Agrabah, and first appear in the eleventh episode of the first season.


Before First Curse

The wife of King Leopold, Regina, jumps at the opportunity to have her husband killed when she befriends a Genie of Agrabah, whom she pretends to be in love with. She then orchestrates her own imprisonment by her husband, to which her father Henry comes to deliver a box to the Genie, imploring him that this is his daughter's only hope of escape. After getting the box, Regina opens it to reveal the Agrabahn Viper inside, before preparing to let the creature kill her in order to escape her fate as a prisoner. The Genie prevents her from going through with it, and instead promises to murder the king so they can be together. While the king is asleep, the Genie brings the box in and opens it near the foot of the bed. The viper poisons the king with one bite, and as he lies dying, the Genie sorrowfully explains he is forever grateful for the king freeing him from the lamp so that he could pursue true love. But the Genie is not regretful about giving Regina the mirror and falling in love with her, which he fully admits to as the king takes his last breaths. In the immediate aftermath, the Genie finally recognizes he has been used by Regina to coerce him into getting rid of the king for her. Because the viper also originate from his homeland, the murder will be traced back to him. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

After Rumplestiltskin prevents Regina from harming Snow White and Prince Charming by protecting them with an enchantment, he gives her the Dark Curse to get her revenge on the couple. Regina decides not to use it after encountering the Count of Monte Cristo, whom she employs to kill Snow and Charming with poison extracted from Agrabahn Vipers. The Count, Edmond, begins to have doubts about the plan because Snow and Charming have treated him kindly thus far, but he ultimately follows the Queen's instructions because she promised him a list of names of the people who betrayed him. After becoming the couple's wine steward, Edmond secretly mixes the poison into their wine, however, he does not anticipate that Charlotte, Snow's handmaiden, is joining them too. The Count pours wine into each person's cup, but when it comes time for them to drink it, Edmond is unable to go through with it and instead tells the trio that a bottle of match is better suited for the occasion. ("A Bitter Draught")

After First Curse
In Storybrooke, Henry's desperation to help rescue Emma and Mary Margaret back from the Enchanted Forest causes him to steal a keys to access his mother's vault, where she stores magic. He comes across a box inside the vault, but upon opening it, the Agrabahn Viper springs out. As the viper slithers towards to him, Henry is unable to defend himself, however, David Nolan saves him by retrapping the viper in the box. ("Lady of the Lake")

After Third Curse
After being arrested for allegedly stealing a magic bean from Camelot's relic chest, King Arthur's squire, Grif, is imprisoned in the sheriff station's jail cells. Grif is approached by Arthur, professing that he followed his instructions to steal the relic chest and pretend that there was a magic bean inside. Arthur, seeing the Storybrooke residents and the Dark One Emma Swan as a threat, blaming them for dragging his people to the Land Without Magic, desires to take control and create a new Camelot in Storybrooke. With Grif proclaiming his loyalty to his kingdom, Arthur orders that he ingest the venom of the Agrabahn Viper so that his scheme can remain secret. ("Siege Perilous")


Fairytales and Folklore


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