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W 10 After Cyrus cheats at a game of cards, his mother, Amara, is badly burned in a house fire set in retaliation. Cyrus and his brothers, Taj and Rafi, steal water from the Well of Wonders to cure her. They return home and give her the water, but moments after she is cured, the Guardian of the Well curses the three brothers to be genies, sending their bottles to unknown locales.
W 07 Jafar's mother dies when he is a boy. On her deathbed, she tells Jafar that the Sultan is his father. The Sultan does not accept Jafar as his son, but allows him to stay in the palace as a servant. After Jafar draws attention to himself during a meeting regarding a supply blockade with northern neighbors, the Sultan's son and heir, Mirza, strikes Jafar, and later the Sultan drowns him. Jafar's body is thrown out, and he revives in a refuse heap outside of town.
W 04 Still a boy, Jafar goes to work for a local blacksmith. One day, Amara comes to town and Jafar is entranced by the fear and respect she is shown by the locals. Jafar approaches Amara and asks her to teach him magic. She consents.
There is a gap here, long enough for Jafar to grow to an adult.
W 04 Jafar allows an innocent man to die so that he can learn a masking spell. After he makes this choice, he and Amara begin a romantic relationship. Amara tells him about her plan to find the three genies so that they can break the laws of magic. She does not tell him that the genies are her sons.

Jafar confronts a barkeeper who has one of the genie bottles. The barkeeper uses his last wish, wishing that Jafar can not harm him. Jafar gains possession of the bottle, and lets Amara in to the bar so that she can harm the barkeeper. Later, Jafar and Amara discuss how they have two of the bottles now, and Jafar has a lead on the last genie's whereabouts. Jafar poisons Amara, turning her into a snake and then turning the snake into his serpent staff, which he can use to channel Amara's power.

W 07 Now an extremely powerful magician, Jafar invades the Sultan's palace. He kills the Sultan's son, Mirza.
W 02 Jafar enters a peddler's home commenting on the man's comfortable life in spite of his meager earnings. Fearing that Jafar is after his genie, just as his genie has warned, the peddler retreats to a back room. He summons his genie and wishes that his magical servant would go somewhere far away. After the bottle vanishes, Jafar enters and begins to choke the man.
The following events may happen earlier in the timeline.
1 11 The Genie of Agrabah leaves Agrabah and eventually arrives in the Enchanted Forest. Queen Regina's father somehow comes into possession of vipers from this land which are used to murder the king.
6 05
3 06 Prince Eric plans to travel from his kingdom to Agrabah and asks his loved one to join him, but she can't make it.
6 01
6 15 Jafar returns to threaten Princess Jasmine and her father. To defeat the wizard, Jasmine befriends Ariel, who followed Prince Eric in Agrabah.
6 04 Jasmine leaves Agrabah and goes to the Land of Untold Stories.
There is a gap of approximately 30 years here.
6 15
6 21
6 22

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