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This article focuses on the venom.
For the species, see Agrabahn Vipers.

Venom of the Agrabahn viper. A bitter draught... slow and painful.
—The Evil Queen to the Count of Monte Cristo src

Agrabahn Viper Poison is a magical substance featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the eleventh episode of the first season.


The venom is a deadly substance found in the venom-injecting fangs of the Agrabahn viper. A single bite leads to dark blotches on the body and a quick death. There is no antidote. The venom can be extracted from the snake's fangs and stored. A few drops causes dark splotches on the body while the victim suffers a slow and painful death. They will not succumb to the poison before it reaches their heart. An entire bottle causes immediate death and the body disappears in a cloud of green smoke. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree", "Siege Perilous", "A Bitter Draught")


Before First Curse

King Leopold finds evidence in Queen Regina's diary of an affair with another man, which, unknown to him, she purposely wrote in order to incite his fury and provoke the Genie into helping her. A furious Leopold shuts Regina into a room. Finding that she cannot divorce her husband, she asks her father to bring a box with her freedom in it. However, her father gives the box to the Genie and in turn, he hands it to Regina. Upon opening it, Regina prepares to let the Agrabahn viper hiding inside poison her to death. Believing she reciprocates his love, the Genie offers to kill Leopold so that they can be together. That night, the king is asleep in bed when the Genie sets loose the viper to attack him. The two-headed snake bites the king in the neck, killing him. Regina, seeing that she has no more use for the Genie, informs the Genie that a palace guard found the viper. Since the animal originates from Agrabah, the Genie's homeland, the crime will be traced back to him. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo starts working for Snow White and Prince Charming as their wine steward, while secretly in league with the Evil Queen, who made a deal with him to give him the names of his enemies in return for his services. The queen gives Edmond a vial of poison from Agrabahn vipers to use on the royal couple. During his first night as steward, Edmond pours the poison into a wine jug, however, he doesn't anticipate Snow White's handmaiden, Charlotte, joining Prince Charming and Snow White for dinner. Edmond hesitates when it comes to pouring the poisoned wine into Charlotte's cup, but he does it anyway. Before the trio can drink the wine, though, Edmond stops them. Later, Edmond is approached by Rumplestiltskin and questioned about why he did not complete the Queen's deal. He admits that he wouldn't be able to live with having killed Charlotte just to get what he wants, and that Prince Charming and Snow White do not truly deserve to die either. Edmond backs off from fulfilling the Queen's deal, but to be sure he doesn't change his mind, Rumplestiltskin poisons Charlotte with the venom and persuades Edmond into bringing her to the Land of Untold Stories, where her story can be paused and the poison's effects will be halted as long as she stays in that realm forever. Edmond agrees to do as he says, and then he picks up Charlotte's body to take her with him through a portal. ("A Bitter Draught")

Before Third Curse
In Camelot, the Knights of the Round Table have a reliquary where they store the most precious items that they've collected from their quests, including a bottle of Agrabahn viper poison.[1] ("Siege Perilous")

After Third Curse

While imprisoned at the Storybrooke Sheriff's Department, Grif is visited by King Arthur, who reveals that he wants to make Storybrooke their new home, since he and his citizens can't go back to Camelot To keep everyone else from discovering that Grif is his accomplice, Arthur presents his squire with a bottle of Agrabahn viper poison, persuading him to ingest it for the kingdom's sake. After drinking it, Grif dies and his body disappears in green smoke. ("Siege Perilous")

Charlotte is still residing in the Land of Untold Stories when she, Edmond, and other inhabitants of this land are brought by Mr. Hyde to Storybrooke on a dirigible. Because Charlotte crossed realms, her story becomes unpaused, causing the poison in her body to spread, with her quickly succumbing it. ("A Bitter Draught")



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